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because that a finish wiring diagram refer to Section 8W.

concept of operation

The Solenoid switch Valve, one internal, hydraulically operated valve, controls the direction the the transmission liquid when the L/R solenoid is energized. Once the solenoid switch valve is inthe downshifted position and also the L/R solenoid is energized, liquid is command to the L/R element for 1st gear. Once the solenoid switch valve is In the up-shifted place (2nd, 3rd, and fourth gear) and theL/R solenoid is energized, fluid is directed into the Lockup move Valve i m sorry controls the torque Converter Clutch. As soon as doing PEMCC or FEMCC, the L/R pressure switch should suggest no push if thesolenoid switch valve is in the L/R position. If the L/R press switch indicates pressure for some time if in partial or full EMCC, the EMCC operation is aborted and also momentarily inhibited come avoidaccidental applications of the L/R clutch. EMCC is attempted again once there is no L/R pressure. The fourth detection of L/R pressure while in PEMCC or FEMCC will an outcome in setup the DTC. Torque converterEMCC procedure inhibited. MIL on ~ 5 min. The substituted operation.

when Monitored:

Every 7 ms when doing PEMCC or FEMCC.

Set Condition:

should be in partial or full EMCC. The DTC is set if L/R press is detect high for the 4th time.

possible Causes
related DTC P0841 present
DTC event DATA mirrors TRS code TR2 - change LEVER OR MANUAL regulate VALVE IN A INVALID position
SHIFTER CABLE the end OF adjustment
SOLENOID move VALVE sticking IN ITS bore
(T50) L/R pressure SWITCH sense CIRCUIT open
(T50) L/R push SWITCH sense CIRCUIT short TO ground
(T50) L/R pressure SWITCH feeling CIRCUIT brief TO VOLTAGE
VALVE human body

constantly perform the Pre-Diagnostic Troubleshooting procedure prior to proceeding. (Refer to 21 - TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE/AUTOMATIC- 42RLE - traditional PROCEDURE)

Diagnostic Test


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DETERMINING IF associated DTC"S room PRESENT through the scan tool, inspect for other Transmission DTCs. Is the DTC P0841 existing also? Yes describe the infection category and also perform the ideal symptom. No 2. CHECK THE DTC occasion DATA for TRS code TR2 through the scan tool, examine the DTC occasion DATA for P1776. Does the DTC occasion DATA present a TRS code of TR2? Yes This indicates the shift lever and also the manual regulate valve to be in one invalid position in between Neutral and also OD. Inspect the shifter cable for: proper adjustment,binding, friction, improper routing, or the shifter was relocated in transit. Repair as necessary. No 3. CHECK TO see IF DTC P1776 IS CURRENT v the scan tool, check the start SINCE collection counter because that P1776.

NOTE: This respond to only uses to the critical DTC set.

Is the status energetic or is the start SINCE collection counter 2 or less for this DTC? Yes No 4. CHECK THE PCM and also WIRING using THE transmission SIMULATOR turn the ignition turn off to the lock position. remove the Ignition Switch feed fuse native the TIPM.

CAUTION: removal of the Ignition Switch feed fuse native the TIPM will prevent the auto from being began in gear.

WARNING: The Ignition Switch feed fuse must be eliminated from the TIPM. Fail to do so can an outcome in personal injury or death.

download the transmission Simulator, Miller tool #8333 and also the digital Transmission Adapter kit. Ignition on, engine no running. with the transmission Simulator, rotate the press Switch selector move to L/R. through the scan tool, screen the L/R pressure Switch State while pushing the pressure Switch test button. Walk the push Switch state adjust from open to closed once the test button was pressed? Yes No 5. CHECK THE SOLENOID move VALVE because that STICKING remove the transmission oil pan and also Valve body and also inspect the Solenoid switch Valve because that sticking in the bore, repair or change as necessary.

NOTE: This DTC may be resulted in by debris lodged in the transmission Solenoid switch Valve bore. If debris is found, clean the valve body and also reassemble the transmission perthe business Information.

v the scan tool, record the DTC occasion DATA for P1776 and erase DTCs. Reassemble the transmission and also test drive the vehicle. Shot to duplicate the original set conditions making use of the DTC occasion DATA recorded earlier. through the scan tool, examine Transmission DTCs. Go the DTC P1776 reset? Yes replace the transmission Solenoid Assembly per the service Information. No Test finish 6. CHECK THE (T50) L/R push SWITCH sense CIRCUIT because that AN OPEN


revolve the ignition off to the lock position. Disconnect the PCM C4 harness connector. Disconnect the transmission Solenoid/Pressure switch Assembly exploit connector.

CAUTION: execute not probe the PCM exploit connectors. Probing the PCM harness connectors will damages the PCM terminals result in poor terminal to pin connection. Install Millertool #8815 to do diagnosis.

measure the resistance the the (T50) L/R pressure Switch sense circuit in between the infection Solenoid/Pressure switch Assembly exploit connector and also the proper terminal of fearbut tool#8815. Is the resistance above 5.0 ohms? Yes fix the (T50) L/R pressure Switch feeling circuit for an open. No 7. CHECK THE (T50) L/R push SWITCH sense CIRCUIT for A brief TO GROUND


measure up the resistance between ground and the (T50) L/R push Switch sense circuit. Is the resistance below 5.0 ohms?
Yes fix the (T50) L/R press Switch feeling circuit for a brief to ground. No 8.

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CHECK THE (T50) L/R press SWITCH feeling CIRCUIT because that A short TO VOLTAGE


Ignition on, engine not running. through the scan device under TIPM, actuate the Transmission. measure up the voltage the the (T50) L/R pressure Switch feeling circuit. Is the voltage above 0.5 volts?
Yes fix the (T50) L/R press Switch feeling circuit because that a short to voltage. No making use of the schematics as a guide, check the Powertrain regulate Module (PCM) terminals for corrosion, damage, or terminal press out. Pay particular attention toall power and also ground circuits. Examine for organization Information Tune-ups or company Bulletins because that any possible causes that may apply. If no difficulties are found, replace and program the PCM per the organization Information.With the scan tool, perform fast LEARN. 9. INTERMITTENT WIRING and CONNECTORS The conditions necessary to collection this DTC room not current at this time. Test drive the vehicle and verify if the infection is launching in 2nd gear and/or over there is no TCC engagement. v the scan tool, inspect the event DATA to help identify the problems in i beg your pardon the DTC was set. examine for any kind of Service details Tune-ups or service Bulletins for feasible causes that may apply. Room there second gear launches and/or no TCC engagement? Yes Disassemble and inspect the Valve Body per the service Information check the Solenoid switch Valve because that sticking in that is bore and repair or replace as necessary. No check Complete.