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Ancient Rome's calendar was complete to the brim v holidays, countless of which exist to respect or appease specific gods and goddesses.

Themadchopper, Antoine-François Callet, CC0 via Wikimedia Commons

This write-up lists and explains important old Roman festivals, holidays and also celebrations in alphabet order native P v Z. Each chance is defined in more detail below. Links to write-ups listing the celebrations native A with Fe, Fg v K and also L v O have the right to be discovered at the bottom of this page.

Ancient roman Festivals and Holidays P–Z

Parilia: commemorated Pales, the protector that shepherds and also their flocksParentalia: celebrated the manes, or souls the the deadPlebeian Games: celebrated Jupiter, the god the thunder and skyQuirinalia: Celebrated Quirinus, a god that storms and thunderRobigalia: celebrated Robigus, the god that rustRoman Games: Also celebrated Jupiter, the god the thunder and skySaturnalia: celebrated Saturn, the father of all godsVinalia: celebrated Venus, the goddess that beauty, fertility and also wineVulcanalia: commemorated Vulcan, the god that fire


During Parilia, wash and clean rituals including smoke and also fire were brought out by shepherds and others to honor Pale, the god or goddess of flocks and herds.

Joseph-Benoît Suvée, publicly Domain via Wikimedia Commons


Celebrated: April 21st

Parilia was an old Roman festival organized in respect of Pales, the protector of shepherds and also their flocks. Pales was considered by part to be male (and pertained to Pan or Faunus) and also by rather to it is in female (similar to Vesta or Anna Parenna).

According to some experts, Parilia's name comes from the indigenous pario, definition to be afflicted with or increase. It was a pastoral rite hosted in countryside areas and also in the city of Rome itself, whereby it synchronized with the city’s starting in 753 B.C.E. Legend has it the Romulus, among the city's classic founders, participated in the cleansing and also renewal rituals associated to Parilia. Wash and clean rituals, or lustrations, to be performed v fire and also smoke and also without the supplying of any type of sacrifices.

Blood preserved from one October equine sacrifice 6 months earlier was burned along with bean shells and the ashes that the livestock ritually killed at Cerealia. The stables were likewise cleansed through smoke and also cleaned through brooms.

Celebrants of Palilia available up cheese, wine and cakes to Pales. In the countryside, heaps that straw were set on fire. When lit, shepherds and also their flocks had to ritually pass v them 3 times. Parilia came to a close v a great open-air feast.


Parentalia, a day devoted to honoring deceased relatives, kicked turn off an eight-day period dedicated to the dead.


Celebrated: February 13th

Parentalia was observed in worship of the manes, or souls the the dead. More specifically, individuals would usage this time to honor their deceased relatives. Parentalia started an eight-day period of the year during which Romans would certainly remember the dead that ended with Feralia ~ above February 21st. February 22nd—the an initial day ~ the 8-day period devoted to the dead—was a job of forgiveness, reconstruction of friendships and also reconciliation of conflicts in between neighbors.

Parentalia was a quiet, solemn chance without the gleeful and also joyous attributes of some other festivals. Temples, shops and public structures closed down, and also people became preoccupied with decorating graves with flowers and foods, believing the these offerings would be appreciated and also actually consumed by the spirits of the dead.


The Plebeian Games, or Ludi Plebeii, affiliated theatrical performances and also sporting competitions committed to Jupiter.

Unknown illustrator, windy Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Plebeian gamings (Ludi Plebeii)

Celebrated: November 4th–17th

The Plebeian gamings are thought to have actually been began by the roman inn leader Flaminus in 220 B.C.E. He constructed the Circus Flaminius to house the Ludi Plebeii. In later years, the festival relocated come the Circus Maximus, which to be a spacious, open-air arena between the Palatine and also Aventine hills.

The gamings were dedicated to Jupiter and also included among his feast days—November 13th. The actual competitions occurred from November 15th with 17th and also consisted that horse and also chariot races as well as contests including running, boxing and wrestling. The first nine work of the games were dedicated to theatrical productions.


The Ludi Romani were organized at the Circus Maximus and began through a grand procession involving athletes, musicians, devotees and also animals, among others.

Roman gamings (Ludi Romani)

Celebrated: September 4th–19th

Just prefer the Ludi Plebeii, the Roman games can it is in traced earlier to the dedication of Jupiter's temple on Capitoline Hill top top September 13th, 509 B.C.E. The gamings were celebrated in praise of Jupiter and were among the oldest of the roman festivals.

The Roman gamings were initially a one-day event, yet by Julius Caesar's time, they had actually been prolonged to a full 15 days. They set off through a cool procession come the Circus Maximus. In enhancement to the athletes, the procession consisted of musicians, dancers, charioteers, men masquerading together satyrs in goatskins, devotees that the gods and animals that were to it is in sacrificed as part of the celebration.

The occasions ranged from boxing to running to wrestling to sometimes mock war to two and four-horse chariot races. Every one of these events took place at the Circus Maximus. One peculiarity that the chariot gyeongju was that the chauffeurs were add by partner on foot, who, after a chariot passed the finish line, had to race earlier to the other finish of the arena to decision the result of the contest.

Quirinalia was celebrated in honor of the god Quirinus, whose name was linked to the Quirrinal, one of city's seven timeless hills.

Luigi Rossini, publicly Domain via Wikimedia Commons


Celebrated: February 17th

Quirinus to be a god regularly likened come Mars, the god the war. His surname is connected to Quirinal, one of the 7 hills on i beg your pardon Rome to be founded and the location of an ancient Sabine town, which was the yes, really headquarters of the cult the Quirinus.In later days, Quirinus was related to Romulus and also the Quirinalis, and his festival was organized on February 17th—the same day on which Romulus was thought to have been deified.

Quirinalia was also connected to the start of war season in the spring once the eight of the military were brought back into play after the relaxed winter season. The temple of the god Quirinus on Quirinal was among the earliest in the city that Rome.

This calendar lists Robigalia as occuring seven days prior to the calends of may (April 25th).

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Robigalia was commemorated by farmer to appease Robius, a god connected with chop diseases and also famine.

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Celebrated: April 25th

Robigalia was hosted in honor of Robigus, the god who personified illness of crops, such as fungal infection. When Robigus was angry, farmers were in for a terrible harvest. Robigalia was one of several annual holidays organized to do the god content. The prayers and sacrifices offered on April 25th were thought to stave off mildew, rust, wilt and also other blights the often destroyed farmers' crops.

Saturnalia to be a seven-day duration concentrated roughly the Winter Solstice that affiliated widespread disorder and also excess in honor of Saturn, the father of the gods.

WolfgangRieger, public Domain via Wikimedia Commons


Celebrated: December 17th–23rd

Beginning on December 17th, the Winter Solstice festival of Saturnalia was commemorated for 7 days in worship of Saturn, the dad of all gods. That was identified by the suspension of discipline and the reversal the the usual order.

During Saturnalia, all grudges and quarrels that the past were put aside, public establishments were closed down, wars were placed on hold, slaves were offered by their masters and a readjust of dress in between the sexes regularly occurred.

Celebrants of Saturnalia offered up presents of imitation fruit (a kind of fertility symbol), dolls (symbols of human being sacrifice) and candles (a remnant of the bonfire legacies of pagan solstice festivals). Households would often select a mock-king to clock over your festivities. This king was identified by all sorts of excesses, for this reason the modern use the the term saturnalian, definition a period of unrestrained license.

Vinalia was commemorated twice a year. Part theorize the the previously celebration affiliated the drinking of new wine, if the latter associated blessing the adhering to year's supply.

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Although originally specialized to Jupiter, Vinalia eventually came to focus top top Venus, the goddess of gardens and also vineyards.

" data-full-src="https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_700/MTc1MDEyNzkwODg3OTE3Mjg4/ancient-roman-festivals-celebrations-and-holidays-p-z.gif" data-image-id="ci026dc534d00626e8" data-image-slug="ancient-roman-festivals-celebrations-and-holidays-p-z" data-public-id="MTc1MDEyNzkwODg3OTE3Mjg4" data-srcset="https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_320/MTc1MDEyNzkwODg3OTE3Mjg4/ancient-roman-festivals-celebrations-and-holidays-p-z.gif 320w, https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/ar_3:2%2Cc_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_430/MTc1MDEyNzkwODg3OTE3Mjg4/ancient-roman-festivals-celebrations-and-holidays-p-z.gif 430w" data-sizes="(min-width: 675px) 430px, 430px" data-thumbnail="https://images.saymedia-content.com/.image/c_fill%2Ccs_srgb%2Cg_face%2Ch_80%2Cq_auto:eco%2Cw_80/MTc1MDEyNzkwODg3OTE3Mjg4/ancient-roman-festivals-celebrations-and-holidays-p-z.gif">
Vinalia was commemorated twice a year. Part theorize that the earlier celebration affiliated the drinking of brand-new wine, when the latter associated blessing the adhering to year's supply.


Celebrated: April 23rd and August 19th

Vinalia, i beg your pardon was devoted to Venus, the goddess of fertility and also wine, to be observed each year on two occasions. The first, organized on April 23rd, was named Vinalia Priora; the second, hosted on respectable 19th, was called Vinalia Rustica. Both celebrations to be at an initial more concentrated on Jupiter, but after Venus-worship was lugged into Rome in the 2nd century B.C.E., the larger association with Jupiter slowly faded away.

April 23rd is believed to have actually been a day devoted to the an initial opening the the wine-skins, as brand-new wine was typically carried into Rome a few days earlier. From the newly opened skins, libations to be made come Venus, who was likewise the goddess the gardens and also vineyards. Winemakers to be advised versus bringing brand-new wine right into Rome until Vinalia had actually been declared.

According to some experts, it to be actually during the respectable festival that brand-new wine was lugged into the city, if others insist that Vinalia Rustica was a rite devised to safeguard the complying with year's vintage native disease, excessive weather conditions and other perhaps harmful influences.

Volcanalia was hosted to honor and also appease Vulcan, the god the fire and also volcanoes, in an attempt to prevent grain fires and other mishaps.

Diego Velázquez, windy Domain via Wikimedia Commons


Celebrated: respectable 23rd

Vulcanalia to be observed in praise of Vulcan, the divine being of damaging volcanic fire. When sacrifices were made in his honor, entire animals—often calves or boars—were melted at as soon as rather 보다 in components as was typical in some various other celebration rituals.

The occasion was observed on respectable 23rd, which was a time that year when forest fires might occur and when granaries to be in peril of catching fire. It's no coincidence that the cult of Vulcan to be so significant at Ostia, where many of Rome’s grain was stored.

Vulcanalia was commemorated not just in Rome, but likewise in Egypt and also in Athens, whereby the flamen Volcanis, or clergymans of Vulcan, available sacrifices, when the heads of households threw small fish recorded in the Tiber River into fires. Emperor Augustus was honored together Volcanus Quietus Augustus due to the fact that he divided the city the Rome into districts come facilitate an ext efficient fire-fighting operations.

More ancient Roman Holidays


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