This book is about a teenager named Halley.She is quiet and also sweet, with an overbearing mother. She drifted away from her mommy suddenly. Her best friend is an the end going red head dubbed Scarlett who at the start of the summer met the love of she life (Micheal). Regrettably the job after they acquired it top top he died in a disastrous accident.Click below to view the remainder of this review

Then Scarlett discovered out she to be pregnant in ~ the exact same time as Halley started to fall for Micheals best friend, Macon. Macon is a typical bad boy but Halley is persuaded she deserve to tame him.

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When Scarlett eventually tells her mum about her pregnancy, her mommy freaks out.She desires to pressure Scarlett to have actually an abortion but Scarlett yes, really doesn"t desire to, as soon as she go to have the abortion she can"t go through with it and also calls Halley to come pick her up.
Halley and her mommy had constantly been close, but that started to change. Her mommy sent her to a summer camp, however Halley comes house when she learns her ideal friend, Scarlett, has actually lost her boyfriend in a motorcyle accident. Halley comforts her, but after school begins they get negative news. Although they only had actually sex once, Scarlett gained pregnant, and also the father died the next day.
Halley becomes involved with Macon, a rich poor boy who is whatever her parents don"t want for her. With each other Macon and also Halley aid Scarlett obtain out of gaining an abortion, and also together castle wade through Scarlett"s pregnancy.

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When Macon starts pushing her for sex and Halley refuses, things acquire sticky. ~ a struggle Macon is driving as well fast and also there is an accident. Halley is virtually killed, and also after that she doesn"t speak to Macon. Months walk by and also Scarlett is now an excellent friends through Cameron, a nerdy boy that happens to have actually a very an excellent heart. ~ above the night the prom, Scarlett goes into labor, and also the whole high school concerns the hospital. Halley realizes this to be what cultivation up is every about.
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Plot & Themes

Tone the book? - thoughtfulTime/era the story - 1980"s-1999Kids cultivation up/acting up? - YesIs this one adult or child"s book? - Adult or Young Adult BookAge group of kid(s) in story: - high schoolLoving/sexing? - bun/oven

Main character

Gender - FemaleProfession/status: - studentAge: - a teenEthnicity/Nationality - White (American)


How much descriptions the surroundings? - 4 ()United says - Yes

Writing style

Sex in book? - YesWhat kind of sex: - descript the kissing - impregnation/reproductionAmount that dialog - about even amounts of descript and also dialog
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