Any chemical substance have the right to be classified right into acids or bases.A basic is a chemical substance; which donates a hydroxide (OH−) in solution. The can likewise be referred to as as alkali. All alkalis space bases, but all bases room not alkali.

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Physical nature of one acid• bitter in taste.• It turns red litmus paper red.• Slippery come touch.Bases can be classified into organic and also inorganic bases.Organic bases:Some necessary compounds have the right to accept a proton and these molecules space classified together base. Generally, Nitrogen containing heterocyclic molecules act as base.Example : PyridineInorganic basesThese space the substances, i m sorry donates hydroxide (OH−) when dissolved in water.Example : sodium hydroxide (NaOH)Based on the stamin of the base, It deserve to be share into strong base or weak base.Strong baseA basic is said to be strong if it dissociates or ionizes fully in an aqueous solution.Example : Nitric acid (NaOH), dissolves completely in water. Solid bases can be neutralized using solid bases.
Here, sodium hydroxide totally ionizes and also forms hydroxide ion (OH−) and sodium ion (Na+).Weak baseThe bases the are partly or incompletely ionized in equipment are called weak bases.Example: Ammonia (NH3).An acid can be classified into concentrated and dilute, based on the ratio of solute and solvent present in it.Many theories have actually been put forward to recognize the basic nature of chemistry substances. Castle are,• Arrhenius concept of acids and also bases .• Bronsted and also Lowry concept of acids and also bases .• Lewis concept of acids and also bases.Arrhenius concept of acids and also basesAccording come Arrhenius theory of acids and also bases, a basic is a types that produce hydroxide (OH−) when it dissolves in water. This concept was proposed by a sweden scientist Svante Arrhenius in 1888.Example : Lithium hydroxide (LiOH), since produces proton (OH−) when liquified in water.Bronsted and also Lowry concept of acids and basesAccording come Bronsted and also Lowry theory of acids and also bases, a basic is a types that accepts proton (H+).Example: Ammonia (NH3) due to the fact that it deserve to accept a (H+) proton and also forms

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Lewis theory of acids and basesAccording to Lewis concept of acids and also bases, a base is a substance that deserve to donate one electron pair.Example: A hydroxide ion (OH−) because it donates one unpaired electron on oxygen atom to form a link with an additional atom.