What"s your Name? Puddin Tane


What"s your Name?Puddin Tane.Ask me againAnd I"ll tell you the same.Where execute you live?Down the lane.What"s your number?Cucumber!

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What"s your Name?Puddin Tane.Ask me againAnd I"ll tell friend the same.Where perform you live?Down the lane.What"s your number?Cucumber!



One method this is play is to repeat the complying with game over and over:Adult: What"s her Name?Child: Puddin Tane.Ask me againAnd I"ll tell friend the same!Another Version:What"s your name?Pudding Tame asking me again andI"ll tell girlfriend the same!Where perform you live?In a sieve.What"s her number?Cucumber. *****Lisa Vicek wrote:Hi, my grandmother, a Montana homesteader from Minnesota, born in 1889 supplied to say:What"s your name?Response: Charley BrownAsk me again and also I"ll knock you down.What"s her name? Puddin n TameAsk me again and also I"ll tell girlfriend the same.We would giggle and giggle and ask she over and over.*****I discovered reference to the very first part the this rhyme in "Notes and also Queries" indigenous 1885. It claims the name "Pudding the Thame" was the surname of a devil.According to Yahoo Answers, this formula was claimed in a tiny Rascals episode. According to city Dictionary, this is provided when who can"t remember her name.


There"s an additional version of this rhyme called, "What"s her Name? mar Jane.


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