One ~ above One Theme tune Lyrics. Living One ~ above One lyrics Song is the latest tune Sung by Shanice & Tonéx. Living One ~ above One track lyrics is given by Shanice & Tonéx and also This track was One ~ above One Opening layout Song. Here One can find Living One on One song Lyrics Pdf, life One top top One song Lyrics in Spanish & English, life One ~ above One track Ringtone, living One on One tune Download, life One top top One song Mp3 Download. Gain Living One on One track lyrics right here Below.

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Living One top top One tune Information:

SongLiving One ~ above One
MovieOne on One
LyricistShanice & Tonéx

Living One on One lyrics (One top top One design template Song):

Sometimes in this life you have the right to feel every by yourselfBut I have a partner as soon as I can’t trust no one else(So don’t isolation yourself as soon as there’s nobody aroundI’ll be there v thick and also thin, what a true love we have actually found!)

Me and also you against the world, living one top top one (one top top one)(Can’t nobody break this bond, life one on one)Life has actually just started (Now we’re having actually fun)Living one ~ above one!Yea~

Living One ~ above One text in Spanish (One top top One template Song):

A veces en esta vida puedes sentirte soloPero tengo un compañero cuando no puedo confiar en nadie más(Así que no car aísles cuando no hay nadie alrededorEstaré allí en las buenas y en ras malas, ¡qué verdadero amor hemos encontrado!)

Tú y yo contra el mundo, viviendo uno a uno (uno a uno)(Nadie puede romper este vínculo, viviendo uno a uno)La vida acaba de comenzar (ahora nos estamos divirtiendo)¡Viviendo uno a uno!Sí ~



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