The fill Out, native Jackson Browne’s acclaimed (Two Grammy nominations in 1978) 1977 album to run on Empty.combined with his covering of Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs'… read More 

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Now the seats room all emptyLet the roadies take it the stagePack it up and also tear it downThey're the an initial to come and last come leaveWorking for the minimum wageThey'll set it increase in one more townTonight the world were so fineThey waited over there in lineAnd as soon as they got up on their feet they do the showAnd that was sweet ...But I deserve to hear the soundOf slamming doors and also folding chairsAnd that's a sound they'll never ever knowNow role them cases out and also lift lock ampsHaul lock trusses down and get'em increase them rampsCause once it concerns moving meYou guys are the champsBut once that critical guitar's to be packed awayYou understand that i still want to playSo just make certain you acquired it all collection to goBefore friend come for my pianoBut the band's ~ above the busAnd they're wait to goWe've obtained to journey all night and also do a present in ChicagoOr Detroit, ns don't knowWe perform so plenty of shows in a rowAnd these communities all watch the sameWe just pass the moment in ours hotel roomsAnd hover 'round backstageTill those lights come up and also we hear that crowdAnd we remember why us came
Now we obtained country and western ~ above the bus, R&BWe acquired disco ~ above eight tracks and also cassettes in stereoWe got rural scenes and magazinesAnd we acquired truckers top top CBAnd we acquired Richard Pryor top top the videoWe gained time come think of the ones we loveWhile the miles role awayBut the only time that appears too shortIs the time that we gain to playPeople you've gained the power over what us doYou deserve to sit there and also waitOr you deserve to pull us throughCome along, sing the songYou recognize you can't walk wrongCause once that morning sun comes beating downYou're walking to wake up in her townBut we'll be booked to appearA thousand miles far from herePeople stay just a tiny bit longerWe desire to pat -- just a small bit longerNow the promoter don't mindAnd the union don't mindIf us take a small timeAnd we leave it every behind and also singOne an ext song--Oh, won't you stay just a small bit longerPlease, please, please, say you willSay girlfriend will

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Oh i will not ~ you stayJust a tiny bit longerOh i will not ~ you stayJust a small bit longerAnd the promoter nothing mindAnd the roadies nothing mindIf we take a tiny timeAnd us leave it all behind and singOne much more song