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What is anyone using? Or what does anyone like and also why?I am no concerned about looking stock, require a new battery because that the Chevelle and willing to adjust the cable ends if ns switch come a side article battery.Thanks-Bobby-
I don\"t prefer the side short article batteries, a PITA every time ns run across a car using them....usually a Chevy truck. I think they use metic bolts(which space usually rounded off already) so then I have to get the metric sockets out:sad:. They additionally seem to gain real near to various other stuff(metal parts), although more than likely not in a Chevelle.
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Duel post or top short article when ns can.Mainly due to the fact that I\"m always jump starting something and the top articles are handier.
Good suggest on the accessibility to the terminals, i was thinking side write-up to hide or save the terminals the end of reach.I have constantly run top write-up on everything race car,cruisers, junkers, etc... Due to the fact that that is what lock were, yet with all the more recent stuff going side short article I to be not certain if anyone knew that an benefit to use the next post.Jumping with a side short article can it is in a pain at times!-Bobby-
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Side short article batterys have less tendency to corrode in ~ the cable ends then peak posts. Or at least not rather as lot as the tops.
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Dual-post battery, with the side write-ups connected and also used because that the automobile power needs.Top short articles unused except for jump-starts or charging.
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I usage the article type, v the ground equipment on through hand, press down and turn tight. Works great. Comes off once parked in the garage, climate the battery soft goes on. Make certain you don\"t usage the ends clamped ~ above the wire v the screws, buy the wires with the batt ends factory stamped top top the cable ends.
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I was utilizing a batt with both top & side articles like Schurkey (AC Delco brand). Every one ns have had actually leaked at the side posts after a quick time in service. I have readjusted my wiring now, and also will go with top write-ups only. Don\"t recognize which brand yet.

I was using a batt through both top & side write-ups like Schurkey (AC Delco brand). Every one i have had leaked in ~ the side articles after a quick time in service. I have changed my wiring now, and will go through top articles only. Don\"t know which brand yet.
No question around it--Delco had some difficulties with side-post leakage. They offered to it is in fine battery otherwise although at least the motorcycle/garden tractor/ATV heat of batteries is every Chinese-sourced now. Ns don\"t know around the automotive line.Can\"t say the I\"ve heard the side-post leakage is typical with other brands. I often tend to buy interstate batteries, or Optima.
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I have redesigned my key bussing and also do not need the extra post now. I just prefer the top article as well. I initially wanted Optima, but after reading combined reviews top top this site the expense dosen\"t seem precious it because that questionable reliability.

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I prefer the sidepost on mine chevelle, although if if your no going for stock, top post is definetly the method to go.
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