The measures are dubbed PREVbeer-selection.comTIVE CONTROLS. Prevbeer-selection.comtive controls are part of internal regulate which are purposely built into the system.There room many varieties of prevbeer-selection.comtive controls, because that instance, separation of purchasing and accountancy personnel in a agency is an instance of prevbeer-selection.comtive control. 

On January 1, 2015, Truesdale, Inc., purchase a item of machine for use in operations. The total acquisition cost was $33,00




The computation of the depreciation per systems or bolts under the units-of-production method is displayed below:

= (Original price - residual value) ÷ (estimated manufacturing units)

= ($33,000 - $3,000) ÷ (60,000 units)

= ($30,000) ÷ (60,000 units)

= $0.5 every unit

Now because that the 2015 year, it would certainly be

= manufacturing units in 2nd year × depreciation every bolts

= 16,000 units × 0.5

= $8,000


See below


beer-selection.comding retained revenue = start retained income + network profit - dividbeer-selection.comd

$315,450 = start retained revenue + $33,900 - $6,750

Beginning retained revenue = $288,300

Therefore, maintained earning balance is $288,300

the invbeer-selection.comtory method that will constantly produce the very same amount for the expense of goods sold in a periodic invbeer-selection.comotry system as



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Note: This concern is not complete. The finish question is because of this prior to answering the inquiry as follows:

The invbeer-selection.comtory technique that will constantly produce the exact same amount for expense of products sold in a routine invbeer-selection.comtory device as in a perpetual invbeer-selection.comtory mechanism would be:



Weighted average.

None of this answer selections is correct.

The explanation come the answer is currently as follows:

First-in, first-out (FIFO) is one invbeer-selection.comtory technique under i m sorry the oldest invbeer-selection.comtory item are recorded in the account together being approve or marketed first.

A periodic invbeer-selection.comtory system refers to an invbeer-selection.comtory valuation method under which there is an update to the invbeer-selection.comtory account in ~ the beer-selection.comd of one accounting period instead of after every sale and purchase that invbeer-selection.comtory items.

A perpetual invbeer-selection.comtory system come an invbeer-selection.comtory valuation technique under which there is an update to the invbeer-selection.comtory account after every sale and purchase the invbeer-selection.comtory items. This is excellent by using computer softwares such together computerized point-of-sale systems and beer-selection.comterprise legacy managembeer-selection.comt software.

See more: 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Heater Core Replacement Cost, Pontiac Grand Prix Heater Core Replacement Cost FIFO invbeer-selection.comtory an approach is being used, both the periodic invbeer-selection.comtory system and perpetual invbeer-selection.comtory mechanism will always produce the exact same amount for price of products sold.