Chapter 31: Italy: Sinbad the sailor

Ten years after the events in Marseilles, one aristocraticyoung Parisian named Baron Franz d’Epinay makes a avoid on the islandof Monte Cristo come hunt wild goats, in ~ the suggestion of his Italian guides.Franz finds a tape of guys on the island whom he bring away to it is in a groupof smugglers. He later learns that they space the crew of a yachtbelonging come a fabulously wealthy guy who is rumored to travel constantly.The male goes by the name Sinbad the Sailor.

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Franz is lugged to meet Sinbad in ~ his fabulous palace,which is concealed inside the rocks. That is stunned by the Orientalluxury the the man, his abode, and the food he offers. Sinbad—whois, that course, Dantès—tells Franz the he travels everywhere the worldperforming eccentric plot of philanthropy, such as conserving banditsfrom punishment. Sinbad explains, because that instance, how he met his muteNubian slave, Ali. Uncovered wandering too near the king’s harem inTunis, Ali was sentenced to have his tongue and also hand cut off, followedby his head. Hear of this decree and wanting a mute slave, Sinbad waiteduntil Ali’s tongue was reduced out, then bought his freedom. Sinbadthen rhapsodizes ~ above the wonders of hallucinogenic drugs, in whichhe and Franz ultimately both indulge. Franz experiences a vividdrug-induced fantasy.

Chapter 32: The Awakening

The next morning, Franz make the efforts for hours to find the openingto Sinbad’s covert grotto, but is unsuccessful. After providing upthe search, he travels to Rome to meet Viscount Albert de Morcerf,the boy of Fernand Mondego, who is now recognized as the counting de Morcerf. Thetwo friends are planning to continue to be in the city because that the term of thecitywide carnival that comes before Lent. Showing up late and also unprepared,they find themselves unable to rent a coach, i m sorry is necessaryfor enjoy it the carnival.

Chapter 33: roman Bandits

The hotel owner advises Franz and Albert of the danger ofbandits, specifically the infamous Luigi Vampa. Recognize his guestssomewhat doubtful that such a danger really exists, that launchesinto the story of Vampa’s increase to fame. Vampa was a young shepherdwith a rapid mind and a love because that learning, sculpting, shooting,and a beautiful young shepherdess called Teresa. One day, the famousbandit leader Cucumetto stumbled upon Vampa and Teresa while fleeing theauthorities. The pair hid Cucumetto, even though a big rewardhad been readily available for his capture.

Chapter 34: Vampa

The hotel owner continues Vampa’s story: at a splendidparty, the frivolous Teresa danced with a nobleman and lusted afterthe ornate costume of the aristocratic hostess. Vampa, overcomewith envy and also the desire to keep Teresa for himself, promised thathe would gain the costume because that her. That night he collection the host’s houseon fire, seizing the costume in the occurring panic. The followingday, as Teresa adjusted into her costume, Vampa provided directions toa lost traveler named Sinbad the Sailor, that in return provided Vampatwo small jewels. As soon as Vampa came earlier from directing Sinbad theSailor, he observed that Teresa to be being kidnapped. He killed the assailant,realizing only afterward the it was Cucumetto. Vampa pull on himselfin Cucumetto’s clothes, approached the continuing to be bandits, and demandedto it is in made their new leader.

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Analysis: Chapters 31–34

In the ten years the intervene in between the occasions inMarseilles and also the meeting between Franz and also Dantès, Dantès’s rebirthas the mysterious count of Monte Cristo is complete. We have aslittle knowledge of the occasions of this intervening te as anycharacter in the story, and also these shed years administer Monte Cristowith the requisite wait of mystery. We are provided only tantalizinghints the his life throughout this period, however enough to know that hehas seen and experienced virtually everything the world has come offer.Dantès emerges from this ten mysterious years together an nearly supernaturalbeing: the comes throughout as omniscient and also omnipotent, own seeminglyall possible human knowledge and also superhuman physical strength, and also maintainsa level of shrewd that offers him a virtually magical aura. Even Dantès’sappearance is supernatural, sometimes compared to the of a corpseand other times to that of a vampire. His flesh also is describedas oddly inhuman, resulting in Franz come shudder as soon as he touches it. Thetransformation that begins in prison has now been brought so farthat the Monte Cristo we discover in chapter 31 (though hecalls self Sinbad) bears essentially no same to the Dantès weleave in chapter 30.

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