What taken place to Unicorn Robot Attack?

Robot Unicorn strike is an virtual “endless running” video clip game featured top top the Adult Swim and also Flashline games website. Robot Unicorn strike is no longer accessible on iOS, and is only accessible on Android through the Amazon app store. …

When did the Robot Unicorn assault game come out?

Robot Unicorn strike is an online ” endless running ” video game featured on the Adult Swim and also Flashline gamings website. The video game was produced by American studio Spiritonin Media Games and also was exit in February 4, 2010.

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How many civilization have play Robot Unicorn attack Heavy Metal?

Robot Unicorn Attack: hefty Metal is available as a speed game and as together an iphone phone game and also iPad game. The game was made by Adult Swim. It has received 41,304 plays and has received a rating the 9.4 / 10 through 117 people.

What sort of music is in Robot Unicorn Attack?

The game functions the track “Battlefield” indigenous German power steel band remote Guardian. The game’s presentation is affected by depictions of Hell and also glam metal. It received an even far better score on their website 보다 the original.

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How room points earned in Robot Unicorn Attack?

The thing of the video game is to expand gameplay without falling turn off the stage, crashing right into the edge of platforms, or colliding with crystal stars (without first dashing). Points space earned through play time, by collecting pixies, and by destroying crystal stars by dashing through them. As the game progresses, the phase slides faster.

What do you should know around Robot Unicorn Attack?

Robot Unicorn assault is a sidescrolling platform game in i beg your pardon the user controls the motion of a robotic unicorn in a manner similar to Canabalt, a game released in 2009. The object of the game is to expand gameplay without falling turn off the stage, crashing into the edge of platforms, or colliding with crystal stars (without an initial dashing).

When walk Robot Unicorn assault Heavy metal come out?

In October 2010, Adult Swim gamings released Robot Unicorn Attack: heavy Metal, an alternate version that the video game featuring various visuals and also music, because that iPhone, later publishing it come Adultswim.com as well on November 19, 2010. The game functions the song “Battlefield” from German power metal band blind Guardian.

When go Robot Unicorn assault come the end on Facebook?

Due to the game’s popularity, Adult Swim exit Robot Unicorn strike T-shirt; this to be the very first time Adult Swim had released game-related merchandise. In June 2010, it was released because that iOS, and in August, the game was released on Facebook, making the the first time an Adult Swim game had been porting to Facebook.

What to be the soundtrack because that Robot Unicorn Attack?

The game’s soundtrack is the 1994 track “Always,” by the British band Erasure, in its “2009 mix” version. V one million plays in ~ the very first week that its release, Robot Unicorn strike is among the many popular and most played games featured ~ above Adult Swim.

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