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If you happen to understand someone that is that the Islamic faith and who has actually lost a love one, you may want to know how to express her condolences تعزي in Arabic, due to the fact that such phrases space taken native both the Quran and Hadith. Knowing how to to speak at the very least one of this phrases will mean so much to the person and also his/her family. In this post, we will get acquainted with these phrases and their meanings. Us will additionally talk around what takes place at the funeral الجنازة and later on during the 3 days that mourning العزاء. You never know, you may be visiting an Arab country and also find you yourself going to a funeral whereby you’ll desire to recognize what come expect, how to behave and what come say. 

The Funeral الجنازة

Religion الدين theatre a big role in forming today’s funeral practices. But first, how do civilization know someone has passed away? The deceased’s household عائلة المتوفي will an initial make phone calls to relatives and also friends. Announcements الإعلانات are likewise made in mosques, in the local newspaper, top top the radio, and also of course by native of mouth. Many recently though, you will recognize that someone has passed far on society media which often tends to it is in the quickest way to allow most people know. The announcement الاعلان will encompass the surname of the deceased المتوفى/المرحوم, name of their youngsters if he/she is a parent, and also time and place of الجنازة

Here is a hypothetical instance of an announcement:


Image detailed by Yasmine K.

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Preparing the deceased for interment includes bathing and wrapping the body in a white cloth. The deceased is then required to the mosque for the funeral. In ~ the cemetery المقبرة, the human body is lowered right into the graveالقبر and also laid on the appropriate side dealing with the direction the the divine Kabbah in Mecca. The priest then claims a prayer for المتوفى/المرحوم with all attendees finishing the prayer v a resounding آمين Amen”.

The 3 Days of Mourning العزاء

After the الجنازة, for three consecutive days, households of المرحوم open their homes to obtain guests that wish to offer their condolences التعازي. Two areas are prepared to obtain these guests, one for the men الرجال and one for the women النساء. In some cases when there room too many world to right in a house, the household rents a tent and chairs come accommodate the people. It is thought about a prize of mourning in Islamic culture as well to undertake black أسود or dark colors.

As a guest, top top arriving, you will be obtained by among the deceased relatives with a native of welcome i m sorry in turn, you offer your تعازي. As soon as you sit down, you will do it be given a cup the Arabic coffee. It is customary to greet those who room sitting alongside you. During these three days, prayers space recited because that the heart of المرحوم. A meal or two is offered by the family along with consistent coffee and also water rounds. Dates التمر may additionally be served. Some family members slaughter a sheep and distribute the meat to the bad in the name of المرحوم

The purpose of these three days the mourning is not just to pay respects and also pray because that the departed’s soul, but to also take care of the departed’s family. Relatives, neighbors, and friends take into consideration it their moral duty واجب أخلاقي to aid with the preparations, meals and of food helping them cope emotionally throughout this challenging period. 

Even ~ the mourning period, the family does not celebrate the an initial Eid عيد that comes ~ الجنازة.

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Relative’s weddings are additionally postponed because that a while out of respect for the mourning family. 

Condolences التعازي

Let’s start with what we can say about المرحوم that’s an identical to “God remainder his soul.” or “God have mercy ~ above his soul.” 

We can say الله يرحمه if the deceased is male and الله يرحمها if female which method “May God have actually mercy ~ above him/her. 

A phrase frequently used from the Quran is:

انا لله وانا اليه راجعون 

Meaning, “To God we belong and also to Him we shall return.”

There are also phrases to say command to the deceased’s family and friends. 

.البقية في حياتك

Meaning, “May the remainder be resided in your life.”

.عظم الله أجركم

Meaning, “May God increase your reward.”

Remember, these phrases deserve to be stated to the person who informs you of someone’s passing one of two people verbally or together a reply to say, a on facebook post. In enhancement of food to the people you accomplish at a funeral and after during the work of mourning. 

I hope you uncovered this short article useful in the it added to your cultural knowledge and vocabulary. 

Till following week, happy Arabic learning!