Avoiding an NYC parking ticket top top a dark, dank, dreary job in brand-new York City

An NYC parking ticket tale. You spent 20 minute circling the block hope to discover an on-street parking space. And also then, a wonder of miracles. Off in the distance, girlfriend spot a driver pulling out of a parking space. Meanwhile, with the grace and also power that a NASCAR driver, you victory the race to space and park flawlessly

Subsequently, you exit your car, walk to the parking meter, and your human being crumbles. A small part of your car extends into a bus avoid zone. You feel lucky, so you leaving your automobile in the parking space.

Upon her return, you are greeted by that familiar orange envelope stuck under her windshield wiper containing an NYC parking ticket.

In short, friend parked in the bus stop zone and violated code 19. Is there any way out that this mess?

I urge you to very closely examine the former of your ticket

Hopefully, you’ll find some omitted, mistakenly described, or illegible compelled elements. Location 19, thing 34, and also section 39-02(a) that the main Compilation the the rule of the City of brand-new York collection forth a list of compelled elements:

1. Patent plate number2. The kind of registration3. The state the registration4. The date of expiration of the automobile registration5. A description of the vehicle

There’s more, store reading

6. A general statement that the violation alleged, consisting of a reference to section 4-08 of location 34 of the main Compilation of rules of the City of brand-new York or applicable supplication of the Vehicle and Traffic regulation or that the bureaucratic Code of the City of brand-new York or any kind of other regulation or rule7. Information as to the days and also hours the applicable ascendancy or delivery is in effect, unless constantly in result pursuant to the dominion or provision and where suitable the indigenous ‘all’ as soon as the job and/or hrs in impact are every job and/or twenty-four hrs a day8. The date, time, and place of occurrence9. If a meter violation, the meter number. A mere listing the a meter number in cases of charged meter hurt shall not be a sufficient summary of a specific place of event of the fee violation

“If any kind of information the is compelled to it is in insertedn a an alert of violation (your parking ticket) is omitted native the notification of violation, misdescribed,or illegible, the violation shall be dismissed ~ above application of the person charged through the violation.”

Meanwhile, girlfriend carefully check the front of your parking ticket; and also your lucky changes. Her registration expiration day was mistakenly described. You win.

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Larry’s recommendations continue

Or, friend can dispute the angry parking ticket at an In-person hearing at a nearby Business Finance facility without an meeting (Monday with Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. To 4:30 p.m.)

That was easy. Yet what wake up if there space no missing, misdescribed, or illegible compelled elements? If you space right, then fight her NYC parking ticket. If not, apply for a decreased fine. (sadly no much longer available).


(Larry’s note: This post covers vehicles registered in brand-new York, only. Check out my post around missing required facets for out-of-state vehicles, if applicable)


Have you ever before received an unjust fire hydrant ticket? Did you fight it and also win? You may want to click the pretty red button below and also get Larry’s overview to beating those i have lot of money fire hydrant tickets.

What space you wait for? an additional ticket?


Carrie Worley says

July 27, 2014 at 10:46 pm

Thanks so much for the info. You’ve listed! i tried to problem the early ticket, which was a bunk “double parking” ticket , for which ns was not dual parked however parked in ~ the finish of a dead end street where cars have been openly parking for as long as I’ve to be here. In mine initial problem I defined that i was not double parked, etc. Etc. However parked in ~ the end of a street , wherein there is one “end” sign, yet no — no parking signs. — among other things. The conflict was denied, with the referee ignoring whatever I wrote and only stating” the absence of signs prohibiting parking is no proof the you were not double parked”. Whatever else to be ignored.. So currently I need to appeal. Is the only method to ask because that an very nice by mail ? In the procedure of doing research study for the appeal, I’ve discovered this bogus type parking ticket has actually been a difficulty in Queens because 2010.. With images of the specific same area.. Same tickets etc.. And also that previous cases have been dismissed and also police have actually admitted come the problem and promised to research it.. Since 2010. In addition , I’ve found your info around missing info. Top top the ticket. Mine ticket is lacking the it is registered (or plate) expiration date, (it says NS, however it is displayed , ~ above the sticker top top the windshield. I just moved below from TX so they space TX plates… and they placed a sticker ~ above the windshield quite than ~ above the plate.) , no CD, everything that is, no Year for the car.. And for kind it says 4DSD, i beg your pardon I’m certain must mean something to carry out with 4 door sedan, once it is in reality a 4 door utility vehicle, and also no vin number i beg your pardon is also available on the windshield. According to your site, and also others, this information is forced or the ticket have to be dismissed. I am in ~ a loss as to how to include this info. In my inquiry for one appeal, .. Particularly when it was no in the an initial dispute.

Als0: I have a life threatening, degenerative disease for which over there is no treatment or cure and because I deserve to not job-related or if ns do, I rate up the degenerative process of this illness… the is obviously difficult to pay. I also asked for mercy for this reason if there to be some legislation I did no know around , for parking on a dead end street, but that to be ignored.

Lawrence Berezin says

July 28, 2014 in ~ 9:09 am

Dear Carrie,Man-o-live, what a low down, dirty shame.

Double parking is a difficult parking ticket to overcome, as soon as you progressive the defense of denying friend were double parked. I’ve fought countless parking tickets once the alleged twin parking crime occurred on a dead end street, or cul-de-sac. I’ve won an ext than my same share, but I’ve likewise lost ’em.

Rather than explaining how to beat or appeal a twin parking ticket on a dead end street (which is really past the scope of this blog), let’s talk around the required aspects that were absent or misdescribed top top the parking ticket. Those bite dimension bits of info are constantly your ideal defense.

If girlfriend didn’t progressive the required elements defense, there is quiet a method to victory the appeal. (Hint: Technically, you can not submit brand-new evidence top top appeal. Her burden of evidence is to sway an appeals panel the the initial judge make a wrong of legislation or fact).

Here’s what i recommend under these circumstances…

The Parking Violation Bureau, Adjudication Unit, publishes terrific guide to fighting parking tickets. The guide starts off with a promise come the steering public that the judges will review every ticket for lacking or misdescribed forced elements. Clear they broke their promise.

I would start out by politely pointing out the promise. Here’s a connect to the Guide. You’ll find the required facets promise on page 3.http://www.nyc.gov/html/dof/downloads/pdf/translations/got_tickets_english.pdf

Then, allude out the the EXP. Date was no entered, also though it was displayed on the windshield that your auto (attach a pair of photographs, and a copy of your car registration).

Next, allude out the body form was misdescribed and also not sensibly accurate, i.e. 4 Door Sedan vs. Energy vehicle. Affix photographs plainly showing the vehicle and also at the very least one photo showing the behind door raised.

I recommend our client to fill the end the applications to very nice one form, and also to connect a different sheet of document as one addendum to ar C. You have the right to write her defense and also attach photographs come a native doc addendum.

I believe when the original judge breaks the PVB promise of reviewing the parking ticket because that defective required elements, which would have resulted in a dismissal that the parking ticket, a person is licensed has been granted to raise the defense on appeal.

Let us recognize the outcome.Best,Larry

Carrie Worley says

July 28, 2014 in ~ 12:51 pm

Thank you so an extremely much. I’m functioning on this now. And you are supposed to attach all the initial “evidence” you sent as well? Oh.. Also.. Therefore illness…I don’t actually have the ability to pay as soon as I send the appeal… is over there something I have the right to do about that?


I had actually a ticket on my automobile that was nearly blank. The agent did not push hard enough on the infraction part, yet he did push hard sufficient on mine car and license Plate

I sent out the initial (I maintained a copy). Castle agree it to be blank, but they also replied ns can obtain a clear copy top top line, climate submit my proof.

If the initial was blank, isn’t that a factor to be dismissed?

You discuss that for a parking ticket the wrong it is registered expiration date gets you off. Walk the same use for a speeding ticket.

Thank you Larry!

Thank you so much for your aid and I’m so i m really sorry to ask one more question. I wasn’t able come include much more than one picture at the original time that dispute since of the online absence of capabilities. Although i took many an ext photos that day, the one I had was of the whole dead finish street, together I assumed that would certainly be a far better way to show that it’s impossible to double park over there and additionally to show how other cars are parked at this dead finish spot. If I incorporate some of the various other photos with the very nice one , will they throw it out?

Dear Larry:Thank you an extremely much because that the beneficial info. However I tho feel sort of confused around the items below:2. The kind of registration(where is at the ticket?)3. The state of registration(where is at the ticket?)4. The date of expiration that the automobile registration(Is this the day of vehicle inspection on the front windshield? or the day of my automobile registration card? mine ticket Exp. Day is N/A, is the counted missing required info?)Anxiously wait for your reply and would considerably appreciate it. Give thanks to you!Enoch

Larry:Thank you so lot for your reply.I acquired really negative luck this month. Till currently I got 5 tickets. I paid off 2 of them. (one is $45, another$115)

I got an initial ticket, because I forgot to alternate park. I’m from brand-new jersey and stay at my friend’s apartment in Bronx NY throughout summer( I have actually no school).So i paid punish $45. Then I adhered to the next-door neighbors to alternating park (Double parking,Some next-door neighbors are sitting in the cars come wait because that the sweeper car .) however I got one more ticket i m sorry was double parking.(Only me got ticket, maybe due to the fact that of mine plate is from NY? i left my automobile also, when I got back I found ticket)But today, just right now, ns got one more ticket!:( Today, ns locked myself out of door, so i tried to call neighbor to aid me obtain my key. I experienced the sweeper vehicle cleaned up the road, so ns park mine car ago at the roadway side. When I to be trying come buzz my neighbor at the entrance, I observed a police to be checking my car and also writing a ticket. I concerned him and also explained come him, I’m right here I simply locked myself out(I carry my grocery bag also) and also I simply parked right here no more than 2mins and also its likewise cleaned increase already. He was very cruel and also tough. He said he couldn’t release the ticket( He just started to create it actually, that a handwriting ticket),He said also its cleaned up however you have to wait it spins the time. That he gained on his car and also drove away.I felt really sad.Another 2 tickets were acquired in new jersey. Days ago I was visiting a pastor. It was raining hard. Due to the fact that I take it the anti-depression pills ns feel sort of dizzy. Climate I suddenly noticed a police was following me quietly , ns felt really nervous for this reason I readjusted into one more lane (I wanted to let him walk through) yet he ringed his lights and also caught me and also I yes, really didn’t know what occurred ,he claimed me waving driving and also over speed. And additionally he confirm my registration card said it was no valid(Now I changed the new one.)He gave me two tickets, one is end speeding$180(over 15-19) and driving unregistered car($45).I want to ask, dear Larry, how deserve to I very nice one those tickets? I have been suffering from depression because that years. These tickets yes, really drove me crazy.Please please help me ! i don’t have money to pay off these tickets, the brand-new semester is comes soon.Thank you really much!Best reagards

Hi Larry,

I have actually received a ticket because that expired registrationt sticker and I noticed the the hand organized ticket printing maker was malfunctioning and there is a streak in the center of the ticket the did not publish properly and information in the center of the ticket is illegible. Because that example, I have the right to not read the date and also time of offense bc the the white streak is going end the am/pm area and I cant read the expired registration sticker number in the comment section since the streak goes with that too. Deserve to I dispute this ticket together an illegible ticket?

Thank you!

My parking ticket the plate exp. Day put N/A on that box, yet actually mine plate has expiration date on that. I asked for a online hearing, and also received the decision still must paid the violation fee. Execute I have second chance to depute the ticket?

Hi Larry —

I newly received a $115 ticket for parking (a non-commercial vehicle) ~ above a Sunday in between two indications on the very same street, each of i beg your pardon stated:

“3 hour metered parking / advertisement VEHICLES just / rather NO was standing / 7am-7pm / except Sunday / ”(Immediately beneath): “Other time / NO STANDING”

The violation on the ticket is cited together 4-08(c), and also officer’s description of the violation is: “No stand / DAYS/HRS: every DAYS/ALL TIMES.”

I interpreted the above as enabling non-commercial parking ~ above Sundays. It appeared reasonable to interpret “Other Times” in the 2nd no was standing prohibition as all those times various other than the ones implied immediately over it (i.e., Mon-Sat 7pm-7am).

Should I stroked nerves contesting this ticket? you re welcome advise! thank you!

Good Morning,

I acquired the parking ticket because that $115 for no parking 15 feet far from the fire hydrant, my automobile was parked 10feet approx. I live in Connecticut and i don’t visit NYC an extremely often. The dominion in CT claims that the vehicle should be parked 10 feet far from the fire hydrant. So one of my friend claimed that i must atleast appeal for it. Therefore i saw the Financial service Center in Manhattan today, the gentle man didn’t in a atmosphere to hear anything. The was not in a good mood and also he responded back really rudely and also i was not granted.Is there any kind of other way for me to $115? Is there any other point which i have the right to do – Please indicate !!!

hi, i acquired a ticket for fail to display muni meter reciept and the officer didnt write meter number ~ above the ticket, is having actually the meter number top top a scaned ticket required?

Hi Larry,Is my ticket defective?Under Exp. Date, the agent created N/S Rain.

Under color, OTH is listed. My car is tan.VIN# is blank.

Also, place of event does no list an address, rather the agent wrote:“N/S E 88th St.20ft E/of 3rd Ave”

Thank you,Steven

Hello Larry,I recieved a ticket for no parking 15 feet far from a fire hydrant in NYC. The ticket has actually an error with my key number, making the information on my license plate number incorrect. Need to I plead not guilty for this ticket? If I compose them a letter and show a copy of my registration, they will have the appropriate information to make me pay for the ticket if lock don’t i have dissolved it. What actions would you recommend? Also, ns live out of state in NJ.

I have a concern I received a double parking ticket in NYC the officer request me to move my car which i did that then complied with me 2 blocks and pulled me over and gave me a ticket for being twin parked is that legal ? ns did notice that his companion told him ns rolled my eye after he told me to move and I honestly believe that’s why he adhered to me and gave me a ticket

Hello,I freshly received 2 parking violations because that an expired investigate sticker.The an initial day that I received the an initial ticket, it was as well late in the work to obtain an inspection, however I did take my vehicle in ~ above the next day, ~ work. However, ns was given one more ticket during my work hours. Have the right to I acquire one that the tickets dismissed?Thanks,Lynn

Hello Larry,

First I desire to to speak what one admirable thing that you do! ns live out east in LI and it is really rare I acquire a ticket. Ns was at a course on Court St Brooklyn (of all areas lol). I saw someone parked in former of a hydrant (manning the car). I made the failure of thinking I might park there because that an hour and then operation out and move my vehicle when I had actually time. I know that i am not supposed to park in prior of a hydrant but since I am from the country it is not engrained in me. I come out 2 hours later and also there to be ticket. Only question I have actually is (before ns pay this massive amount) isn’t there supposed to be and also “all” in area of hours/etc ascendancy applies? top top your website or another I observed this. It just reads Fire Hydrant O FEET native FIRE HYDRANT. No hrs or job this applies…..Please advise and also thank girlfriend so much.

Hi Larry,

I received an expired meter ticket one minute after the 5 min grace duration (I had paid until 5:03pm and the ticket was composed 5:09pm). When I arrived, the guy who gave me the ticket called me if ns buy more time now I deserve to send in the receipt with the ticket and also it will be dismissed. For this reason I put in one more $.25 at 5:11pm and also kept the receipt. Is what the told me accurate? What is mine defense? I never heard the anything choose this yet it’s precious a shot, no?

Hi Larry,

I obtained a parking ticket in Nassau County. The ticket is missing the job of the month for the “date of return.” The officer didn’t fill out the precise day. He only wrote may 2017 at 9am. Yet the work of the month is not written. After waiting 3 weeks, the ticket was lastly posted online, which claims the exact date of return.Does this mean that the ticket is invalid? If so, have to I risk pleading not guilty. Apparently, if you plead no guilty and are discovered guilty, there’s one extra charge.


Hi Larry,

I expect you’re in great health. Ns live in the Bronx and have got 2 parking ticket on two consecutive days for parking in a crosswalk. The problem is that i was actually clear that the crosswalk and parked on the protect against line (which did not extend fully to the curb). I took photos of every street signs, the position of my vehicle from lot of angles and distances. Ns didn’t notification any missing information top top the ticket that would certainly make the illegible. Will certainly I have actually trouble convincing a judge to dismiss based upon my testimony and also photo evidence?

Kindest regards,Mel

Hello Larry,

How have you been due to the fact that the heartattack in 2015? ns hope the the recent responses to some on your blog means you are earlier and kicking through a vengeance!

Thank you for your wide range of knowledge, the information over has been fairly helpful.Needless to say, I got a ticket b/c i forgot to relocate a friend’s automobile from a no standing zone (M-F 7am –9am).

If the ticket online corresponds with my tangible one, then ns would choose to argue the the violation 4-08 (c) in which i was cited for is misdiscribed/missing an facet because the is a bus lane; wheareas 4-08(c)(3) is the ideal violation.

4-08 (c) has eight violate in which ns am no all guilty for. Walk this angle work? Personally, If it’s a basic citation the office is making use of then I’d argue the 4-08 (f)(4) would have been apropos.

Please let me recognize your advise on the matter. In addition, in the event that the attempt is declined, have to I likewise submit proof of hardship because that a lessened fine in the dispute, or would I have actually a opportunity to carry out so after ~ the decision?

Thanks so much!


Hello Larry,

Is the information in this post still precise to date? I received a parking ticket for parking in a No Standing any type of Time zone and I think the ticket is defective. It’s absent the bowl Type. The key number is has actually an extra digit composed in it, however, they composed it effectively in the “Alt Plate” section. Also, in ~ the top of the ticket whereby it states “Permit Displayed…Yes/No…Type”, this section was left blank. I’m not sure if the “Type” refers to the it is registered Type, yet if therefore it to be left blank. Do you think this ticket is defective and that I have actually a an excellent chance at a dismissal?

Thanks for her help!


You space awesome! gained a parking ticket dismissed because of YOU and also your invaluable information. The end of state plate through the expiration date clearly on the plate and also it was recorded as N/S. Ns took a photo of the plate with the expiration sticker labels very plainly visible. I respectfully requested dismissal based upon a seemingly wrong ticket because of the omission. DISMISSED! say thanks to you very much. Roz

Hi Larry,

I just received a computerized Parking Ticket for the meter running the end of time and also no accumulation were used to meter. It check out under Complaints, No Driver, No Permit, No valid Receipt visible on Dash. Fine amount $35.00.However, No Meter #, work or Limit details was fill out. Have the right to I send ago the ticket to the room of Finance indicating to them this is a non precious ticket due to the fact that of the information aforementioned was not filled out and they would dismiss it. Or carry out I need to go in human being to acquire it dismissed by a judge?

Hello Larry.

I obtained a parking ticket this particular day for Violation the traffic dominion “4-08(e)(3)” next walk. Complainants comments “Beyond property Line”. Firstly on the front of the ticket the location of incident is invalid the deal with does no exist and also secondly am not sure what is intended by past property line ns was parked in a driveway entrance however not prevent the sidewalk or obstructing traffic. Kindly advice.

Thanks Much

Thanks because that this thread, which i used currently at the very least once. This time i parked in an enabled area, all indicators concurred, yet I still received a “No stand Bus Stop” (c)(3) ticket. Ns tried come fight back. Ns snapped picture of the area mirroring the parking regulation sign that was closest to mine vehicle, and also I took also a pair of photos mirroring the auto relative to buildings, to exactly situate the ar where ns was parking. I proclaimed that there was no such Bus stop prohibition whereby I to be parked. I even attached a Google maps shortcut reflecting the area and the very same signs. My appeal was rejected saying the it was “unpersuasive”. Ns quote: “Photos submitted do not show the entire side that the block wherein parked, corner to corner of all indicators or the cited attend to or street name. Evidence discovered unpersuasive that claim.” So now I’m it is registered a reply quoting the city’s official summary of parking regulation http://a841-dotvweb01.nyc.gov/ParkingRegs/ViewController/LocationValidation.aspxDo girlfriend think this will certainly be enough?

Hello Larry

I live in montreal and I got a parking ticket ~ above the ticket by the state is marked AB rather of QC because that Quebec can I struggle this ticket ?

What if the essential information is correct except the color of the car, is the ticket quiet valid?

Hello Larry,

I to be not certain if you got my comment since I perform not view it ~ above the comment list, yet if you perform see it than awesome you have the right to ignore this comment. If you have actually not obtained a comment indigenous previous to this one then can you kindly educate so that I may relay the comment.

Thank you!


Hi Larry,I watch you’re no answering questions anymore yet I’m going to take a shot.My inquiry is simple. If they placed the wrong color of auto on ticket is the grounds for dismissal?Thanks

Hi Larry, if you are responding to comments I have actually one that possibly is new to you, at least I don’t view it here.

I received a ticket for “No Standing-Temporary Construction” VC-14.

I questioned online, acquired a solution (Decision and also Order) indigenous one ALJ Sharon Brown through Disposition the “Adjournment” based upon “other merit claim/insuff evidence”with the comments “Respondent testifies that he took a photo; however, over there is no photo evidence in this file. Adjourned 30 days for Respondent to submit photo evidence, and any additional evidence in assistance of his defense.”

Two days later (today) i got another email native the same HBW Decision, through an attachment on the very same letterhead (NYC Dept. Of Finace)It has an additional “Decision and also Order” this time indigenous ALJ Barry Glass v a disposition that “Guilty-Hearing” ordering come pay. It then states reasons why my defense to be rejected.

Any idea what happened here? I’m guessing some kind of clerical error and also the second judge somehow to be not conscious the an initial had currently adjourned this? or did he somehow overrule the 30 job adjournment.

After spring at your site, I now see I could have provided the defense of no Expiration day recorded ~ above the ticket.

Is the situation of 2 simultaneous conflicting judgements sufficient to dismiss? otherwise can I still submit proof of the expiration date?

This parking violation ticket claims that mine receipt for parking to be “Face down On Dash.”

The parking violation ticket I got was issued 25 minutes prior to the expiration that the meter / ticket that ns bought.

I deserve to upload the picture of my ticket that shows the expiration time. But because the ticket states the receipt was confront down can I success this case?

Hi Larry,I obtained a relocating violation ticket VTL 1110(a). Top top the ticket everything is fine. But the auto information was completely wrong. I’m presume I received someone else’s automobile info. On my driving license. Ns was drive tlc black color cab. Acquired the ticket top top my method home.

Im wonder if a misdescribed parking ticket functions for a village of cedarhurst ticket, I have actually an out of state license plate and the ticket failed to properly input the automobile registration expiration date. Based on that, ns would prefer to contest the ticket, wonder if this is possible.

Dear Larry,

Thanks for responding come everyone, you’re the man.

I newly received a No standing violation ($115) for parking in a carshare space. The ticket reads in Violation of 4-08(c) i m sorry I think is the catch- all for every no stand violations. Ns haven’t to be able to discover a certain section for carshare stand violation. The complaint reads- “Carshare parking only, enterprize, rather no standing”

I believe this ticket may be defective since the attendant go not cite the details section for the violation, is this correct?


Dear Larry,

An amazing question. Someone from the parking valet parked my auto on the street during alternate Side Parking hour there is no my understanding resulting my car getting a ticket. Castle apologize for the failure and provided the money to cover the price of the ticket. Have the right to I pay no Guilty because I did no commit the violation? Concerned around having negative mark on my records.


Hi-Thanks because that this many information Blog. I was wonder what evidence I need to submit come prove the the license plate number is incorrect. Parking Officer typed a 0 rather of a D. VIN is also missing. The key is from new Jersey. The violation was for ASP.

hi Larry!

I gained a ticket because that allegedly gift in a No stand zone. The in a spot we’ve been parking in for years (a friend was parking right behind me, us both obtained tickets). The No stand zone is right beside a van yard. ~ above that details day, one of the No stand signs had been knocked over, more than likely by a truck, and broken turn off at that is base. The regulation hadnt changed, yet the authorize was knocked over and also we hadn’t noticed it because we’ve to be parking there for years.

On that day and for a couple of days after, the broken sign had been moved over and was laid under out that the method on the sidewalk. This sign was the rear sign of a pair that identified the No stand zone. A few days later the authorize was replaced and reinserted right into the sidewalk.

I have actually photos of:– the sign knocked over and laying ~ above the sidewalk– the pair of signs that define the No standing zone– a screenshot the the period map that has every one of the no parking indications in the entire city (http://www.nycdot.info), showing this block– a photograph from a couple of days later on showing the sign had actually been repaired and also reinserted right into the sidewalk

I annotated all of the photos v descriptive information around where i was parked, and also pointing the end various info I felt to be relevant. I DON’T have actually a picture of the whole block, however the widest the the photos do show MOST the the block, and the period map fills in the remainder of the indications from the street. Ns DON’T have a photograph of my auto vs. The address throughout the street the was noted on the ticket (there’s no building or address on the same side the the street that i was parked on at the time, just the van yard), yet I DO have a image of my vehicle still parked in relationship to the sign in question. Also, I included the date to the image in text, and theyre time and date stamped together iphone photos do, but that rubber stamp isnt visible just by looking in ~ the photo.

I’m intended to submit all of this online.

In her opinion are we going around this the best way?

Any help or thoughts you deserve to offer would certainly be really appreciated!

Hi, Evan,Kudos for a wonderful job you are doing in preparing your defense.Question, friend remarked that there to be two indicators that defined the no was standing zone. One of the indications was knocked over, yet did the arrowhead on the second sign suggest to her parking space?Looking front to your reply.Regards,Larry

hi Larry! Yes, the staying sign the was still there while the various other was knocked under was pointing in the direction of mine vehicle. The next time ns was there (a few days later) the broken sign had already been replaced.

My very first thought as soon as I got the ticket was “well, there is that authorize pointing in this direction, saying it’s a no was standing zone. I could not be able to get the end of this”.

I’m hope the space being typically a legal point out to use will gain the ticket dismissed though. Pipeline dream?

Also, I’m around to lug my sworn affidavit come the regional Notary, scans the that paper are yes sir to encompass in my defense?

Thank girlfriend Larry!

Evan,It is unlikely the you’ll win the ticket since there to be still one more sign v the dominance regulating her parking space. But, you’ve done every the work, therefore why not give it a shot?Good luck.Regards,Larry

Hi Larry:

I hope you are feeling better. I freshly was issued a ticket for ‘No Standing’ in Brooklyn NY. Ns pulled right into the an are to drop turn off my child and also the traffic agent observed this. I left the engine running and was no much more than 2 minutes and also in despite the of the website traffic agent seeing me go my son to his mom issued a ticket. Currently the ‘No Standing’ sign is behind mine vehicle and then the curb is reduced for an entrance to a parking lot. Over there is a brand-new sign post to the best of my vehicle which says street clean rules. I believe the ‘No Standing’ take away precedence. ~ above the ticket, the violation is VC14 section 4-08(c). Because the agent experienced me deserve to I fight this ticket as defective based upon the “Date/Time first Observed’ is not filled out but rather has actually N/A filled?

Hi Larry,

I simply received a ticket because that parking in a No standing zone, my debate is ns that is not a No standing Zone due to the fact that on one side of the island the arrow is pointing come the No standing zone whereby the area has white cross lines allow one no to park and the other site wherein I my car was parked, over there is a parking boundary whereby one is permitted to park, plenty of of the residents have actually been parking in the spot for years without the end a problem, for this reason which deserve to be very confusing, should I bother to fight this through proof that photos, I have the right to send friend photos come visually explain better.

BertBrooklyn, NY

Hi Larry,I was fined while dropping off children at college door for dual parking. ALJ reject our appeal and also dispose exact same fine speak dropping children at school is not defense for double parking. Ns am reasoning to appeal against ALJ decision. The is practically impossible to uncover parking at school time in manhattan. Her suggestion and also recommendations will be very appreciated. Say thanks to you.

Hey Larry,Hope girlfriend can aid me- trying come fight the “block the box” parking ticket offence. I was control in an intersection in NY, light was green, web traffic flowing, high truck in front of me for this reason was not able to view to much ahead, yet traffic was certainly flowing. Then as I approached the pedestrian walk way the traffic ended up being slow and also I had the ability to stop as soon as the light was red right before the walkway. Was not blocking any type of traffic coming from the opposite direction no one the pedestrians. Then when the irradiate turned green again i was about to save driving and also that’s when a cop came over and also asked me to prevent on the side and also gave me a ticket. I plead not guilty, explained the situation, however got earlier a guilty verdict. Now I want to appeal, and I additionally noticed two important points that i did not notification in the very first appeal: The cop go not mention the expiration date although it is mentioned clearly on a sticker on the former window, (only created N/E) and also she didn’t create my surname correctly- didn’t mention my critical name and wrote my very first name wrong. Execute you think I can win if I lug up this points in my 2nd appeal? I’m asking because I know I’m not an alleged to lug up new evidence in the 2nd round. Thanks so lot for your help and time!

Hello Larry ,i have no questions around parking ticket ,i have actually read all her replies to people and it inspired me come fight mine hydrant ticket the was piled up v garbage do it totally invisible in Manhattan. I was very upset around it and also searching for comparable situations digital i found your website!I take it a photo and sent my conflict online,fingers overcome it will work. But i just wanted come let friend know,how much i admire and appreciate girlfriend sharing her knowledge, acquisition your time to aid people without charging money. I wish we had much more people choose you in this world, i wish you numerous health and also health again may you live long and pain complimentary life and never suffer any an ext heart strikes ! world like girlfriend deserve only the best. Ns am i m really sorry if mine English sound a little funny,my very first language is Russian. Ns am her number one fan as of now! God bless you!

Hi Larry, I acquired a ticket in July for parking in a college zone. The sign proclaimed that only authorized vehicles throughout school job 7am -4pm. That the summer exactly how is someone an alleged to recognize there is summer session? likewise the college year ended June 26th. Can I ask for a dismissal, that a $95 ticket. Insane!

Larry,Thanks for every your difficult work top top this. Really impressive that friend donate your time come all us frustrated drivers.

I recently had my automobile get towed for being parked close to a service entrance to the Parade Grounds in Brooklyn. Prior to the entrance, over there is a sign stating “no Parking Anytime” pointing in the direction of the service road. Then, after the entrance, over there is a constant street clean sign, adhered to (one space later), by a second No Parking sign, this one pointing in the other direction. Ns took this to typical that you can park on the street, just not in prior of the business entrance, which is why they put a second “No Parking” sign up additional down.

Happy come send photos too if this all also convoluted. Many thanks again,

Ditmas Guy

Hi Larry. You have a an excellent blog here, thanks for the info. Ns just acquired a parking ticket and it erroneously states “St.” instead of “Ave”. I setup to struggle it with a map reflecting that there is no deal with 6815 8th St, in Brooklyn – 8 hours street only runs from #107 – 571. Because the location of occurrence is misdescribed girlfriend think they will dismiss it? any other items friend think I have to send in as evidence besides the resolve map?


Hi Larry! I gained into one accident last month, ns took my vehicle to human body shop for repair. Lock parked the vehicle outside on the streets and also I acquired a ticket for street cleaning. ~ above the ticket they placed the wrong make for the car, I have actually a Honda Civic and also they put Toyota. Will certainly I have the ability to get that dismissed? What carry out you think mine defense should be?Thank you.

Dear Larry,

Thank you for all your wonderful information. I obtained ticketed due to the fact that the parking meter was no working and there was no means I could have payment to park. How could I conflict this ticket?

Thank you,Sam

Hi Larry,

I obtained a parking ticket, and also the “Meter #/Zone” section was filled out incorrectly. They listed a region 3 blocks away, and also not the zone listed on the parking authorize in prior of which ns was parked. Is this a valid case to argue the ticket must be dismissed?



I favor what girlfriend said around making certain that your web traffic ticket has every one of the required information composed properly. My brother got pulled end the other day since his tail light to be out. I’ll share this details with the so that he have the right to look right into his options for lawyers who can help him find any issues that the ticket can have.

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What space my possibilities of gaining a Parking ticket v a small error dismissed?

I acquired a ticket and also I’m to plan on disputing it, reasoning of doing in person when they open (I think in-person is better, and also it is straightforward to walk to the office, let me recognize what girlfriend think is best) . Everything else is correct in the ticket except for the moment parking is not allowed. It should say 7AM-1AM, but ticket states 7AM-1PM


Hi Larry,Thank you because that this blog and also all the information.My street’s clean days room Wednesdays (odd door number side) and also Thursdays (even number side). I got a ticket because that ASC top top a Wednesday yet the ticket claims 21-12 37TH ST. Which is Thursday side.What execute you think my chances are to get it dismissed?Thank you.


Hi Larry,

First i hope your surgical treatment went well and you room recovering well. I was wondering if i can contest a ticket because that parking in a institution zone throughout school hours based on incorrect information regarding the days and also hours the applicable dominance or provision is in effect. The ticket reads: all DAYS / 7A-4P; once the correct input is college DAYS.How execute I dispute this? give thanks to you!