Being bald way thinking around hair (or scalp) treatment in a whole brand-new light. Fortunately, taking treatment of a shaved head is basic with these six tips.

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Every year, tens of countless men, women, and also kids shave their heads because that the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. They execute it because that one reason: to cure cancer.

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Whether you’ve recently shaved or you’ve to be sporting the no-hair look for years, do you know the finest bald head care practices? Neither walk we, so us turned come the men and also women who have helped more people go bald than anyone else us know: our St. Baldrick’s barbers.

Hair care professionals from throughout the U.S. Answer our speak to for advice, and also they gave us some an excellent tips! here’s what our barbers had to say:

1. Nothing ditch the shampoo and also conditioner

Those tiny hairs on her head might be difficult to see, however they still require some love! Oils and also dirt can build up top top a fully scalp, therefore be sure to use a dab the shampoo as soon as you shower and also follow up through a moisturizing conditioner to store that head flake-free. And while soap or body wash may seem like an easy option, they deserve to have a drying effect. It’s ideal to pole with products made for hair.


2. Shield her scalp indigenous the sun

This to be our barbers’ many frequently-given advice, and it’s crucial one to remember. Amber from the KelliPaul shop in Peachtree City, Georgia, sums that up: “Bald and burnt no fun!”

Hair keeps her head warm and also protected. Now that you have actually less insulation on top, you might find yourself paying an ext attention come the weather report. On chilly days, covering up with a beanie. And also when the sunlight is out, litter on part sunscreen or a hat.

Even on cloudy days, safety time outdoors have the right to leave you v a scorched scalp, for this reason don’t skimp on the sunscreen for your head, ears, and neck.


3. Store hydrated and also moisturize

Especially throughout the dry winter months, or if her head it s okay a tiny too lot sun, her scalp can end up being dry and rough. Get hydrated by drink plenty of water and using a sensitive-skin moisturizer on her head.


4. Try a scalp massage

Some human being say the rubbing a fully head brings great luck. That might or might not it is in true, yet our barbers allow us know that stimulating your scalp promotes an excellent blood flow and also encourages healthy hair growth.

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Here’s just how to execute it: starting with every 10 on the handle on your head, apply gentle pressure and also move your fingers around your scalp, working from her forehead, come the crown of her head, and also down to her neck. It’s easy to execute on your very own — or you could try convincing a love one that rubbing her bald head will lug them an excellent fortune.


5. Tell ‘em why friend shaved

Walking about with your newly-shorn head, you’re bound to get some questions. Be prepared with some an excellent answers! Let world know the you shaved your head with St. Baldrick’s to raise money for children’s cancer research. Pediatric cancer is the number one disease killer of ours children, and also researchers need far better funding to discover cures.

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Get much more ideas indigenous this infographic, and let people know the they can still donate on your fundraising page at

6. Hold your head high

You shaved your head to aid kids through cancer, and also that’s something to it is in proud of! therefore throw her shoulders back and take the advice of Kristen Hagan indigenous Wild HairZ shop in Louisville, Kentucky: “Rock it proud!”

Many of ours shavees say that shaving their head provided them a boost of confidence, and we think it is great. In fact, we want to watch your fully head! short article a picture of her bald self through the hashtag #baldselfie to join in the funny on Twitter or Instagram.

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