St. Patrick’s Day! A German look at the Irish. View what the Irish have in common.

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As St.Patrick’s Day approaches on march 17, ns can’t aid but think exactly how close the Irish are in respect come the Germans. Not so much in physical distance, yet in so plenty of other interesting ways.

For starters, as with the Germans, the Irish room proud people who room protective of your heritage. Both aren’t afraid to present how deeply they care about their families and their communities. Some would also say their openness is as noticeable as your stubbornness. Include their favorite adult beverage that choice—beer—and mine previous declare is even an ext magnified. And also what goes good with a pint or stein? Cabbage and also potatoes. Both are traditional favorites.

In each country, horseshoes and four-leaf clovers are recognized symbols the luck. And also finally, in the mid-nineteenth century, America welcomed both Irish and also German immigrants—along through their unique culture and traditions. The towel of this great country to be sewn together by difficult working europeans whose only wish to be to create a far better life themselves and also their families. And for that reason alone, ns say “sláinte” (cheers) and also “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” Let’s memory St. Patrick’s work with an excellent food and also drink. This post is a tribute come the Irish—The Oma Way.

Let’s Eat!

Brisket with Cabbage and also Potatoes (Krauteintopf mit Tafelspitz)


Shepherd’s Pie (Auflauf mit Hackfleisch und Kartoffelbrei)


Angel Cake with Irish Cream Liqueur


Let’s Drink!

Irish Coffe because that St. Patrick’s Day



8 tablespoons of irish whiskey60 g (3 oz) of brown sugar1000 ml (34 oz) fresh, strong black coffee236 ml (8 oz) the whipped cream1 package of Dr. Oetker Whip It


Mix whiskey v sugar. Include hot coffee come it and stir. Win whipping cream mixed with Dr. Oetker “whip it” until stiff. Fill the coffee in fire resistant glasses till under the rim. Use either 2 teaspoons or a decorate bag with a star guideline to have the whipped cream on optimal of it. 

Irish Beer


Perhaps the most renowned Irish beers room GUINNESS (a dry, dark stout) and also HARP (a light-colored lager). When you closely pour the 2 beers together, you have actually what’s known as a half and half. Here’s how to make it: WATCH VIDEO

Obviously, If you’re going come add little Irish spirit to your beer—green food coloring—go v the Harp. Both beers are easily accessible at your regional beer store.

Irish Whiskey


BUSHMILLS is one of the oldest well-known whiskeys in the world—established in 1608. It’s distillery is situated in Antrim ar in northern Ireland.

JAMESON is a blended Irish Whiskey do in Ireland’s funding city—Dublin. Developed in 1780, it’s more than a century younger 보다 Bushmills.

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As far as balance, taste, and smoothness, ns take my cap of to the both of them. Literally.

Wishing anyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day v plenty of slàinte agus tàinte (health and also wealth) and extra craic (fun). _Oma