Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P0332 Knock sensor (KS) 2, bank 2 -low entry Insecure KS, negative connection, wiring short to earth, KS incorrectly tightened, KS, ECM

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What Does code P0332 Mean?

The hit sensor (KS) is placed in the engine and also is offered to recognize spark knock. As soon as there is spark hit or pinging, the sensor to produce a voltage signal the is sent to PCM. The PCM will then retard ignition timing to safeguard the engine.

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Inside, the punch sensor is a piezoelectric crystal. This crystal is used to produce AC voltage under vibration. The knock sensor is a kind of transducer, i beg your pardon is a device that converts alters in physical quantity into an electric signal. In other words, a knock sensor does not obtain a referral voltage native the PCM – it creates its own.

There room two basic types of knock sensors: the layout used in larger vehicles and also the resonant architecture used in modern vehicles.


Cross section of a usual knock sensor


P0332 means knock sensor low input. This method the PCM has detected a trouble with the knock sensor or its circuit. Some vehicles might be equipped with two punch sensors. Code P0332 pertains to the sensor on financial institution 2 (the opposite side of the engine where the #1 cylinder is located).

What space the common causes of code P0332 ?

To sum things up, the common causes for code P0332 are as follows:

Failed hit sensorFault in the punch sensor circuitFailed PCM

What room the symptom of code P0332 ?

You may an alert a lack of power, uncertainty and/or pinging. In some cases, however, an illuminated inspect engine light will be the just symptom.

How execute you troubleshoot code P0332 ?

The following steps will assist you troubleshoot a P0332 code:

Perform a visual inspection that the sensor and connection.

Many troubles can quickly be found in the harness and also connectors. So, start your diagnosis by visually inspecting the sensor and its connection.

Perform a straightforward test of the hit sensor

Note the this test will certainly only job-related on old format knock sensors. Affix a timing irradiate to the vehicle and start the engine. Enable the engine to warmth up and aim the time light towards the time marks ~ above the harmonic balancer. Find the punch sensor and tap on an engine place near the sensor (do not directly strike the sensor). If the sensor is working correctly, you need to see the timing start to retard. If not, you have actually a trouble with the sensor or that circuit. Hint: this test can also be performed by surveillance the ignition time on a scan tool, instead of utilizing a time light.

Test the sensor output

If your automobile fails the an easy test listed above, it’s time to recognize what component of the sensor circuit is come blame. To test an old-style hit sensor, attach a digital multimeter collection to AC voltage in between the punch sensor output signal wire and a an excellent ground. Then as soon as again, tap on an engine ar near the sensor. You have to see one AC voltage analysis on her digital multimeter. If not, the sensor is bad and also should it is in replaced.


An old-style hit sensor



Testing an old-style punch sensor


To test a automobile with a resonant format sensor, you’ll affix your digital multimeter the same means as you would for a Weidman layout sensor. But, instead of tapping on the engine block, you’ll start by remove the fuel pump relay to protect against the engine native starting. Crank the engine, placed the automobile in gear and keep her foot on the brake. Advice a little; together the car is starved because that fuel it will start to ping and also you have to see one AC voltage output. If not, the knock sensor is bad and should it is in replaced.


A resonant format knock sensor


Check the circuit

If the punch sensor checks out OK, but you still have actually P0332 code illuminated, you’ll need to examine the sensor circuit. Making use of a digital multimeter collection to the ohms, attach one next of the meter to the harness side of the hit sensor connector and also the other to the hit sensor input pin on the PCM. This tests for continuity between the sensor and PCM. If your meter reads OL, there is an open up somewhere in the circuit that need to be repaired. If not, the PCM is likely the problem and also should it is in replaced.

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Typical old-style knock sensor circuit


While old-style knock sensors ground with the sensor itself, resonant style sensors commonly have a different ground circuit. In this case, you’ll want to usage a digital multimeter to ensure over there is a an excellent ground before condemning the PCM. Begin by consulting the wiring diagram for your car to recognize which pin on the connector is power and also which is ground. Next, connect the red multimeter cause the battery positive terminal and the black cause ground. You have to see a analysis of around 12 volts describe a good ground. If not, you’ll should consult the ground side of the wiring chart to uncover where the circuit fault lies.