In the following choice from "The Cask of Amontillado," Edgar Allan Poe revealsMontresor’s coat of arms and family motto.

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"TheMontresors were a an excellent and countless family."

"Iforget her arms."

"Ahuge person foot d"or, in a fieldazure; the foot crushes a serpentrampantwhose fangs are imbedded in theheel."

"Andthe motto?"

"Nemo me impune lacessit."

Above is a picture of Montresor"s coat of arms based on the description from the text.

Step 2:Find the end what Montresor"s household motto means.

The translate in of Montresor’s household motto is “no one injures me through impunity.”

What go impunitymean?

Step 3: prize the complying with questions on a separate item of paper:
1. Depicted Montresor"s family motto.
2. What is Montresor"s an ideas for murdering Fortunado?
3. Does Montresor’s family motto affect his revenge onFortunado? Why or why not?
4. Go Montresor"s family members motto adjust your interpretation of Montresor"s motivation? How?
5. A family members motto is a phrase that describes a family. Offered Montresor"s family members motto, what perform you think his family is like?

Task 2

What is a coat of arms?

Step 1: before we start analyzing the coat of arms, we need to findout what heraldryis?

“Heraldry consists of a family members motto and a household coat ofarms. The actual style of the coat of arms complied with a pattern, return eachwas distinctive. As time went on, a family"s heraldry was taped so the noone could copy the pattern or take it for themselves. Today, you deserve to look up afamily name and find their family coat of eight in the old records. The conceptof utilizing a cloak of arms as a type of identification goes way back to Romantimes, and possibly further ago than that. In roman times, a cloak of arm wasused come identify groups of fighting guys within the roman inn legion. In the MiddleAges, a distinctive cloak of arms was used to determine each noble family. As soon as acoat of arms was embraced by a family, the design was placed on shields hosted byknights that the manor, embroidered top top tapestries, and carved in stone throughoutthe castle or manor house. It was placed on swords and also on banners and also evenburnt into the height of breads on unique occasions,” (Philip Martin).

Step 2: review the development on this website.

Step 3: review the description of each component of a coat of arms from this websiteandlabel her graphic organizer

Step 4: clock the an initial 1 minute and also 50 seconds of this videoabout cloak of arms.

DID YOU know that Hogwarts, the school from the bother Potterseries, has a cloak of arms. Click hereto watch the translation of the motto.


DID YOU recognize that adaptations of the european coat of armscan be found in the united States. Inspect out the Illinois State flag, the presidential seal, and also Air pressure seal.


Step 5: pick one and also compare that toyour graphic organizer. Discover at least 2 similarities and also 2 differences, and write castle on the back of her graphic organizer. Be certain to identify which photo you chose.You mayuse the web links attached to the pictures for information.

Task 3

Step 1: watch the an initial 30 secs of this video.

Step 2:Design a cloak of arms in Microsoft word.

1. Use clip art from thiswebsite.

Create a folder top top your desktop and save pictures to upload right into Microsoft word.

2. Encompass all 7 components of a coat of arms and also label eachpart.

3. Create your own motto or usage one from this website.

If you write your motto in Latin incorporate a translation.

4. You may encompass symbols top top the shield.


Make another coat the arms.This time do a modern coat that arms the is about you.

1. Include and also label all 7 components.

2. Encompass symbols of items or commodities you like.

3. Compose an explanation of why you chose your motto,supporters, helmet, crest, and also symbols.

Remember a cloak of arms is a kind of identification. Weshould be able to look at her coat the arms and know the belongs to you.

Here is an instance of a cloak of arms ns made.

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Motto translation: Wisdom grows by Study


I made decision Hedwig for my supporters since Harry Potter is among my favorite book seriers. I made decision a hoodie as my helmet since they room comfortable and warm. The icons on my shield room all about reading. In the purple section, the prize I chose was the authorize for check out from America sign Language (ASL). I chose this since I love ASL and also reading. In the environment-friendly section, I decided the mocking jay pin from The Hunger Games since it is likewise one of my favorite publication series. In the blue section, I made decision a stack of books because I am frequently reading an ext than one book at a time. I chose the Apple logo as my crest since I favor my Mac end PC.