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Can friend please aid me? I have a Polaris Sportsman 400 4x4 through a detached fuel line. The 4 lines native the fuel tank appear to be linked just fine. I have actually a line that is under the carbohydrate that runs right into a round, white object (maybe one inline fuel filter?) and also the line the comes out of the object is simply hanging there. That is not associated to anything. If I shot letting it hang down, fuel just pours the end of it. I perform not believe it is the carbohydrate overflow line. I visited the Babbitts digital website, yet was can not to find a diagram mirroring this fuel line. Have the right to you help? I have actually a snow storm approaching, the blade is attached, however I can"t plow the snow. Thanx for her help.

it sounds favor you room describing the float key overflow tube. Is the "white object" thin prefer a wafer sort of? sounds prefer it may be a one means check valve. (allows the overflowing float key to drain, however doesnt enable water come come in if it i do not care submerged)

cookies... I"m through you ~ above this one. My gambling is that it is the one way valve on the fuel bowl overflow. Sounds like he demands a an excellent carb cleaning. But, i don"t obtain the "4 lines" indigenous his fuel tank that room hooked up properly. I am not mindful of any kind of fuel setup that consists of 4 fuel lines from the fuel tank to the carb. The just thing I can think the is one fuel line and one vacuum line if his system has actually an auto shutoff petcock. Yet I to be not aware of polaris making use of such a setup.
Thanx so lot for her help. Yes, I supposed the 4 lines on the carb, not the fuel tank. The white point is a wafer form & has actually "VAC" on it. The fuel quit flowing even after ns turned the fuel ago on. We room reassembling it now. Thanx again


yeah that"s the one means valve top top the bowl drainpipe line....before you gain over confident with the mysterious fix, friend will want to make sure that the carb is currently over flowing. Occasionally you can get away with running part seafoam or other kind of carb cleaning additive to aid remove the varnish native the carb. The best option is always to remove and also disassemble the carbohydrate to carry out a finish cleaning. But maybe you gained guess: v is together you operation the engine it will begin to clog your idle/pilot jet making your engine not want to start and also idle properly...but hope not

fuel line
I think the best method to deal with the problem is to get a mechanic or bring it come an auto dealer. You may additionally get a new fuel line insulation kit.

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Can"t think you guys. I"m sure you have actually figured it the end by now. Yet that line goes come the fuel pump inlet side.
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