It is no surprised that most world do not think the Ohio as soon as they daydream the hitting the beach, however the Buckeye state holds some hidden surprises because that Midwesterners who want to relax on the sand and do not have time to travel to a more tropical destination.

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The closest s beaches come Ohio space in ocean City, Maryland; Myrtle Beach, southern Carolina; and also Virginia Beach, Virginia. If those are optimal driving destinations because that Ohioans for summer coast vacations, they are still ripe to 10 hrs away by car.

The 312 mile of Lake Erie shoreline on Ohio"s northern border boasts several of the most visited beaches in the state, i beg your pardon are ideal for water sports, recreation boating, and also soaking up vitamin D. Girlfriend can also take a quick ferry ride from Sandusky come Kelleys Island because that a true Midwestern variation of one island coast getaway.

While countless Ohioans and visitors from surrounding states, choose Pennsylvania and Michigan, flock to the Lake Erie region for the Ohio beach scene, nearly all of the much more than 70 Ohio State Parks have public beaches. While you will certainly not hang 10 on ocean waves in Ohio, friend will find plenty that safe and clean freshwater beaches to reap a work in the sun.

Find the best places to visit by the water v our list of the top-rated beaches in Ohio.

Note: part businesses might be in the interim closed because of recent worldwide health and also safety issues.

1. Headlands Beach

Headlands beach

The herbal sand coast at Headlands beach State Park in Mentor is what provides it among the most popular beaches in Ohio. It is a mile in length and the largest natural beach in the state. The distinctive plant species that prosper on the beach will make girlfriend think you room somewhere follow me the Atlantic Coast.

The herbal landscape is just one of the most picturesque in the state together it sits surrounding to the Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve. The plenty of conveniences easily accessible to visitors, like dumpsters, number of restroom facilities, and designated picnic areas, room what assist keep the coast in pristine condition. Headlands beach is just a few miles from all the attractions the Cleveland, for this reason you can make a weekend out of it.

For accommodation, it"s difficult to win a stay at Quail hole Resort, which has actually dining on-site, and also take in several of the sights that the area.

Address: 9601 Headlands Road, Mentor, Ohio

Official site:

2. Geneva State Park Beach


The sandy beachfront at Geneva State Park in northeast Ohio is a optimal vacation clues on the Lake Erie shores. The scenic coast is kid- and pet-friendly, through picnic pavilions available for lunch in the shade. Over there are surrounding hiking trails and a departure point for fishing charters.

The Geneva-on-the-Lake coast in the state park is conveniently close come the various other attractions along the key one-mile traveler area in this old-school beach town. The Geneva-on-the-Lake town looks untouched by time over the critical 60 years.

Accommodations closest come the beach are mainly vacation rentals but also include the Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake, chain hotels in Ashtabula, or much more unique accommodations prefer the Steele Mansion Inn & gathering Hub in nearby Painesville. After ~ a day trip to the beach, a warm dog and also fresh squeezed lemonade alongside the jukebox in ~ Eddie"s Grill is a must.

Address: 4499 Padanarum Road, Geneva, Ohio

3. Old field Beach


One of the ideal quick coast visits in Ohio is at Old ar Beach at Indian Lake. There room two public inland beaches in ~ Indian Lake, yet Old ar Beach is the many popular. The beach is clean and also comfortable. The sandy beachfront has actually plenty that space, with contemporary facilities prefer picnic shelters and restrooms.

The swimming areas are situated near the docking point for boaters and jet-skiers who avoid by because that a swim. Unless you are remaining at the campground cabins in ~ Indian Lake State Park, your closest modern accommodations space chain hotels favor the comfort Inn in Bellefontaine.

The coast conveniences and adjacent restaurants do it easy to spend a full day on the sand and also enjoy the lake sunsets and also frequent summer evening concerts. Oldfield beach is only an hour native Columbus and is one of the closestly beaches come Cincinnati.

Address: 13156 State course 235 N., Lakeview, Ohio

4. Kelleys Island State Park Beach


Kelleys Island State Park Beach is one of the most renowned beaches top top the shores that Lake Erie. While it is not the largest shore option, with just a 100-foot stretch the sand, it is one of the most pristine and beautiful spots to invest the day at the water. Its certain geological limestone landscape and surrounding nature preserves space what routinely draws visitors.

This kid-friendly beach has a gradual water depth, and kayaks are accessible for rent, do it basic to spend a full day on the sand. If you collection beach glass, it is one of the finest places to find it on the Lake Erie shores. While there space a pair of locations to remain on Kelleys Island, prefer the campground yurts, lodging is sparse.

A much better option is come stay near all the attractions the Put-in-Bay top top South base Island in ~ the bay Lodging Resort, or ~ above the mainland in Sandusky and also hop ~ above the Jet express ferry and also visit Kelleys Island for a work trip.

Address: 920 N. Department Street, Kelleys Island, Ohio

5. Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach

One that the best beaches in northern Ohio near Cleveland in bay Village is Huntington Beach. The coast is part of the Huntington Reservation, i beg your pardon is component of the Cleveland Metroparks. The recreation area contains a public swimming coast on the shores that Lake Erie.

The beach has transforming areas and restrooms, and also grills and picnic tables for dining in the park. There is also a concession stand. You can rent a cabana or beach chairs because that the day on-site. The park that surrounds the coast is nice, too, with walking and hiking trails.

Address: 28649 Lake Road, only Village, OhioOfficial site:

6. Burr Oak Lake


The inland coast at Burr Oak Lake is a fabricated lake in Glouster, Ohio v a tiny public beach. It is a tucked-away gem perfect because that swimming. The 500-foot sand coast is surrounding by nature and waterfowl within the Burr Oak State Park.

The pristine and quiet beach gives a distinctive serenity and also front-row seat because that nature lover to watch Ohio"s vivid trees, moving birds, and even an occasional bald eagle. The beach has actually public facilities and sand volleyball courts and is likewise a popular lake for boating and also kayaking. If you continue to be on-site at the Burr Oak Lodge, you can mix in part hiking follow me the coastline trails in the park.

Address: 10220 Burr Oak Lodge Road, Glouster, Ohio

7. Alum Creek


Alum Creek is the biggest inland beach in the Ohio state park system and also possibly the most renowned public coast in central Ohio. Through a 3,000-foot beachfront, on-site amenities, and also proximity to various other outdoor recreation, that draws numerous families in the summer.

There space designated swim areas, beach volleyball courts, picnic tables, and also snack vendors. The bathhouse has showers and transforming areas.

Alum Creek is simply a few miles away from Delaware and also north Columbus wherein there is lot of of lodging, prefer the Hilton Columbus/Polaris or suites at the Sonesta ES Suites Dublin. Over there are numerous close restaurant options to fulfill your post-beach appetite.

Address: 3305 S. Old State Road, Delaware, Ohio

8. Euclid Beach

Euclid beach | Tim Evanson / photo modified

Many Ohioans recognize Euclid Beach near Cleveland because that Euclid beach Live, the summer collection of concerts along the waterfront and also pier. Long prior to its current day popularity, the beach was part of the historical Euclid coast Amusement Park, i m sorry closed in 1969.

Euclid Beach has actually beautiful see of Lake Erie and also is a nostalgic vacation spot for beach-goers. The 650-foot public beach is a nice way to spend a work in northern Ohio. There room picnic locations near the water and also a pier, i beg your pardon is a pretty spot to gain the sunsets.

Address: 850 Euclid Creek Parkway, Euclid, Ohio

9. Nickel plate Beach


Nickel bowl Beach is among the biggest public swimming beaches in the Huron an ar in north Ohio. The is situated just eastern of the Huron River. The 12-acre beach has soft sand, volleyball courts, playground equipment, and also perfect water for swimming. Fill a having lunch to gain at the picnic shelter and tables or lug hamburgers to cook on the grills located on-site.

Pack your very own bean bags or ping-pong paddles and also balls come take advantage of the end ping-pong tables and corn hole boards. You can also rent paddles and also balls indigenous the gate attendant. Lodging in nearby Huron is simple with many of options, including bed and breakfasts and chains, prefer the lull Inn River"s Edge.

Address: Nickel Plate journey at Tiffin Avenue, Huron, Ohio

Official site:

10. Cedar suggest Beach


Cedar suggest is known mostly because that its thrilling, world-class roller coasters, however tucked away on the Lake Erie playground is Cedar allude Beach. While the beach does not acquire as much attention as the coasters, it was among the first attractions for Cedar Point an ext than 140 years ago.

The one-mile beachfront is a comfortable location for family members to gain the Lake Erie breeze and difficulty other beachgoers come a spontaneous game of sand volleyball. The coast is exclusively available to Cedar allude Amusement Park, Soak City waterpark, Cedar suggest Resort"s guests, and season and also platinum passholders.

Guests can stay on-site in ~ Cedar Point"s Hotel Breakers and also walk to the coast or stay in Sandusky at the Hampton Inn and also make Cedar suggest a job visit. Summertime in ~ the beach consists of nighttime beach parties with beach games, music, extended park hours, and fireworks.

Address: 1 Cedar allude Drive, Sandusky, Ohio

Official site:

11. Salt Fork


The expansive 2,500-foot inland coast at Salt Fork State Park in southern Ohio is just one of the largest in the state. Salt Fork is additionally the biggest state park in Ohio, so over there is plenty of hiking, fishing, and boating to execute on-site. If the coast is popular, that is not overcrowded and provides a variety of designated swimming areas.

There is a bathhouse at the beach v restrooms, showers, and also lockers for convenience before and after her day in the sun. Adjacent picnic tables and grills make it simple to load a lunch, or you deserve to grab a bite in ~ the beach snack bar. The spacious Salt Fork Lodge provides it comfortable and easy to stay right within the state park.

Address: 14755 Cadiz Road, Lore City, Ohio

12. East Harbor State Park Beach


The beach situated in East harbor State Park is a popular beach ~ above Lake Erie near Marblehead. The 1,500-foot sandy beach draws countless families and also beach-goers every year. There room beach conveniences like a bathhouse v showers and changing stalls.

Many world who visit stay at the campgrounds or find lodging adjacent at Port Clinton at the Island home Hotel and also drive to the beach for the day. It is precious packing her tennis pair of shoes to check out some the the other attributes of east Harbor State Park, favor the hiking trails, naturalist programs, and also the Marblehead Lighthouse located just east of the park.

Address: 1169 N. Buck Road, Lakeside-Marblehead, Ohio

13. Turkey Creek Lake


Though no the many tropical name, Turkey Creek Lake has swimming areas surrounded by several of the most stunning landscapes in the state. Located in southerly Ohio in the Shawnee State Park near the Ohio River, the lake is popular with swimmers and also boaters.

Since the an ar is located in the Appalachian foothills and away from significant cities, it is finest to continue to be at the Shawnee Lodge in ~ the state park and enjoy the beach along with other out recreation prefer hiking. The coast at Turkey Creek Lake is among two swimming areas in the park each with picnic locations for a work in the sun.

Address: 4404 State route 125, Portsmouth, Ohio

14. Conneaut Township Park Beach

Conneaut Township Park coast | Paul Comstock / photo modified

In the much northeast corner of Ohio is the pristine Conneaut Township Park Beach with Lake Erie swimming. The sandy windy beach has actually swimming and also playground areas. There is a concession stand and picnic tables if you pack your own lunch.

The park the surrounds the beach has actually plenty that recreation, with sand volleyball and horseshoe courts. The Lake Erie waterfront is scenic, therefore you can take advantage of the boardwalks and also gazebo near the coast to just enjoy the breeze and also natural surroundings.

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Address: 480 Lake Road, Conneaut, Ohio

Official site:

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