In The Sims 2, alien abductions were contained in the base game. And also for the first time, your male Sim might return pregnant! There’s nothing ns love much more than some alien babies in The Sims 2 (except maybe consistent babies).

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In this guide, we’ll cover all aspects of alien abduction and pregnancy in The Sims 2 – including how to obtain abducted, how to increase your opportunities of obtaining pregnant, cheats, mods and more!

How to get Abducted

In the vanilla game, if an adult Sim offers the Farstar e3 telescope (the high value one) in between the hours of 7:00 AM and also 2:00 AM, there’s a five percent possibility they’ll be abducted by aliens. That’s a pretty short chance.

If girlfriend play the scripted events in Strangetown, Vidcund Curious is abducted automatically if you take it him come the telescope just after loading the household. This script is expected to teach the player around alien abductions.

Vidcund wants to check out the heavens, and also he’ll it is in rewarded with an alien abduction.

Vidcund comes ago pregnant, too! and also his brother Pascal is additionally pregnant with an alien infant at the start of the game.

But if you desire your own Sim to acquire abducted, you’ll require to try your luck every night utilizing the telescope. However, there is a non-cheat means to for sure your sim gets abducted.

Summon Aliens

If you want to certain your center is abducted as easily as possible, offer them the “Summon Aliens” aspiration benefit. (NOTE: Aspiration benefits came with the totally free Time expansion.)

Give knowledge Sims the “Summon Aliens” aspiration advantage to boost chances that abduction.

This advantage is only obtainable to knowledge Sims, so save that in psychic if you’re producing a specific Sim you want to be abducted. Sims through a an additional knowledge aspiration carry out NOT obtain this benefit. They must have a primary knowledge aspiration.

Once you’ve assigned the benefit, the sim will have actually a brand-new interaction on both the expensive and also cheap telescopes. Select “Summon Aliens” and also your chances of gift abducted boosts dramatically.

Summon Aliens top top the high-quality telescope to be abducted more quickly.

When you pick “Summon Aliens” ~ above the telescope, your Sim supplies a flashlight to gain the alien’s attention and also summons them to earth.

If friend have reduced scenes rotate on, you’ll check out the abduction cut scene for both the cheap and also expensive telescopes. If friend have cut scenes rotate off and also use the cheap telescope, however, your Sim simply vanishes since the cheap telescope does not have abduction-specific animations.

During & ~ Abduction

You’ll know your center is around to it is in abducted when you obtain the abduction cut scene (if girlfriend have reduced scenes turned on). It’s probably my favorite of all the cut scenes in the game – especially the component when your center is dropped turn off afterward and realizes they’ve to be “probed.”

You’ll watch a reduced scene (cinematic) once your sim gets abducted.

If girlfriend don’t have cut scenes turn on (special occasions camera is what this is dubbed in the game), then a blue beam will certainly appear and also your Sim will certainly be suck up into an unseen spaceship if trying to host on come the telescope.

While your sim is abducted, their needs fluctuate insanity – simulating the “experiments” being performed on castle by the aliens (at the very least that’s exactly how I imagine it). They’ll be unable to do for about three Sim-hours before being dropped back to earth. You’ll view a cut scene of the return, too.

When your center returns, he’ll be precisely the same as when he left. Need meters are returned to wherever they were at the time of the abduction. The only distinction is her male Sim might be pregnant through an extraterrestrial baby!

Female Sims cannot acquire pregnant with alien abduction uneven you usage a mod (see mod section below).

ElectroDance Sphere

If you have the Nightlife expansion, a center who has been abducted via the telescope at least once can also be abducted while using the ElectroDance sphere on the medium or high setting.

There’s a small chance of obtaining abducted from the ElectroDance Sphere.

The possibilities of this continue are an extremely slim, however the much more times a Sim has actually been abducted previously the greater their chances of being abducted indigenous the run Sphere.

When your sim is abducted from the dance Sphere, castle disappear for 2 Sim-hours and then reappear just as mysteriously. Their needs do no fluctuate choose they do in a regular abduction. This abduction can result in pregnant too.

Alien Pregnancy

In the base game, masculine Sims always come back pregnant as long as they’re in ~ least five days far from coming to be an elder and there space fewer 보다 eight Sims in the existing household. However, the totally free Time development introduced a decreased chance of pregnancy.

If you have free Time, Apartment Life, or the can be fried Collection, there’s a possibility your Sim will NOT come ago pregnant (unless you usage a mod).

If you play the Curious household in Strangetown, Vidcund constantly comes back pregnant indigenous his abduction. It’s component of the scripted occasions in the base game that teach the player about new game mechanics.

You’ll understand your sim is pregnant when they start displaying the indications of pregnant in the very first 24 hrs after abduction. These include throwing up, requirements going down faster, emotion queasy, and/0r a pacifier appearing in a thought bubble above the Sim’s head with a question mark next to it.

Vidcund Curious wears masculine maternity clothing in The Sims 2.

After 24 hours, your center gets their very first baby bump. The Sims 2 treats extraterrestrial pregnancies specifically the same as continuous pregnancies. Masculine Sims wear maternity clothes and get time off from work.

After 72 hours, the brand-new baby is born. A slightly various version the the birth cut scene plays when an alien infant is born (if you have actually the special occasions camera enabled, that course).

A new father adores his alien baby in the birth cut scene.

In this version, the baby floats approximately the father, who records the baby in his arms. The dad looks afraid and disgusted when very first looking in ~ the baby, but becomes affectionate and gives the a cuddle once the infant smiles at him. (It’s quite adorable!)

Alien Genetics

In The Sims 2, alien babies born indigenous abduction get half their genes from their center parent and fifty percent their genes from an NPC alien well-known as the “Pollination Technician.” Every neighborhood has a solitary pollination technician that serves together the “father” of all the alien babies born in that ‘hood.

Alien babies will not show any kind of alien facial framework until they become toddlers. Together babies, they have actually the very same facial structure as human babies. They also have green skin and also a higher than 50 percent possibility of opportunity of having actually alien eyes.

Alien abduction babies deserve to have extraterrestrial eyes or human being eyes.

According to The Sims 2 Prima Guide, the alien facial framework expresses later due to the mystery of alien DNA. (Imagine spooky music theatre here.)

Once a sim born via extraterrestrial abduction has actually a boy of your own, traditional Sims 2 genes rules apply and also all his alien attributes are treated together dominant.

Alien abduction Trivia

Here are some random things that don’t fit in various other categories you can want to know about alien abduction in The Sims 2:

Sims with a understanding aspiration obtain a optimistic memory of being abducted through aliens, if Sims through all various other aspirations gain a an adverse memory.Knowledge Sims frequently have a want to be abducted (or to watch a family member be abducted). This is a are afraid for Sims with various other aspirations.If you have the University expansion pack, teens who have been abducted can apply for the Extraterrestrial Reparations Grant, which provides a scholarship of 1,500 Simoleons.A young adult center in university who it s okay abducted will not gain pregnant till he moves ago to the main neighborhood and also ages up to an adult.The space ship in The Sims 2 is modeled after the one in Sim City 3000.

Alien kidnapping Cheat

There is one extraterrestrial abduction cheat in The Sims 2 – however it quit working with the Seasons development pack. If you have actually the Ultimate repertoire or any type of expansion after Seasons, this cheat is obsolete. It will certainly work, however, if girlfriend only have the base video game or expansions before Seasons.

Hold under Ctrl + shift + C to open the cheat console. When the white bar shows up at the optimal of the screen, form in “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true” without the price quotes to revolve on experimentation cheats.

Now, hold down change and click on any telescope. Then select “Be Abducted.” your Sim will instantly be abducted.

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Sims execute not gain the storage of abduction indigenous this cheat. But it otherwise works the same as a normal abduction. Male Sims still come back pregnant if castle are five days or less from coming to be an elder and there are fewer than eight Sims in the current household.

Alien abbot Mods

There are numerous mods the end there that deserve to increase the odds that abduction, increase chances of extraterrestrial pregnancy, and more. Here are the people I can recommend: