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Genre: Action, Comic action Developer: THQ Publisher: THQ ESRB Rating: Everyone release Date: may 20, 2002

When you face the mastermind the corridor was up on a platform over you. The mastermind will send out tide number one (two runaway robots). Then when you have room hit one top top the head come knock it out then carry out a supersmash top top his body. That is the very same thing through the other. Then the switches through an electrical field will open and you must smash them immediately before their electric power come back. Then simply do the very same thing two more times. The mastermind will certainly then loss down. Every you need to do is use your gum to placed the robots in ar then as soon as the electrical existing is on, fight the mastermind on the head v the supersmash and also knock that in the electric current prior to the robots escape. Then the mastermind will certainly be caught revealing it was holly the totality time.

Once youve unlocked the football Helmet You deserve to Start Killing part freaking monsters infant by ramming them with the helmet or for choose the gargoyles you need to jump up and super stop them and the very same goes for the ghost of captain moody (the raincoat ghost) The creeper and sea creature and caveman and also who knows what rather take 2 hits to beat. The witch as is same for gargoyles.

Go whereby Shaggy fell, by the tree over there is a hole right, go in the middle of the hole then execute the thunder smash as soon as you carry out it appropriately you will loss where friend started.

When her on the roof go under to the gargoyle and supersmash his head. Then jump top top the communication he was standing on, this will take you to the following platform wherein there are two spiders. Death them and also continue it spins you reach the black Knight"s helmet. If you collect it then you get his armour.

Go to "Gloom & Doom under in the Tomb" part three and beat the environment-friendly ghost and you"ll save Daphne, fulfill Polly, and get the umbrella.

You can discover the helmet top top the top of themountain in the level Chills and Thrills onHaunted Hill part 3.

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After you obtain the springs, you deserve to jump on somemonsters once and kill them, yet on the ghostsyou need to leave lock alone. The creeper, thecaveman, and the sea monster you need to jump ontwice!

If you dice after acquiring all the keys and also havingShaggy increase in the coffins, as soon as you restart thelevel you have the right to talk to an invisible Shaggy andstill have him help you jump and also walk approximately inhis arms. You have the right to take him every the means throughthe level come the doorway.