How To Delete Your Save Game

Tright here is no in-game option to rebegin your game. But do not concern, you have the right to delete your conserve game in Pokemon Sword and also Shield by using Nintencarry out Switch"s File Management feature. Check the comprehensive actions listed below on just how to delete the saved data to begin a new game of Pokemon Sword and also Shield.

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Go to the Home Menu

If you are in-game, cshed the game and go to the Home Menu.

Go to System Settings

Go to the System Settings screen by tapping this button on the display screen or by using the directional buttons.

Go to Documents Management

Under System Settings, go to the File Management Tab.

Go to Delete Save Data

Under File Management, choose Delete Save Documents.

Choose your Pokemon Save Data

Select the Save Data for your Pokemon game.

Select the Profile

Select the profile for which you desire to delete the Save File.

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Warning Message

A warning message will appear notifying you that the conserve file cannot be reextended. Select Delete Save Data to delete your Save File and to be able to begin a brand-new game. Later on, a message will certainly appear notifying you that the deletion did well.

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