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Average control speed: 67.4 mphKilometers per hour: 108.4 km/hThis is based on typical traffic conditions for this route.

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Plan her road pilgrimage at

View a map through driving directionsusing your desired map provider:Google Maps,Bing Maps, orMapQuest. You can use to discover outhow much is that to drive from mountain Diego to las Vegas with full directions.

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Driving time from san Diego, CA to ras Vegas, NV

How long is the journey from san Diego, CA to ras Vegas, NV? The full driving time is 4 hours, 55 minutes.

Your trip starts in mountain Diego, California. It end in ras Vegas, Nevada.

If you"re plan a road trip,you could be interested in seeing the total driving distance from san Diego, CA to las Vegas, NV.

You can additionally calculate the cost to drive from san Diego, CA to las Vegas, NV based upon current neighborhood gas pricesand an estimate of her car"s ideal gas mileage.

If you"re conference a friend, you can be interested in detect the city that is halfway in between San Diego, CA and also Las Vegas, NV.

Planning to paris a airplane instead?You might be much more interested in calculating theflight time from mountain Diego, CA to las Vegas, NV.

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