Mike Payne to be born in West Virginia, in 1953. He came to be a Christian beforehand on and also grew up loving southerly Gospel music. His very first efforts at songwriting were merely to readjust the text of popular, secular tunes. In places where the beforehand Mike Payne Trio showed up they sang songs such together I Can’t avoid Loving You, through simply changing the lyrics to reflect a Christian message. Afterwards when the met a songwriter who composed his very own tunes that thought, “Wait a minute, if he have the right to do that, I deserve to do it, also.” That led to an tremendous career of composing one favorite southerly Gospel song after another. In 1986 his “Angels action Back” to be the most played that all southerly Gospel songs.

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Mike related to me a most unusual story concerning another of his really popular songs: “In 1983 our team was to release an album entitled, I’m a Jesus Fan. I was trying to find a specific song, a slow ballad. I want to have a range of song on the project. I had actually thrown around many ideas, but nothing at all seemed to click.”

“The night prior to we to be to record, mine wife, Loreen, and also I to be in a Shoney’s restaurant and happened to watch Ronny Hinson, together with a variety of his friends and also business associates. I discussed to that that us were to go to a studio the following day to record a brand-new album, and that ns needed another song. He asked, ‘What room you working on?’ ns said, ‘Well, I have an idea around the theme for a song — when He to be on the overcome He to be thinking about me.’”

“As Ronny was providing thought to that phrase, i continued, ‘what I want to say in the track is, once Jesus to be on the cross, He observed those standing around Him, v their need, but He also looked into the future and also saw me, and was thinking about me and my need.’” Ronny said, “Instead the saying, ‘When He was on the overcome He to be thinking about me,’ why don’t you say, ‘When He was on the cross, ns was top top His mind.’” i said, ‘Oh boy, that sounds great!’ Ronny jokingly said to me, ‘I’m walking home and also write around that.’ and I said, ‘Oh no, she not!’”

“Ronny and also I obtained together that night in mine hotel room. While Loreen was trying to sleep — the course, she couldn’t sleep — Ronny and also I to be quietly writing a song which Loreen to be to document the next day. V the night we quietly exchanged ideas about the lyrics and also softly hummed bits that the melody to every other. Once the morning came we had finished ours song. Us both had expressed what remained in our hearts and also minds in ~ the time. We had actually lyrics written on paper, yet no melody—only in our minds.”

“We sang it come Loreen and also asked, ‘What do you think?’ She said, ‘I prefer it, i really do!’ That same morning we went to the Hilltop Studios in a suburb of Nashville and recorded “When He was On the Cross,” which to be then consisted of in the new album.”

Ronny was current in the studio once it to be being recorded and decided directly away that he would certainly ‘pitch’ the song to the Florida Boys. The did so and unabashedly told them, “This is your number one song and also it will certainly be the song of the year.”

Although the song helped The Payne’s family’s album, I’m A Jesus Fan, the went to greater heights together the predictions Ronny made come The Florida Boys come true. It came to be the number one tune on the charts and also was song of the year in 1985 and also 1986. Payne said, “It was the first time I ever before co-wrote a song, and it was a distinct experience.” He later on reported, “Writing with Ronny was truly a dream come true.”

Many unexplained stories could be told around Mike Payne’s experiences v this southern Gospel “classic.” He reported that, come date, he has written more than 280 songs with about 80% of them being taped or published. He would certainly be the first to offer Christ every one of the glory and also praise because that His quality in allowing him come touch the resides of millions of human being through his music.

(Verse One)I’m no on an ego expedition I’m nothing on mine ownI do mistakes I regularly slipJust typical flesh and also bonesBut I’ll prove someday simply why ns sayI’m that a one-of-a-kind kindFor when he to be on the crossI to be on his mind.

(Verse Two)The look at of love to be on his faceThorns to be on his headThe blood was on his scarlet robeStained a crimson redThough his eye were top top the crowd the dayHe looked front in timeFor as soon as he to be on the crossI was on his mind.

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ChorusHe knew me, yet he loved meHe who glory provides the heavens shineSo unworthy of such mercyYet when he to be on the crossI to be on his mind.

But God commendeth His love towards us, in that, while us were however sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:8