sewage touring, growing album sales, and also an remarkable desire come share the Gospel, has propelled modern Christian record artist Tenth Avenue north to the top of the charts in 2010.

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Since win a Dove Award for Best brand-new Artist in 2009, the band’s 2nd album, The irradiate Meets the Dark, debuted in may at number 15 on the Billboard peak 200 chart and also climbed to number one ~ above the Christian album chart.

While the accolades have absolutely been impressive, none of it really matters come the Florida based quartet. Lock are an ext interested in poignant hearts and seeing lives readjusted through your music. routine Director chris Carpenter freshly sat down through Tenth Avenue north frontman Mike Donehey to talk about their latest solitary “You room More”, the pressure and also temptation of coming to be the following “big thing” in Christian music, and also his greatest hope for your music. 

Your 2nd album, The light Meets the Dark, is doing yes, really well. Often a tape experiences a little of a “sophomore slump” but it appears you folks have made the shift from album number one to number two simply fine. What execute you attribute this success to?

Mike Donehey: It’s to be cool, since we’ve to be a band favor 10 and a fifty percent years, yet “Over and Underneath” to be our very first major label release. For us, we had put the end independent records. And so every the songs on Over and Underneath were actually created within the year I videotaped them.

Let’s talk around that period between the first record and the second. Did you folks have any sort that a strategy going right into the 2nd one? Or did girlfriend go v the flow and write songs together things pertained to mind?

Donehey: Both. That funny. I had actually a track that’s ~ above our second record that I had actually created the day we signed through Provident. Yet we had already had all the other songs laid out for the an initial record. And also that track is called “Oh, mine Dear,” i m sorry actually ended up being the guiding pressure to what the entirety theme of the record would be, due to the fact that that track is about the story in between me and my wife, wherein she confessed some points to me the she was yes, really scared of telling me. And also it really assisted me say, it was a contact to believe the Gospel. And also so what’s the next step indigenous the Gospel? Well, the not, “Okay, I believe the Gospel, so now I’m going to go and shot and be a really an excellent person and do all these exceptional things for God.” No, it’s as such in check out of oh my god mercy, sell your body together a living sacrifice. So it was like, i don’t desire to take civilization on a journey of, “Okay, I believe the Gospel. Jesus is sufficient for me. His sacrifice is everything. And now i’m going come go try to be a really great person.” it was much more of like, “Now, since Jesus is true, that permits me to it is in honest about how screwed up i am.” ns think that’s an ext of a logical following step.

You have actually a new music video for your single “You are More.” What was the inspiration for it? that is a rather interesting video clip to speak the least.

Donehey: The chorus is “You are an ext than the options that you’ve made. Friend are more than the amount of your past mistakes. You are much more than the troubles you create. You’ve been remade.” and what we’re hitting on, in the video clip we actually had, we did an online project where we had human being send in phrases that they have actually a difficulty believing lock forgiven of, past mistakes. So i guess you might say our mistakes and our past bullies us and for"s versus us. And also so in the video, we have actually some people and some genuine life people, and also we wrote all these phrases that human being send in to united state on our website. And we composed them ~ above a chalkboard.

It made for a real nice background to the video.

Donehey: The allude of the video clip is that every one of us have fallen. No one looks for God. No one understands, not also one. And also so I want to create a tune that says, “Okay, look, the choices you make perform not make you that you are. The selections Christ made for you is what provides you a brand-new creation.” If that’s true, the old is gone, the new has come, and also out of that new identity you must go and also make choices.

Changing gears, I review a quote about you recently that stated, “It’s like an 800 year old man resides in Mike Donehey’s head.”

Donehey: Yes. The painful. He’s yes, really unruly.

So, my question is, go an 800-year-old man really reside in there?

Donehey: part of me simply feels like I’m not really the wise, I simply rip off every the guys that are smarter than me. For this reason a many the points I say space things that have actually just been handed under to me by various other men. I think truism isn’t necessarily what I have the right to spit ago in one interview. It’s much more about how it influence my everyday life.

There’s a heat in “You room More.” that says, “This is not about what did you do it done, however what’s been done for you. This is not around where you’ve been, however where your brokenness brings you to. This is not about what girlfriend feel, however He what he felt to forgive you and also what he felt to do you new.” and what i have learned and especially in this postmodern society that us live in now, people say, “My feelings space paramount. My feelings space what i’m going come then usage as a lens to translate truth.” so what ns feel is first and then what’s true is seeing v that lens. And also I feel prefer that can not be the means we check out the world. We need to look with the lens of reality at our feelings and have our feelings bend around the bar of truth and also never have actually the bar of truth bending roughly our feelings.

I was talking to some market folks in Nashville newly that claimed Tenth way North seems to be emerging and positioning themselves to end up being the next “big thing” in modern Christian music. Is that something you would welcome?

Donehey: Well, there are pros and also cons, man. It was the same way when we obtained signed, like it’s impressive to acquire to go and to have a bigger platform and also reach an ext people. Ns wish I might just sit here and tell you all the story that human being have composed in to us about hearing a track on the radio and how that led them come confess an affair the they were having actually or led them come drop a drug addiction. It’s to be insane. And also so yes this beautiful point of as soon as there are much more people the you’re play toward and also there are an ext people that you gain to hope speak the Gospel into their lives. Yet at the exact same time, there’s cons come that. That harder for us to sit and talk with world who involved our shows.

So, the an obstacle becomes just how to stay linked with your core fan basic while break ground with newer audiences. Sometimes when artists try to do this they lose sight that their original vision. This leads me to ask those your greatest hope passion for her music?

Donehey: i think it’s easy. I think hopefully every one of our callings room the same, and all of our biggest hopes room the same, and also that is to enter all the world and make disciples. Ns think it is a type of misunderstanding that world who do music or civilization who room a minister or people who space a writer, they space the actual ministers. And the rest of us need to kind the sludge through our day and just make much of them, because they’re going to minister. Ns feel favor Jesus calls all of us to make disciples. And also so my thought is every little thing you’re passionate about, whether it it is in music, even if it is you’re a lawyer, even if it is you’re one interviewer, even if it is you’re a garbage man, whatever, that us would use what we’re passionate about, what we’re law occupationally, and use the to make disciples. Therefore in part way, i don’t feel called to it is in a musician. Ns feel called to do disciples.

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2010 is beginning to wind down however it has actually been a very great one for Tenth avenue North. What lies ahead because that you males in 2011?

Donehey: We’re walking to have actually some babies. (Guitarist) Jeff (Owen) and his mam are having actually a baby in January, and also my wife and I will certainly be having actually our second child in February. So that is ideal up front and pressing what we’re thinking about right now. As far as the band and musically, we’re walking to probably do a spring tourism with 3rd Day and also then do some festivals in the summer and keep songwriting. I’ve currently started to create some songs the we’re nice excited about for at any time the next record it s okay made.