For decades, game-show fans have religiously tuned in come "Wheel of Fortune," and also their devotion is early out in no small part to the charisma and rapport in between longtime hold Pat Sajak and also professional letter turner Vanna White. Yet is all your witty banter just for show?

Sajak is guest certification on Thursday night's "Sullivan & Son," and also he has some less-than-loving words to say around the blond hostess (possibly not with the mostest), dissing her skills and work-related ethic. "She doesn't even turn the letter anymore. Every she walk is touch them, and they irradiate up. She doesn't even do the ding!" Sajak states to one incredulous Hank (Brian Doyle-Murray). Well, technology is supposed to do our stays easier, right? Watch a clip of beat Sajak ~ above "Sullivan & Son":

White doesn't disagree through Sajak's happy accusations the her job is nice easy. "It's no the most pundit job in the world, but I do have to know the letters," she when joked, adding, "When i was having that alphabet soup, I never thought the it would pay off."

What does White yes, really think of her connection with Sajak? "It's great. He's a good guy. He's for this reason funny, and also we have just clicked. I think that's what Merv saw 30 years ago. He saw a great relationship between us," White newly told Katie Couric, who described Sajak as White's "work husband."

Watch White ~ above "Katie":

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In early on 2012, Sajak admitted that, back in the day, the duo were tipsy top top the waiting after downing "two or three or six" margaritas throughout their breaks from filming the game show, adding that he even had "trouble recognizing the alphabet" after their jaunts come a mexican restaurant. (Sounds choose the ingredient of genuine friendship!) perform they still walk on similar escapades? "I would certainly hesitate to have anything come drink now," Sajak, 66, said. But White remembers their earlier years differently, informing Couric, "We weren't drunk or anything prefer that."

Rumors have constantly swirled the the twosome's partnership was more than platonic, however Sajak and also White maintain that there's no funny business. In a 1987 interview, however, Sajak stated that they're somewhere between "lovers and feuders." and in 1989, in his final moments on the show prior to heading off to shot his hand in ~ a short-lived late-night speak show, Sajak planted an all-out romantic kiss ~ above his co-host before Griffin (creator the "Wheel the Fortune") broke up the lovefest.

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The smooch was arguably the most scandalous moment ever before on the family-friendly game show. To be it planned? as with most of their onscreen antics, we might never know.