Naughty or Nice household Christmas video game is perfect for huge groups. Have actually you been naughty or nice? Click here for the step-by-step tutorial.

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Every year, my expanded family has actually a Christmas party. We all get together come eat, have actually a lesson, play family Christmas games, have a white elephant gift exchange, and also exchange gifts. The entire event is complete of laughter and also fun.

This year ns was put in charge of the game. That is a most pressure once you have nearly 50 world participating of all ages!

The game needed to it is in something the we might do in around 20 minutes, but also involved everyone. That is how this cheeky or nice DIY Christmas video game was born.

First, let me display you exactly how I put it together, and also then ns will define how that works.

The impetus for this game came native the Price is Right and also the Punch board game. Basically, friend punch v the tissue file and pull the end what is inside, and hopefully victory a lot of money or a car or something like that.

In mine version, no cars are won, but it was still a lot of fun.


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Supplies You’ll need to create this Project:

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How numerous supplies you require all counts on just how many world will be playing. There are 50 people playing mine game, for this reason if friend have more or less, take it that right into account.

Craft Tutorial:

It every starts with the foam core boards that I gained at my local dollar store.

Cut the cheeky or pretty title the end of vinyl using an digital cutting machine.


Red plastic cup are used as the cylinders the organize the prize and are spanned with organization paper.

Glue the base of the cup come the foam core board. I uncovered I can fit 25 cups per board.


Here are what the boards look choose when all of the cups room glued into place.


Now we require something funny to placed inside!

I created 50 various slips of file to put inside. 15 to be Naughty and also 35 were Nice and also each gave an explanation the why they were naughty or nice.

Click below to accessibility the Naughty or quite Christmas video game Strips and print the PDF.

Many of mine word strips include family jokes. For this reason feel cost-free to create your own Naughty or quite Christmas game Strips.

Here are all of the tiny slips of paper.


Inside every cup, ns would put a slip of file along v a tiny prize. Fun things for Nice and also bugs and also candy coal because that Naughty.

Here is what one of the Naughty cup looked like prior to it was covered. I added a mini liquid cane to every cup for this reason everyone obtained a tiny Christmas Cheer.

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To covering the cups, usage some tissue paper and numerous rubber bands.

Cut squares of the tissue document into about 4×4 inch squares, put a square on optimal of a cup, and then put a rubber tape over it to organize it in place.

How come Play naughty or Nice:

To play the game, define that this game is to assist Santa decide if you space Naughty or Nice.

Allow everyone to take a revolve punching with the tissue file on a cup and pull the end what is inside. Request that everyone read their naughty or pretty Slip out loud for this reason everyone have the right to join in ~ above the fun.

My family had so lot fun through this DIY Christmas game, and it was so funny to see who to be naughty and who to be nice!