I have actually a switch the controls a light as watched in this diagram. There is no neutral at the switch, instead, it picks the up from what else. In the light receptacle that pigtails right into the light and also continues to the garage.

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I measure 120v in between the source hot and also ground, and also 120v once the switch is on in between the hot lead and also ground. In the light box, with the light disconnected I gain 19v from neutral come ground. With or there is no the light, I gain 90v in between the warm to neutral.

In the garage, the outlets read out 120v and also everything connected to them it seems ~ fine (work).

What is the right way to diagnose this? any kind of ideas why I"d be gaining 20v in the neutral?

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Basically the neutral has current trying to return earlier the the transformer and is dropping voltage as result of how a neutral is simply a collection circuit.

When the source hot passes thru the irradiate (as a parallel circuit), it proceeds out the neutral there is no dropping voltage.

The trouble with this circuit is the neutral and hot carry out not originate in the very same junction box and also is very confusing not just beer-selection.com"s but likewise electricians, no to mention a code violation.

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