What is "Rounding" ?

Rounding way making a number simpler yet keeping its value close to what it was.

The an outcome is less accurate, yet easier to use.


Example: 73 rounded to the nearest ten is 70, since 73 is closer come 70 보다 to 80. But 76 go up come 80.

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Common Method

There are several various methods for rounding. Here we look at the common method, the one offered by many people.

First some examples (explanations follow):

How to round Numbers

Decide which is the last digit come keepLeave it the same if the next digit is much less than 5 (this is called rounding down)But increase it through 1 if the next digit is 5 or much more (this is referred to as rounding up)

Example: round 74 to the nearest 10

We desire to keep the "7" (it is in the 10s position)The next digit is "4" i beg your pardon is less than 5, for this reason no readjust is needed to "7"

Answer: 70

(74 it s okay "rounded down")

Example: round 86 come the nearest 10

We want to store the "8"The next digit is "6" i m sorry is 5 or more, so rise the "8" by 1 come "9"

Answer: 90

(86 gets "rounded up")

So: once the very first digit removed is 5 or more, rise the last digit remaining by 1.

Why walk 5 walk up ?

5 is in the middle ... So us could walk up or down. However we require a an approach that everyone agrees to.

So think around sport: we should have actually the same number of players on each team, right?

0,1,2,3 and also 4 room on team "down"5,6,7,8 and 9 space on team "up"

And that is the "common" an approach of rounding. Read around other techniques of rounding.

A farmer counting 87 cows in the field, but when that rounded them up he had 90.

Rounding Decimals

First work out which number will be left once we finish.

Rounding to tenths method to leaving one number after the decimal point.Rounding come hundredths method to leaving two numbers after ~ the decimal point.etc.

3.1416 rounded to hundredths is 3.14

as the following digit (1) is less than 5

3.1416 rounded to thousandths is 3.142

as the next digit (6) is much more than 5

1.2735 rounded to tenths is 1.3

as the next digit (7) is 5 or more

To round to "so many decimal places" count that countless digits from the decimal point:

1.2735 rounded to 3 decimal places is 1.274

as the next digit (5) is 5 or more

Rounding totality Numbers

We may want to ring to tens, hundreds, etc, In this case we change the eliminated digits through zero.

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134.9 rounded to 10s is 130

as the next digit (4) is much less than 5

12,690 rounded to thousands is 13,000

as the following digit (6) is 5 or more

15.239 rounded come ones is 15

as the following digit (2) is much less than 5

Rounding to far-ranging Digits

To ring to "so many" far-reaching digits, count digits from left come right, and then round off from there.

1.239 rounded to 3 significant digits is 1.24

as the following digit (9) is 5 or more

134.9 rounded come 1 far-ranging digit is 100

as the following digit (3) is less than 5

When there room leading zeros (such as 0.006), don"t counting them because they are just there to show how little the number is:

0.0165 rounded come 2 far-ranging digits is 0.017

as the next digit (5) is 5 or more


Significant number Calculator

(Try increasing or to decrease the number of far-reaching digits. Also shot numbers with many zeros in front of them prefer 0.00314, 0.0000314 etc)

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