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completely waterproof tent have the right to fit 10 civilization 2 room dividers break it into 3 rooms consisted of rain paris Vestibule and also sturdy frame

The Ozark WT172115 follow 10-Person family Tent is a versatile, large tent that functions perfectly for large family camping trips and also as a key basecamp tent.

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This 10-person time is developed incredibly well.

It’s total space dimensions are L 21′ X W 15′ X H 6.5′.

There are 2 wall dividers, with that develop 3 separate rooms which work perfectly for anyone who desires to develop a bit of privacy.

You can conveniently fit 2 or 3 queen sized air mattresses inside.

There’s also an attached display porch made of polyester taffeta and also polyester mesh which create a little front patio where you have the right to sit external on a quite day and enjoy the out without acquiring bit increase by mosquitos.

This OZARK 10 person tent is entirely waterproof made from polyester taffeta and polyester mesh when the floor is coated with polyurethane.

While the floor is waterproof and also contains totally taped seams that is not tub style, unfortunately.

However, over there is a rainfly that comes through the tent the rolls ago for more exposure come the open up windows and top ventilation.

There are also some small buffers versus the front door to assist keep water indigenous seeping inside from the wet ground.

There’s also ground vents about the tent to obtain some ventilation comes from the floor.

The rainfly even covers the prior “patio” screen to develop a vestibule because that extra room and storage.

There’s even a tiny compartment ~ above the front wall surface where you deserve to store shoes to help keep bugs out.

All around the tent are little storage compartments to save all kinds of smaller, essential supplies favor phone, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc

The fiberglass pole structure is sturdy and easy to put together.

There’s one E-port on the front wherein you deserve to run cords in and out that the tent.

One the the coolest parts around the OZARK Trail family Cabin Tents is that you obtain a ton of choices for various sizes, designs and also colors.

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They also come in a variety of different colors and also layouts consisting of a an ext flat and straight layout to adding on screened patios and also vestibules.