At big Sioux, we offer our clients in a fiduciary capacity. This way that we space obligated to placed your interests prior to our own in all recommendations that we make on her behalf. We structured our approach this means to maximize lengthy term worth for our clients.

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We room a in your ar owned, live independence RIA firm situated in Watertown and Sioux Falls, southern Dakota. We serve families, individuals, tiny business owners, medical care professionals, human being who have come right into sudden wealth, and retirees.

About big Sioux wealth Management



Although we’re responsibility of the developments that the future brings, us honor the worth of good old-fashioned hard work. The hrs are lengthy – nights, weekends, and extended shiftsbecause we know that your experience as our client is the number one priority and the essential focus of our effort.

What us do right here at large Sioux is all aboutyour needs. In our years of experience, we’ve honed our craft and also systematized our workflows so the hopefully you can be comforted through the ease of our reliable process. You’ll discover us to be timely and also responsive to her needs, and also deliver what we say we space going to. We work with not simply you and also your family yet anyone else on her team, ensuring a circulation of details from CPAs and also attorneys to various other support resources that you might need.

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How We carry out Business:


keeping our clients finest interests in mental is at the core of whatever we do

MAKE THE complicated SIMPLE


investing does not always need to it is in complicated

HELP YOU get rid of STRESS


FINANCIAL STRESS must NOT save YOU up at night

INSTILL confidence IN her FUTURE

we will develop a road map to guide you to your destination



feel confident leaving her family"s finances in great hands

Meet our Team ➩

Discover our Mission ➩

POSITIVELY affect YOUR financial LIFE


we will certainly constantly watch for ways to boost your finances

The indigenous “Dakota” means friend and that’s one

thing everyone top top our team has actually in common

You’ll always be treated prefer a neighbor, favor a human being being v feelings, not simply an account number or a ridge of papers. So that you can acquire to understand us better, here is a little information around our credentials and professional roles, and also most important – that we really space as people.


Division President, wealth Manager
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Division President, riches Manager

"We eat our very own cookin!" - invoice Cates




Dustin collection out together a registered financial representative v Reliabank in 1999 and also he initiated the wealth monitoring department at Reliabank Dakota in Watertown . In 2019, that created huge Sioux riches Management, an live independence Registered investment Advisory Firm. He accomplished recognition as among the top 100 advisors nationwide by financial institution Investment Consultant in 2018.

Dustin strong believes in the approach of investing in what his clients space invested in. If it wouldn’t be great enough to execute ourselves, us wouldn’t tell you to execute it!

Educational credentials:

Dustin i graduated from the college of south Dakota in 1998 v a Business management Degree with an emphasis in Finance. He has actually completed the CERTIFIED jae won PLANNER™ and also Accredited invest Fiduciary designations.

Where you can find him top top the weekend:

In his complimentary time that enjoys golf, racquetball, boating on Lake Kampeska, hunting, and also spending time through his family. He married his mam Mckenzie in 2004, and is blessed v two children, Tyson and Jordyn.


Wealth Advisor

“At large Sioux Wealth management we think each client is special sufficient to warrant a high level of personal attention, nevertheless of where they room in the riches cycle.”


McKay began his career in financial services in 2012 & join Dustin Padgett at Reliabank Dakota in 2017. As a gaue won Advisor, McKay emphasizes the prestige of arising a close, an individual relationship through each the his clients. That feels that with his work, clients are ceded a unique tailored planning experience, and the an individual attention they require to assist meet all of their financial goals.

Educational credentials:

McKay graduated from the David Eccles college of organization at the university of Utah in 2015.McKay also obtained a CERTIFIED jae won PLANNER™ certification in 2019.

Where friend can uncover him on the weekend:

After life in Utah most of his life, McKay married his mam Allison, a Watertown native, in 2015. In enhancement to safety time v family, McKay enjoys the end activities, playing golf, and engaging in community events.


Tari Korthour

Director of customer Services

“Getting her hands dirty beforehand in life emphasizes the prominence of leaving her mark.” - anonymous


Tari Korthour is mainly responsible because that scheduling, communications, and also providing client service support. She is accustomed to taking care of sensitive client situations and is specialized to servicing our customers in everything phase that life they are in.

Growing up on a dairy farm near Waubay, south Dakota, instilled in Tari the worth of tough work. Picking rock, milking cows, rowing bales in the heat of the summer in a cab-less tractor and also weeding miles of trees were usual chores.

Prior come joining big Sioux wealth Management, Tari regulated a devoted Collections room at Premier Bankcard giving direction come eight employees, 35+ functions, handling escalated phone calls, settlements and also charge off accounts.

Educational credentials:

After graduating indigenous Waubay High School, she attend Lake Area technical Institute, earning an Associate level in Marketing management Sales.

Where girlfriend can find her on the weekend:

Tari can generally be discovered rummaging v thrift shops in northeastern south Dakota hunting for items to re-purpose, home innovation “fixer upper” projects, and also spending time following family members sporting events. Tari lives in in Watertown, southern Dakota, v her husband Troy and their four grown children.

Neal Gunderson

Para Planner/ operations Associate

Neal Gunderson is responsible for developing & keeping policies and also procedures for operational facets of the firm.

He is a lifelong resides of Watertown, SD and also retired from the southern Dakota army National guard in 2015 with 30 year of service.


Neal graduated from Liberty university in 2011 through a Bachelor of science in Multi-Disciplinary researches with focus in Business and also Psychology.

WHERE friend CAN uncover HIM top top THE WEEKEND

In his totally free time the enjoys tinkering in the garage top top old cars, doing small home innovation projects or researching his household history.

To accumulate Clients to Make notified Decisions in your Financial Lives, Through offering Education, Communication, & service That Exceeds their Expectations.

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We uncover satisfaction in creating a plan for someone and also

watching them stick to it to accomplish financial independence


Our mission is to serve, not to sell. We proactively listen to what keeps our clients awake at night, even if it is it might be protecting your tough earned assets, shielding you from rising healthcare costs, help make certain you don’t operation out that money in retirement, and also planning come ensure you have actually a reliable income stream.