All states have traffic regulations that cover as soon as a driver can pass one more vehicle and require passing to be excellent safely. Right here are several of the much more common passing-law restrictions and requirements and some possible defenses come an unsafe or illegal happen ticket.

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Unsafe Passing and also No happen Laws

Generally, passing regulations are of 3 types: rules because that passing vehicles when there space multiple lanes going in the same direction, rules because that passing vehicles as soon as you need to cross into an oncoming website traffic lane to make the pass, and rules that prohibit happen altogether.

Passing top top Highways v Multiple Lanes in One Direction

Laws the cover passing as soon as crossing the centerline the the roadway is not required (where there room multiple lanes in the exact same direction), often say something choose this:

The driver the a car overtaking an additional vehicle proceeding in the exact same direction shall happen to the left thereof in ~ a for sure distance and shall not again drive to the appropriate side of the roadway till safely clear of the overtaken vehicle.

Some state laws likewise require the driver who is making the pass to offer an "audible signal" (honk) once passing.

Passing top top Highways where There"s only One roadway in each Direction

When you have to cross the centerline the the roadway to pass (typically, on highways with just one lane in every direction), state laws typically impose a number of restrictions come ensure happen is done only when safe. Most state legislations read something favor this:

No automobile shall be moved to the left side of the center of the roadway in overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the exact same direction uneven such left side is clearly visible and complimentary of oncoming web traffic for a sufficient distance ahead to permit such overtaking and passing to be fully made there is no interfering through the safe operation of any type of vehicle approaching indigenous the the opposite direction or any kind of vehicle overtaken. In every event, the overtaking automobile must return to the right-hand side of the roadway prior to coming within 100 feet of any type of vehicle approaching native the the opposite direction.

Additionally, most state legislations prohibit cross the centerline to happen when:

approaching the comb of a class or ~ above a curve in the highway wherein the driver"s check out is obstructed within together distance as to create a risk in the event another vehicle might method from the opposite directionapproaching within 100 feet that or traversing any kind of intersection or railroad grade crossing, orthe view is obstructed upon approaching in ~ 1000 feet of any kind of bridge, viaduct, or tunnel.

The details of state laws vary somewhat. Yet most states have actually laws that roughly mirror this examples.

Passing ~ above the Right

The regulations in many states prohibit happen on the right other than when the vehicle to be passed is about to turn left or the roadway is vast enough to accommodate 2 lanes that traffic. Also if pass on the best is permitted under among these exceptions, the driver have to do therefore in a for sure manner.

No-Passing Zones

All states have no happen zones. Generally, no passing area are areas where the room of transportation (or the relevant federal government entity) has identified that passing is not safe. Generally, state laws require no-passing area to be determined with indications or ideal pavement markings (normally, solid dual yellow lines).

Defenses come Unsafe passing Tickets

As through contesting any kind of traffic ticket, fighting an unsafe pass ticket begins with looking up the state you"re accused that violating. The variety of the statute (such together "W.Va. Code, § 17C-7-7") need to be created somewhere on her ticket. Through the code section, it"s frequently easy to find the text of the statute v an net search. Reading the text of the state should give you a an excellent idea that the type of defenses the court work.

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For instance, with numerous statutes, proving a violation needs the federal government to display that the driver"s actions to be unsafe. Even if it is a details action that a driver was reasonably safe is a judgment call on the component of the officer that issued the ticket. So, in defending against this type of ticket, you can want to emphasis on components such as good road conditions and also clear weather that often tend to make car maneuvering safer. And, if the officer wasn"t in a place to view the instance clearly, you could want to carry this information out in cross-examination the the officer or in your own testimony.

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