You probably remember the “beer-drinking” WWE superstar who was constantly ready to open a deserve to of whoop-ass ~ above anyone. The 54-years-old Stone Cold Steve Austin (Steven Anderson) was constantly an intimidating number in the ring and due partly to his jacked physique.

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But he’s maintained up with training every these years and is currently reaching because that a big squat number of 500 pounds through 2020…

The Texas Rattlesnakerecently described in an Instagram short article that the hasn’t seriously trained legs because that 20 years. However he newly started earlier up about 5 mainly ago. Austin He’s currently squatting 285 pounds together you deserve to see in the video…

see this write-up on Instagram

A write-up shared by Steve Austin (

Steve Austin created the following in his Instagram post…

I haven’t seriously trained foot in the last 20 years. In 2012 I had ACL/PCL replacement surgical treatment in mine left knee. In my appropriate knee ns am tho going with no PCL. About a year ago
marksmellybellsent me some knee sleeves from
thesupertraininggym. He said to provide them a try.

I started squatting again around 5 main ago. The sleeves give me support, confidence, save my knees warm, and give me a small spring out of the bottom. In this video I am squatting 285lbs. Light weight for countless men and also women. By 2020 my goal is to squat 500lbs.

To the wannabe judges out there, ns am no in a powerlifting contest. The squats room not parallel or deeper. I am in my gym with a bar on my back. I have always loved training legs and also the squat, in particular.

Bottom Line-It’s great to it is in under the bar again.

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Thank you, Mark.”

We’ll circle back around to watch if Steve Austin is may be to reach his 500lb goal… perform you think he deserve to do it?

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