ATLANTA, July 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In she newly launched Brand Strategy Guidebook, Built because that Connection, Patti Reilly lays out a succinct and solid arrangement to assist business owners and individuals develop their brand from the floor up through clarity & confidence.

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"The Guidebook help businesses get clarity and confidence in that they are and also why they matter," claims Patti. "My formula because that success concentrates on content and also connection - it"s how I built both my career and also my an individual brand. I love help businesses uncover their voice, connect with their appropriate customer, and stand the end from the crowd."

As a hold on the madness successful residence shopping network QVC, Patti Reilly has sold end $50 million worth of products live on-air using a set of straightforward techniques. In fact, she broke a beauty beauty sales record on QVC by marketing $3 million precious of product in much less than 2 hrs -- that"s $54k a minute in sales.

"How perform you tell the story of a client you don"t however know? by thinking choose them!" states Patti. "Thinking favor the customer is an important in bespeak to thrive your business. You"ve gained to attach with the audience. Telling your story is important, yes, yet telling your story is wherein the magic is."

Patti master a weekly podcast on Spotify dubbed "Built for link with Patti Reilly" that supplies tips and also advice because that businesses and also entrepreneurs and shares highlights from she illustrious job on QVC.

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About Patti ReillyPatti"s expert career together a TV to buy host and also business coach has spanned nearly 20 years. She currently focuses ~ above coaching companies, influencers, and also media personalities on their brand strategy, marketing, and also camera presence. She has operated with Suze Orman, Joan Rivers, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Lori Grenier, happiness Mangano, Sara Blakely, and more. More information top top Patti have the right to be found at or


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