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The summer is over. However, we can still gain a an excellent sunny day external picking strawberries. In Spain, depending on which part of the country you are in, Fresón de Palos strawberry is choose up indigenous December to June. You can likewise use strawberries to prepare a delicious strawberry pie or strawberry mousse recipe.

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Whether you collection this fruit to eat it as it is or come prepare part recipe, it will constantly be a good and inspiring idea to listen to songs with strawberry in the title. So relax, go outside, and feel all set to gain our list that strawberry songs. 

Strawberry swing – open minded Ocean2011Album Nostalgia, UltraGenre: R&BLyrics:

“When we were kids

wehandpaintedstrawberries on a swing

Every minute was therefore precious

then I’m tho kicking

I’m daydreaming top top a strawberry swing”…

Grass and also Wild strawberries – The CollectorsReleased in 1969Album: The CollectorsGenre: RockLyrics: instrumentalStrawberry Vapors – Luke James2013Album: Whispers in the DarkGenre: R&BLyrics:

“She said currently that’s that good that’ll acquire you bout it

That’s that great that’ll gain you the end it

Free your mind…

Strawberry Vapors Oooo, Strawberry Vapors”…

Strawberry Avalanche – Owl City2009Album: Owl CityGenre: PopLyrics:

“If you to be a beautiful sound in the echoes all around

Then I’d be her harmony

And we’d sing along with the crowds

Beneath the liquid coated clouds

Oh strawberry avalanche, you re welcome crash over me”… 

Strawberry – Everclear1995Album: Sparkle and FadeGenre: RockLyrics:

“The last thing I recall

I remained in the air

I wake up up top top the street

Crawling through my strawberry burns”…

Strawberry swing – Coldplay2009Album: Viva la Vida and also Death and also All His FriendsGenre: RockLyrics:

“They to be sitting

They to be sitting top top the strawberry swing

Every moment was therefore precious”…

Strawberry Letter 23 – The brothers Johnson1977Album: right on TimeGenre: R&BLyrics:

“A current from you

Strawberry letter 22

The music plays, ns sit in for a few”…

Strawberry Bubblegum – Justin Timberlake2013Album: The 20/20 ExperienceGenre: PopLyrics:

“I, i can’t deny the method you caught my eye

Then something strawberry filled increase the sky

And whatever on you intoxicates

It’s a mystery, ns dont recognize why

I allow you kick in my carry out not annoy sign

But ns guess her mouth in motion gained me for this reason high

And I can tell the pure simply by the taste

And girlfriend kiss me”…

Strawberry fields Forever – The Beatles1967Album: to be released together a SinglGenre: RockLyrics:

“Let me take it you down, because I’m going to Strawberry Fields

Nothing is real and also nothing to gain hung about

Strawberry fields forever”…

Strawberry alcohol – Deana Carter1996Album: go I cut My Legs because that This?Genre: CountryLyrics:

“Like strawberry wine and seventeen