searching down every mythical animal in Red Dead deserve to be tough. Knowledge is power, and we"ve gained the power you must hunt under these creatures.

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Mythical animals Red Dead
Red Dead is the critical franchise one would intend to uncover mythical creatures. Even compared to Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar"s ode come the old west is recognized for its realistic depiction of the moment period. The course, the Red Dead franchise simply wouldn"t be a Rockstar franchise there is no the developer hiding much more than simply a few weird easter eggs and secrets because that fans to uncover in their enormous open worlds.

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There might be an abundance of real-world wildlife teaming in ~ the environment, yet those spring in the right areas just might stumble upon creatures that room out that this world.


John Marston searching a Jackalope in desert in Red Dead Redemption
presented in the Hunting and also Trading Outfits DLC, the jackalope can be uncovered in the original Red Dead Redemption. Since they are comparable to rabbits, jackalopes will spawn anywhere in the video game where rabbits spawn.

because that players replaying the video game from the beginning, they might even present up in the early on mission "New Friends, Old Problems". Killing a jackalope unlocks the skilled Hunter outfit because that the player.

John Marston taming the War equine in Undead Nightmare
The Undead Nightmare DLC presented the 4 horses of the apocalypse for players to tame. The first, War, can be found in new Austin.

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It normally spawns close to Gaptooth Ridge, though can also be uncovered near Armadillo, ft Mercer, and MacFarlane"s Ranch. War has actually infinite stamina and also will additionally ignite any type of undead that touches.

John Marston speak the starvation horse from Undead Nightmare
The 2nd horse in Undead Nightmare is Famine. Starvation tends to spawn whenever the player firsts get in Mexico and is normally known together the most basic of the 4 horses the the apocalypse to find.

scarcity is the fastest horse in the game, though feeding it steed pills will remove its limitless stamina feature.

John Marston riding Pestilence v Tall trees in Undead Nightmare
Pestilence is the third new horse from Undead Nightmare. Found anywhere in West Elizabeth, the most common location because that Pestilence to generate is in tall Trees or nearby Broken Tree.

Pestilence have the right to take more damage than any kind of other horse in the game, has infinite stamina, and also briefly stuns the undead.

The last horse that the apocalypse, Death, is also from Undead Nightmare. Death requires the player come have tamed the three previous steeds of the apocalypse first. Fatality is also the hardest to find, spawning randomly, though normally in a comparable location to any type of of the previous horses.

death is nearly invincible, has countless stamina, and can instantly kill any type of undead that touches. Football player can also unlock fatality by completing Undead Nightmare"s main storyline.

Featured in one of the many memorable side searches Rockstar has ever before put together, Sasquatch is exclusive come the Undead Nightmare DLC.

The side pursuit in concern is "Birth of the preservation Movement" and also tasks john Marston through killing the creatures. Sasquatch deserve to be found in tall Trees, and are normally peaceful and run away if provoked.

The legend "goat-sucker" creature from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the southerly United States renders its way into Undead Nightmare.

The creature deserve to be discovered primarily in Mexico, and generally action hostile towards the player. Killing it is essential to complete various objectives, consisting of the critical Undead Hunter challenge.

The Unicorn, which is tamable together a horse, have the right to be uncovered in Undead Nightmare. ~ completing all the Undead Hunter challenges and taming all 4 horses that the apocalypse, the Unicorn will be unlocked.

The Unicorn spawns in Torquemada, though does not alert the player like any of the apocalyptic horses. That is virtually invincible and has countless stamina.

likewise unique to Undead Nightmare, horned goats have the right to be found across the game map. They typically spawn either in Mexico or high Trees, periodically in herds.

Horned Goats aren"t hostile and also can"t be eliminated by classic means. Using a well-placed headshot or a torch ~ above horseback deserve to kill them, however.

discovered in Red Dead Redemption 2, the vampire stays in the big city of Saint Denis. Come unlock the Vampire, the player must discover five piece of writing roughly the city. They deserve to be found in the alley east of Fontana Theatre, the alley behind the gunsmith, the south-eastern side of the general store, the warehouse area southwest the the trapper, and the north-eastern corner of a building located south of Doyle"s Tavern.

in ~ this point, the Vampire deserve to be discovered in an alley southern of the cathedral at midnight. Death him will offer players will acquire the ornate dagger, 1 stingy meat, and 2 bat wings.

Hidden amongst the tracks the the trains of Red Dead Redemption 2 run on is a phantom locomotive, just spotted during certain times.

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Players deserve to see the ghost train at 3 in the morning ~ above the border in between Lemoyne and new Hanover, specifically brand-new the Old Greenbank Mill

one more spirit haunting the civilization of Red Dead Redemption 2 is that of Agnes Dowd, the ghost of a woman who eliminated her dad after he killed her lover.

Dowd"s ghost haunts Bluewater Marsh and can it is in found between 9 PM and 3 AM. She will appear 16 times and can be uncovered by either Arthur or John.

A little of a strange encounter in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the of the giant, a man the player deserve to encounter in a cavern in Ambarino, close to Fairvale Shanty.

The player never actually sees the giant, since he"s obscured by a boulder. However, the player deserve to talk to the giant, who will talk around how lonely the is.

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A staple of current Rockstar games is come hide UFOs, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is no different. Because that Arthur to experience the nearby encounter, he"ll have to find a cabin overlooking a lake north of Emerald Ranch.

Inside, players can find a keep in mind with accuse to find the aliens. Return to the cabin at 2 AM as soon as there"s a half-moon will certainly make the UFO spawn above the forests of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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