One can assumethat the film title My father Is mine Mother’s Brother would bejust one more futile effort at provocation, favor a nasty incest jokeusually is. But the manager Vadym Ilkov is also smart to perform that kindof thing in his compact, 76 minutes lengthy feature-length observationaldocumentary revolving roughly the subject of family, relations,society, illness and poverty.

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This is Ilkov’ssecond job-related as a director, ~ Waltz Alchevsk (2015) inwhich he complied with a group of Ukrainian and also Belarus performers intheir effort to create a cumulative on an abandoned estate inDonbas region. Ilkov do the name for himself as cinematographer,working on a variety of shorts and also documentaries, but likewise RomanBondarchuk’s outstanding fiction function Volcano (2018). In MyFather Is my Mother’s Brother, that assumes one an ext role apartfrom those two: that is also the editor.

Let us start withexplaining the man in the title. This is no a story aboutincest in any form, since the film complies with Anatoliy “Tolik”Belov and also his initiatives to take care of his nephew Katya. Anatoliy’ssister Anya is considered unfit to perform the function of the mommy due toher mental illness and the girl’s dad is absent from your life.So, he is one uncle, but likewise a dad figure and also the just parent thegirl has.

That proves to bechallenging for the both of them. Katya is a handful and she isconstantly demanding the attention. She is even an ext than ready tothrow a tantrum when she does not acquire what she wants. On the otherhand, Anatoliy’s life is everything yet stable. He is a strugglingartist, a singer and a performer trying to make a living for himself,his niece and also to assist his sisters financially in the harsh societalclimate. As the film progresses, they are moving from one apartmentto another, each less neat and also comfortable than the previous one.

Ilkov method isstrictly observational, but even though he does no get involved inhis subjects’ interactions, it is much from un-involving. He and also hiscamera continue to be close to them every the time, not actually invading theirprivacy, but still record it from proximity the is difficult to beignored. It serves the purpose quite well, and also the an outcome is theviewers’ empathy because that the unlikely family members unit.

A parallel could bedrawn come Roberto Minervini’s job-related in the American South and also it is notjust due to the similar milieu the the world from the spare part ofsociety. Choose Minervini, Ilkov is interested in examining the humanbehaviour under pressure and also is also a grasp of getting hissubjects’ trust. The stylistic polish is, however, quite differentand in Ilkov’s case it thinner and much more raw, there is no of meditativeprologues and interludes, more focused top top the subjects’ actions. ButAnatoliy’s music, a strange mixture of electronic beats andold-timey, nearly operatic singing v explicit and also provocativelyrics is and ace increase in Ilkov’s sleeve, providing the film with aunique sound scheme.

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My father Is mine Mother’s Brother walk exceptionally fine at home, scooping the ideal Film and also Best director prizes in the national competition in Odessa, complied with by the nominations in the exact same categories indigenous both the Ukrainian film Academy and also Film movie critics Association. Outside Ukraine, it to be not shown on many prestigious festivals, but it somehow uncovered its slot in ~ this year’s edition of Viennale where the visibility of Ukrainian films is specifically notable this year. Although not completely airtight, it is the movie worth see in i beg your pardon the director displayed the strong and clear voice.

My father Is my Mother’s Brother has won Prix du Jury Régionyon,Most innovative feature film that the worldwide Competition in ~ the Visions du reel in Nyon, Switzerland and also Best national film and also Best director in the national Competitionin Odessa.