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A reading around Percy"s adventures while addressing relationships in Greek mythology, based that their characters in the books. Several confrontations transparent mythology will also take place.

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Chapter Text

Percy pov:

I stand in the arena hacking far at the dummies. The straw spilled out quickly with a twisted of my sword and I offered a yell. Ns was frustrated. The fight with Kronos had ended a couple of months ago, however now the it to be over, i didn"t recognize what to do. So I just came down below to vent that out and also after a if I had the ability to calm down. Ns wiped my brow and drank some water. Ns turned to go ago to my cabin when a sea-green light enveloped me.

Thalia pov:

I slowly crept forward holding mine bow as soon as I heard the creature"s footsteps. Through a irradiate twang and my arrow went paris making contact with the creature"s eye. I stepped the end from behind the bush and also saw a beautiful golden deer. I conveniently muttered one incantation in old Greek and put mine hand ~ above it saying a soft blessing. A deer. Ns couldn"t believe my luck, it was Lady Artemis" fear animal and also she seldom let anyone death it. I had obviously to be blessed by mine lady. As Lieutenant the the Hunt, I was able to say an incantation which would certainly bless the animal"s species with 2 of the pet for each one that was killed. All of sudden I experienced a silvery-blue light and stalked as much as it quickly. The logical side of me called me to leave it alone however the Huntress side to be demanding to understand what that was. I got to out mine hand to touch it once without warning i was free falling towards the ground.

Nico pov:

I was in the Underworld do the efforts to remain as far away indigenous Persephone after she had actually just turned me into a dandelion again, once a dark light the color of Dad"s robes recorded my attention. It flicked about as if it to be trying to capture my attention. Ns cautiously walked towards the light and was traction in and found myself falling v a screaming girl. "Thals?" i heard a boy ask. "Thalia? Percy?" I doubted them "Nico?!" they screamed. We dropped to the floor once a padded netting of sorts captured us.

It to be the winter solstice and Zeus to be talking around some boring thing choose usual and the 4 heroes Hercules, Perseus, Theseus and Orion were invited to watch. He was just about to complete when three teens fell indigenous the sky. Hera looked thankful for the interruption and waved she hand for this reason a one-of-a-kind Greek sheet filled through feathers and moss showed up beneath the fallout’s children. It captured two that them yet the older of the 2 boys dropped on to the difficult tiled floor. Lock all supposed him to it is in dead so it was a genuine surprise once he gained up. "Why does something favor that always happen come me?" that asked. "I average seriously i land two procedures away indigenous the thing while you 2 land top top it!" The younger young laughed "well Percy me and Thalia are just special prefer that." The boy, Percy hissed "oh shut up Nico, let"s watch where us are."

Zeus obtaining impatient demanded to know who they were.

Nico paled "You yes, really don"t understand who we are? friend didn"t summon us?"

Zeus straightened with pride reasoning that he was able to summon mortals choose that however answered "No, so present yourselves." suddenly a big box dropped right into the center of the room. Then a note fluttered to the ground. Thalia bent down to pick it up.

"There"s a note and it says:

"Dear confused and also maybe angry gods and demigods,

Three of girlfriend from the future in addition to these publications have unable to do back about a thousand years at least, and you space there to read around a really special demigod while they to be at a huge war,"

"War?" Ares muttered all of sudden interested

"this demigod is Percy Jackson and also don"t concern time has stopped while you check out this and in instance you were wondering Zeus your future me approves the this plan. Artemis speak to Zoë Nightshade so we have an additional Hunter, Poseidon contact Amphitrite and also Triton and Hades call Persephone. Likewise do no hurt the future demigods no matter what happens, otherwise you will need to answer to us. Have a an excellent reading!

By the most awesome gods ever Apollo and also Hermes and also the Fates,"

PS: Future Demigods please introduce yourselves by simply name. This is since it could ruin the story. Say thanks to you!

The tree of castle looked in the direction of each other and sighed. The boys nudged the girl to go first.

She shook she head exasperatedly yet said "I to be Thalia Grace." climate the much shorter one wearing all black proclaimed "I to be Nico Di"Angelo," and also sat down. The tall one shook his head "I"m Percy Jackson."

Then Zeus nodded towards the other 4 demigods. They introduced themselves as Perseus, Theseus, Orion and also Hercules respectively. In ~ Hercules Percy lunged and also Thalia and also Nico hosted him back.

"Percy patience down, we know but not now. Later alright?" Percy reluctantly nodded.

Artemis nodded " Alright then, I"ll speak to Zoë," and also suddenly the Huntress to be there. Artemis quickly explained what was happening and also she nodded despite she to be tense.

"Zoë please state her name and also title in situation the future demigods carry out not know you." Artemis inquiry her. Zoë, obeying her mistress told them "I am Zoë Nightshade, sublieutenant of Lady Artemis." The future demigods all looked away not able to accomplish her eye.

Hades and also Poseidon dubbed their wives and kid respectively. Persephone was given a throne next to Hades through black and red roses as a backseat through dozens of various other flowers weaved in. Amphitrite"s throne was beside Poseidon do from something the looked choose the bottom half of an oyster and a backseat with a dozen, glimmering pearls. Triton"s throne was next to Amphitrite"s and looked a lot like Poseidon"s but much an ext plain.

Hestia conjured benches for the demigods come sit on, and also they silently thanked her.

"I guess: v we have to read this books, what space they called?" Percy muttered

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians:The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan"s Curse, The battle of the Labyrinth, and The critical Olympian. Then there"s another series The Heroes that Olympus: The lost Hero, The child of Neptune, The mark of Athena, residence of Hades and Blood the Olympus. I"m guessing The Lightning theif is the an initial book we have to read." Athena answer looking over the books.

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"I"ll read first." Hera announced...Chapter 1...I coincidentally Vaporize my Pre-Algebra Teacher