Hey, “Bold and also The Beautiful” fans. Crap, I just flipped on the TV today, and I was just as shocked as few of you guys can be that the damn present wasn’t on! What the hell?

So, this is what we did for you guys. We immediately found out what the hell is walking on. That’s what us did.

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Update: Apparently, The Bold and The Beautiful’s November 13, 2019 illustration did waiting in some parts of the people today. Absolutely in Canada. We composed a recap write-up for it along with some November 14, 2019 illustration spoilers. You have the right to read that by click Here.

Update number 2: The Bold and The Beautiful could not air again tomorrow,Friday, November 15, 2019. We wrote a whole brand-new article around it. You have the right to read the by click Here.

Here’s what we uncovered out. Us hit increase Twitter,and Tanya Clark over at the website monsterandcritics.com post an article around this very situation.

Apparently, they had very early jump on this news. They revealed that there are serious impeachment hearings that are currently going on for our existing President that The United states Donald Trump.

That’s right, guys. They’re yes, really trying to acquire him the end of office best now. So much so the they also have all the significant networks: NBC, CBS and ABC covering it!

Today,CBS and all major networks are covering the residence Intelligence Committee’s an initial hearing because that it. This meeting apparently started at roughly 9 am central standard time today,November 13, 2019.

If that’s not enough, one more one of this annoying hearings is reserved to take place this Friday, November 15, 2019 at around 10 am main standard time for every the significant networks: NBC,CBS and also ABC.

So, the won’t simply be the Bold and The Beautiful the gets interrupted, “Days Of our Lives,” “Young and The Restless” and also possibly “General Hospital” will get thrown on the earlier burner since of this.

This is seriously going to throw off the schedule because that the illustration airings. What I median by that is the episode that was an alleged to waiting today, November 13, 2019 will most most likely air tomorrow, November 14, 2019 and also so on and so soon every time they preempt the show.

If the show is certainly preempted again on Friday, that way episodes will acquire pushed earlier yet again. So, this is a mess.

The official description for the Bold and The Beautiful episode that was claimed to wait today, November 13, 2019 reads prefer this, “Liam is stunned when Hope reveals the she is now legally Douglas’s mother.

Hope feel guilty as soon as she discovers that Liam is returning to work at Spencer Publications.” suppose that one to acquire pushed ago unless CBS has plans come air it afterwards today, or to simply air that on your website.

According to the info we at this time have, us don’t know what precisely they setup to do. We simply know that, right now, the is certainly preempted until only God knows when.

We will definitely keep checking on this. If we discover out something else, us will definitely update this article for friend guys. Appropriate now, that does look prefer today’s “The Bold and also The Beautiful” November 13, 2019 episode will be preempted till tomorrow November 14, 2019. Remain tuned for much more details.

The “Bold and also The Beautiful” airs every Monday with Friday at roughly 12:30 pm central standard time top top CBS. Stay tuned.

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