Brangus cattle are a mix that two main breeds i.e. Angus and also Brahman cattle breed. The is an interesting beef breed. The proportion of these 2 breeds in Brangus livestock is uncovered to it is in 37.5% Brahman and 62.5% Angus. Both the the parent breeds have very great beef quality. This is one attractive each other by looks and by characteristics. In USA, this each other was well-known by Brangus breeding association in the year 1949. Initially, this combination was called as “American Brangus Association” in 1949. Together it is the combination of two well known breeds, for this reason the attributes are also in combination.

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Brangus livestock Pros

These livestock can endure in both the atmospheres like cold and also hot climates. Your thick coat gives them protection. These livestock have strong immunity and can resist against various common bovine diseases. Ticks and also bloats are rarely discovered in Brangus cattle. These cattle are very much possessive about their calves. These cattle are very an excellent mothers and this trait comes from Brahman cattle. These cattle are very great at fertility and milk production. The temperament that these cattle is pleasant and also calm. The top quality of Brangus livestock is really fine and these livestock gain weight quick as compared to other breeds.

Brangus cattle Cons

Along with the advantages, this cattle likewise have some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the fertility. These cattle get mature lately as compared to other breeds. Brangus livestock start reproduction after the age of 14 month which is a main drawback. These cattle usually develop their first calf in the 2nd year of your age. The other key disadvantage that this each other is, Brangus cows are overly protective around their calves. This cows carry out not allow anyone obtain close to their calves and also if who tries to gain close, these cattle get angry and can injury that person.

Brangus livestock Facts

The two an excellent quality beef livestock breeds space bred to acquire Brangus cattle. So the quality of their meat is an extremely good. These cattle are heavy and also a Brangus bull may weigh as much as 900 kg if a Brangus cow might weigh approximately 500 kg. Bulls are usually heavier 보다 cows. The shade of these cattle available is either completely red or fully black. The purity of shade shows the purity the breed. These livestock are naturally polled and also farmers perform not need to make effort of dehorning them.

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Brangus cattle Price

The price that these livestock may differ according come the area, age, color, weight and accessibility of these cattle breed. The median prices that these cattle are as follows;Four open heifers are sold on an average rate that 11,875 dollars,Fourteen bred heifers are marketed at an median price the 4,161 dollars. Thirty 3 bred cows are sold at an average price of 5,848 dollars. Fifteen spring pairs are offered at an typical price the 6,450 dollars. All that the over mentioned Brangus room purebred and also have a characterized color indicating your pure breed.