Bathrooms are often looked to for storing a bevy that items. Linens, towels, medicines, extra toilet paper, and much more are usually surprise behind the doors of restroom cabinets. Adding a cabinet end the toilet is terrific location for extr bathroom storage. For this reason you room wondering, just how high have to a toilet cabinet it is in hung end the toilet? making use of research, we thoroughly answer your question here.

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A restroom cabinet must be hung roughly 2-feet or 24-inches over the height of the toilet toilet. This reference is for a standard tanked toilet. Take into consideration the following worries when selecting a height for a cabinet over any kind of toilet type.

Cabinet DepthCabinet HeightUser HeightToilet HeightAvailable Space

Keep analysis the remainder of this article for a outline on every of the over bullet points. Us will administer all you need to know to do an educated decision on whereby to ar your above-toilet cabinet. We additionally include a rapid guide ~ above installing this cabinets and the answers come a couple of related questions.


How far above a toilet have to a room be?

To accurately answer this concern depends ~ above the type of toilet. The most common kind of toilet has actually a tank for the water behind the seat. This tank sticks up around a foot and a half above the seat. However, some toilets execute not have a tank, and also different tanked bathrooms have different sized tanks. Thus, the above recommendation that 2-feet over the toilet is an overwhelming to apply equally to every bathrooms.


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Instead, install your above-toilet room to ensure that is high enough above the chair so no one will bump their head on the cabinet corner however low enough actually to use the cabinet’s storage. Usage the advice in the complying with subsections to identify the height ideal for you and your above-toilet cabinet. Generally, this equates to an installation elevation of 50 come 70 inches above the bathroom floor.

Cabinet Depth

The depth that a cabinet describes the distance from the front come the back of the cabinet. The depth the cabinet, the an ext it will stick the end from the wall. This means that deeper cabinets should probably be placed higher up the wall than shallower cabinets.

Very deep cabinets can be unreasonable for one above-toilet application. This is due to the fact that after doing your business, a person can stand up and also smack right into the bottom of the cabinet. Or perhaps, a person will hit your head bending down to usage the do the washing up handle.


For very shallow cabinets, friend might be able to place them an extremely close come the peak of the toilet there is no risking them obtaining in the way. If this is the case, select a cabinet elevation that maximizes the utility of the storage room (ease that use).

Cabinet Height

Taller cabinets might not fit over a toilet. There will not be sufficient room because that the cabinet and all the civilization using the toilet for some tall cabinets. Once this is the case, you should downsize the cabinet. That is not worth installing a cabinet the decreases the functionality of your bathroom space.


For an extremely short cabinets, it is sometimes possible to cave them much higher up a wall. If they execute not need much vertical an are and have the right to still with them, over there is no reason to cave them a specific distance above the floor. It is possible to cave hooks that the bottom for little towels and other items for some an extremely short cabinets.

User Height

User height is the next issue to think about when selecting your above-toilet room placement. Generally, that is safe to assume that civilization of average height will be utilizing the bathroom. However, if you know that an extremely tall human being will be utilizing the bathroom, change accordingly. For very tall people, probably carry the cabinet up greater to remain out that their means and make the storage easily accessible.


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If you discover yourself consistently bumping her head top top a toilet cabinet. Consider installing bumpers ~ above the bottom corners that the cabinet to conserve yourself the headache.

Toilet Height

Not all toilets space the exact same height. Restroom height deserve to vary significantly both through toilet type and in ~ a single toilet type. Read this excellent short article to learn much more about the different types of easily accessible toilets, “How much Does A toilet Weigh? .”

So, fairly than basing the height of her above-toilet cabinet on the toilet’s height, think about the worries outlined above. If you carry out this, the cabinet will certainly usually variety anywhere indigenous 20-inches come 40-inches over the highest suggest of the toilet.

Available Space

When selecting how high to ar your cabinet over the toilet, think about the space available in the room. For cramped bathrooms, you might need to placed a cabinet greater up the wall surface to administer enough space for restroom utility. Because that roomier bathrooms, you could not be as restricted in your choices.

Sometimes, you could be installing a tall sufficient cabinet to squeeze up versus a short ceiling, leaving the bottom sheet closer to the toilet than you initially wanted. If you need the storage, it might be precious installing the cabinet anyways.

How perform you mountain a bathroom cabinet end a toilet?

To mount a bathroom cabinet over a toilet, first, find the center point of the toilet. You will desire to make certain that the cabinet lines up through this center. If you perform not, the cabinet will certainly look accidentally offset and hastily installed.


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Next, discover the studs behind your toilet. Usually, over there is a stud in the wall every 16-inches. Use a stud finder or tap through your hammer to find the studs. Mark these with a pencil or various other removable marking. If you execute not struggle studs v your screws, the cabinet operation the hazard of falling.

Finally, making use of screws that space at least 2-inches long. Screw with the cabinet brace piece/pieces right into the studs. The bracing item is a solid item of lumber on the earlier of the cabinet designed because that hanging the cabinet. This is possible with a screwdriver but is much much easier if you use a strength drill. Placed as countless screws in the room as feasible without compromising the security of the brace pieces. Also, it is smart to use washers top top the timber side the the screws.

How do you certain an over-the-toilet cabinet?

Secure one over-the-toilet cabinet using the tactics outlined in the above section if you feel that the cabinet is insecure. Rental a professional contractor or handyman for tranquility of psychic and great finished product.

How carry out you hang a restroom cabinet there is no studs?

Usually, there will certainly be studs behind her bathroom cabinet. However, sometimes this isn’t the case. You can use drywall anchors or operation a piece of backing wood throughout from adjacent studs for this situation.

Drywall Anchors

While not ideal for big cabinets, drywall anchors have the right to be used for light items such as medicine cabinets. These anchors room punched with the drywall and also then spread out inside the wall. This take away the force of the cabinet and spreads it out over a big area.


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Be cautious, these anchors deserve to fail, and if friend overload the cabinet, it can fall off the wall with small warning. To stop this, follow the directions contained with the drywall anchors an extremely carefully and also attach as many of these anchors as possible.

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Backing Wood

Sometimes, there space no studs behind where you desire to cave the cabinet, but there room studs nearby. In this situation, you can take a item of wood and also attach it to a stud top top either side of the cabinet. Then you can connect the cabinet to the item of wood.

The fence of the technique is the it pipeline an unsightly piece of backing lumber on either side of your cabinet. Take the moment to closely finish and paint the wood, and also it should look better. Or, attribute this piece of wood and hang bath towel hooks from it!

In Closing

In this post, we have actually answered the question of just how high a cabinet need to be over a toilet. Us have had advice for every toilet species and bathrooms. We also administer a rapid primer on installing a cabinet and also answering a few related questions. An excellent luck!

Once you have installed your above-toilet cabinet, you might want to paint it. Read this an excellent article to learn what kind of paint to use, “What kind Of Paint must You usage On bathroom Cabinets?“