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My grandma and also your grandmaWere sittin' by the fireMy grandma told her grandma"I'm gonna collection your flag ~ above fire."Talkin' 'boutHey now (hey now)Hey now (hey now)Iko, Iko, an day (oh)Jocomo fees no one dan dayJocomo dues nan nayLook in ~ my kingAll pull in redIko, Iko, an dayI betcha 5 dollarsHe'll kill you deadJocomo fee nan nayTalkin' 'boutHey currently (hey now)Hey currently (hey now)Iko, Iko, an day (oh)Jocomo dues no one dan dayJocomo fees nan nay
My flag boy and also your flag boySittin' by the fireMy flagboy told her flagboy"I'm gonna set your flag top top fire."Talkin' 'boutHey now (hey now)Hey now (hey now)Iko, Iko, an day (oh)Jocomo dues no one dan dayJocomo dues nan nay(Oh... Yes)See that male all dressed in green?Iko, Iko, one dayHe no a manHe a lovin' machineJocomo dues nan nay
Talkin' 'boutHey currently (hey now)Hey now (hey now)Iko, Iko, an work (oh)Jocomo fee no one dan dayJocomo fee nan nayTalkin' 'boutHey nowHey now (hey now)Iko, Iko, an job (oh)Jocomo fee no an dan dayJocomo fee nan nayJocomo fee nan nay(I to speak he's pull on in green)Jocomo fee nan nay(Iko)Jocomo dues nan nay

Iko Iko by Sia, Iko Iko by Cyndi Lauper, Iko Iko by Dr. John, Iko Iko by The Belle Stars, Iko Iko by Aaron Carter, Iko Iko by Exuma, Iko Iko (Live at community War Memorial, Rochester, NY, September 2, 1980) by The Grateful Dead, Iko Iko (Live in ~ Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA, in march 27, 1988) by The Grateful Dead, Iko Iko (Live at Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston, MI, June 20, 1991) by The Grateful Dead & Happy little Folk Tune! by Mr. John Robertson

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