I have 2 questions, walk anyone understand the lightsaber shade crystal cheat, "SABERCRYSTALS" doesnt fit. To add if anyone has all the Saber Hilts, carry out you psychic saying wherein they are, i already have about 4 the them

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I have virtually all the crystals except for the last blue one. The orange(primary) one is in ~ the fatality star where u fight the AT-ST so jump on the platform and get it. The second one(light orange) is in Kashykk near one enntrance gate so look ago each time friend go through a door to find it. The critical one(yellow) is in ~ Raxus Prime whereby you find the junk behemoth simply look around. A green one is in ~ the jedi temple near the right when you go inside the dome. A blue one is at Cloud city behind one of the buildings before you go down the elevator come fight the lizard friend kidnapped the senator. The unusable red crystal is in Raxus element on top of a room throughout the second mission.
I likewise have 8 lightsaber hilts so far. One is in nar shadda, simply jump close to the archs. One is also in Raxus Prime. I thinks its in ~ the location after you talk to Drek simply jump up on a platform. I also need about 7 an ext holocrons! i will shot to psychic the others yet is is tough after beat story mode like 2 times already. I can likewise upload the file but after that is complete.
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Okay, uncovered everything thanks to a article from (forgot username) ~ above gamefaqs >"Crystals:These space done in the stimulate they room foundBlue 1: Jedi holy place 2 to the left walkway at the finish closest to the doorBlue 2: imperial Raxus after AT-ST fight climb on wall surface pipe jump climate dashBlue 3: Cloud City before you fight Kleef, behind opposing buildingRed 1: AutomaticRed 2: Felucia after ~ Rancor fight walk left, in in between rocksRed 3: Kashyyk in first jet trooper area in center of fireRed 4: royal Raxus in the room after ~ AT-STsGreen 1: Tie Fighter building and construction Facility this is as straightforward as pieGreen 2: Jedi temple 2 come the appropriate of key roomGreen 3: imperial Felucia in the area after ~ the Bull Rancor behind "shroomPurple 1: Jedi holy place 1 an initial statue to left in main roomPurple 2: Raxus Prime main pathway alongside behemoth fightPurple 3: Felucia after twin Rancor hit in one of the rocks alongside Hilt # 3Orange 1: Raxus element to the left of 2nd behemoth fightOrange 2: Kashyyk before 2nd AT-ST struggle in part bushes to her leftOrange 3: death Star in very first AT-ST fight in ledge over you ( uncover this then death it)Hilts:These are additionally in the stimulate you uncover them.1> Raxus PrimeIt"s location is ~ above the cliff overlooking the temple. The hilt will be top top the wall surface on the opposite next of the glass dashboard on the cliff, hanging above and beside the little cave v hp inside of it. To gain up there just pressure hold a piece of junk close to it and use that to aid you run to the hilt.2> trial of InsightOnce you enter the temple, whereby you deserve to break the large statue, and also defeat a certain amount the stormtroopers, look behind the fallen column to the west, you will discover it lied on the ground.3> FeluciaThe first time girlfriend visit Felucia. In the huge area whereby you hit the 2 rancors there will certainly be violet fungus on the wall surface next come the departure on the opposite next of the gates to the fungus tunnels. To the ideal side that the enntrance gate there will be a fungus make a ledge, on peak of this ledge is among the light saber hilts.4> Nar ShaddaaIt"s in among the routes on an arch and you need to jump to acquire it5> KashyyykStill need details on this one!6> Dark FeluciaAlso the one that you acquire the second time you go to Felucia. ~ you"ve finished the bull rancor battle.7> imperial Raxus PrimeIt is top top a ledge right above the entrance of the room where you struggle the AT-ST. To gain up over there you destroy the computer system counsels in former of the exit and two inactive AT-ST"s will self destruct. Run onto the north harness"s and jump right into the trap door in the ceiling (there should additionally be a various other items up over there if you haven"t already built up them.) and from up there walk down to wherein you very first entered the room. You should be able to jump come the ledge from there.8> Cloud Cityin the start there"s a ledge outside a window you deserve to go ~ above the ledge and also get a hilt i think it"s the second or third ledge9> fatality StarI think it"s after the an initial bridge where the fatality Star fires it"s key gun. After ~ you pass the leg there space two doors that you have to use the force to open, one in prior of you, and also one to your left, it"s the one in front of you.10> one more one is top top Cloud city, it"s roughly where the guys on jet-packs come, if you break some of the home windows in that area, you deserve to jump out onto a ledge where one more one is."Also, there"s a cheat code reported because that unlocking every saber crystals > LUMINARAHaven"t tried it yet, however probably works.