Dogs cause their owner a most stress and worry by eating inedible items from time come time. Some of the things dogs generally eat contain dangerous chemicals, but others mainly represent a physics danger.

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Pencils are a an excellent example of the latter.

Most modern pencils are fully non-toxic. Yet while they space made without any type of chemicals that would be harmful to her dog, the wood they’re make from can cause a range of difficulties for her dog’s cradle system.

We’ll talk around the threats pencils stand for below and also explain what you must do if her dog eats one.

Key Takeaways: Help! my Dog Ate a Pencil! Most modern-day pencils are made from non-toxic ingredients, yet the lumber itself can cause serious damage to her pup’s insides. Pencil hardwood may lead to intestinal obstructions or cause lacerations and punctures to essentially any part of the cradle tract, indigenous mouth come rectum. Given the dangers pencils have the right to present, you’ll want to contact your vet immediately. Your vet will certainly likely have you come in for an instant examination, but in part cases, he or she might simply recommend you to monitor your pet closely. Most pencil-like items, including crayons and artistic pencils, room non-toxic, but they have the right to still stand for an sloop down hazard. Accordingly, you’ll desire to contact your vet if your pooch eats any kind of of these things too.

First Thing’s First: contact Your Vet

The very first thing you’ll want to do upon learning that her dog has eaten a pencil (or anything possibly dangerous) is to call your vet.

Pencils often pass through dogs without issue, however they can additionally cause serious health problems. and your dog’s medical history may determine, in part, exactly how your dog’s body will certainly react. Her vet may be able to predict the likelihood of a problem, and he or she have the right to tell you the symptom you have to watch for.


Serious symptoms to clock For

Along through anything her vet tells you come watch the end for, there are a couple of important symptom to take keep in mind of following a pencil-eating incident:


Obstructions – specifically those located high in the digestive tract – will protect against your dog’s food native passing with his body. This will certainly typically cause your dog to vomit any kind of food he eats following the pencil. Blood might or might not be existing in the vomit.

Difficulty Pooping

Obstructions can additionally make it difficult or impossible for her dog to defecate normally. He may show up to strain, and he may also appear a little panicked or anxious. He may or may not pass a little amount that waste, and also blood may or may not be present.

Other, less common, indications of one obstruction may encompass signs the pain, lethargy, depression or anxiety. Your dog may also refuse come eat.

If you notice these (or any other unexplained or troubling) symptoms, contact your vet at once. That or she will likely recommend that you lug your dog in because that an evaluation.

Bloody Stools

In enhancement to obstructions, pencil lumber may reason lacerations or puncture wounds to your dog’s cradle tract. Such wounds are obviously fairly serious, and also your dog will likely need prompt veterinary treatment in this cases.

If her dog does suffer internal wounds indigenous the pencil wood, the may produce bloody or blood-tinged stools. His stools may even look dark and tarry, which frequently occurs once the wound is located in the earlier portions of the cradle tract. 

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain deserve to be one more sign of one obstruction or inner wound. Admittedly, it can be tricky to recognize indications of ache in dogs, so just use your ideal judgement — you know your dog better than everyone else.

Nevertheless, few of the signs that may indicate your dog is in pain include vocalizations and also withdrawal as soon as you effort to touch his abdomen. 


Lethargy is another sign that may indicate your dog is suffering from an obstruction or interior wound. So, if your dog is laying around much more than usual or appears disinterested in points he usually likes, consult your vet immediately.

What to suppose at the Vet

Your vet will certainly likely start by performing a physics examination and also taking a thorough history. That or she will certainly ask a number of questions, together as:

How lot of the pencil did her dog eat?Did her dog chew it up completely or go he most likely swallow large pieces?How long back did her dog eat the pencil?Has your dog eaten due to the fact that the incident?What symptoms has your dog exhibited?

If your vet suspects that an obstruction is present, X-rays will likely be ordered. Lumber doesn’t display up on an X-ray, yet there will be other signs of one obstruction that room visible via an X-ray.

If an obstruction is observed, surgical removal of the blockage may be necessary.

Food May safeguard Your Dog’s Insides

In some cases, such as when your dog swallowed the pencil really recently, your vet may recommend feeding your dog to aid protect his intestines. The idea is the the food will assist surround the timber fibers, thereby reducing the opportunities that the hardwood will reason cuts or punctures. The bulk detailed by the food might also assist push the wood fibers through your dog’s intestines an ext effectively.

Some vets may recommend feeding her dog his common food in these cases, but others may recommend giving your dog through a bit of white bread or some other absorbent food.

Nevertheless, you should never feed a dog who is exhibiting indicators of one obstruction unless particularly advised to carry out so by your vet.

Don’t panic if you find that her dog has consumed a pencil. Numerous dogs will certainly pass the pencil there is no difficulty, and veterinary care can help remove any type of obstructions that do form.

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But, choose always, the very best way to attend to this problem is by preventing it from happening in the an initial place. So, make sure that girlfriend don’t leave pencils or various other potentially dangerous item down whereby your dog can get his muzzle ~ above them.

Has her dog ever consumed a pencil? What did you do? re-superstructure your stories in the comments!