You probably didn’t an alert it in the middle of every the greatness the was the three-part brand-new Edition biopic critical week, yet the audience got some unanticipated tea on the past relationship that member Johnny Gill and also singer Stacy Lattisaw.

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When we were an initial introduced to Gill (played by Luke James) backstage at an NE concert, he to be asked about his partnership with “redbone” Lattisaw. The 2 were know for beingduet partners, and also their biggest hit together was “Where do We go From Here?” (1989)

By the moment Gill was brought earlier in component two that the biopic to it is in a component of the group and also record “Boys come Men,” he told Ralph Tresvant (played through Algee Smith) the their relationship, going due to the fact that they were teenagers, to be no more. The reason? Lattisaw’sfamily wasn’t fond that it. To drive the point home, Gill rubbed the back of his hand together if come say that his dark complexion was part of the problem.

As is the instance with every biopics that feature portrayals of individuals who didn’t acquire a say in the story line (remember the TLC drama?), Lattisaw and also her family weren’t as well happy with exactly how they were portrayed. TheJasmineBrand received a statement indigenous Lattisaw’s brother, Jerry, indigenous the little-known R&B group Prophet Jones. He said if the weren’t for their mother, Gill wouldn’t even have been in brand-new Edition:

“My mom don’t care about what shade Johnny Gill is!!!” the said. “If it wasn’t for her, that wouldn’t be in new Edition period!!! She basically got him his first record transaction …. By the way, Stacy husband is brownskin too!!! exactly how they gon’ placed my motha out there prefer that! JG u still my brother tho!”

Even Stacy had to speak up once asked about the duty colorism played in the death of your relationship. Follow to her, it to be “more come it then that.” it sounds favor she’s interested in obtaining her own story the end there soon:

As because that Gill, he’s looking front to future opportunities with NE instead of talking around the past. Complying with the success that the biopic, he told TMZthis previous weekend that every one of the males are reuniting not only for a brand-new album (with the help of Jimmy Jam and also Terry Lewis), but also tour dates.

“We’re prepared to move forward,” Gill said. “We know that the fans have spoken, and also we have to listen.”

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