Season 3 illustration 21 - Mr. Memory

When Derby practically gives away the secret that Adam and also Echo room dating, Adam plots to erase Derby"s memory. However, Adam gets Preston Pickles come advertise and also use Derby to volunteer the Memory-Erase maker but he offers Echo and erases her memory the she is in love with Adam! Air date : 19th-Mar-2013

Season 3 illustration 1 - Mr. Liquid

The morning after ~ Halloween, the corridor tries to remember what castle did throughout their candy-fueled fog the night before Air day : 16th-Oct-2012Read More

Season 3 episode 2 - Mr. & Mrs. Roboto

Arthur returns and makes Adam & Echo babysit Arthur"s kids. Meanwhile, Derby and Ivy decide to dress up together robots for this reason they deserve to make friends v Arthur. ARTHUR return to Finnegan through his brand-new robot family and asks Adam come babysit his "grandkids." Adam agrees and tries to impress Echo v his parenting skills, however soon realizes the dealing with kids is not as basic as the looks. Air day : 6th-Nov-2012Read More

Season 3 illustration 3 - Mr. Magic

The course goes to a Magic Mansion. Adam tries to eliminate everyone through a "magic box" so he and also Echo deserve to be alone, and in a cable of odd occasions later end up do the efforts to experienced Echo in half. Meanwhile, primary Tater do the efforts to acquire a brand-new membership card. Air date : 13th-Nov-2012Read More

Season 3 illustration 4 - Mr. Apartment

Adam can"t acquire peace and also quiet so he buys his own apartment. Point go wrong as soon as everyone piles in for their own reason. So now, through the aid of his mom, they shot to gain out of the lease. Meanwhile, Tater enlists the Dang aid in fooling his brand-new girlfriend Gwen the he"s a billionaire living in a mansion. He end up informing her the fact thinking the she"ll prefer him better but she doesn"t and she leaves. Adam end up offering Tater his apartment. Air date : 20th-Nov-2012Read More

Season 3 episode 5 - Mr. Hyde

Adam makes a drink that will make him more confident to ask Echo out, however it end up wrong once he turns right into a monster. And also even worse is that whenever he talks or thinks about Echo gift cute that turns into the monster. Now he need to stay far from Echo to stop from transforming into the monster. But in the end, Echo accidentally drinks the potion and also now once she thinks around Adam gift cute she turns right into a monster. Air date : 27th-Nov-2012Read More

Season 3 episode 6 - Mr. Elf

Adam accidentally gets Santa Claus"s elves fired and must work-related to gain them rehired, or feeling their pint-sized wrath. Air day : 12th-Dec-2012Read More

Season 3 illustration 7 - Mr. Time

Time is increased after one experiment went wrong; Adam and Derby age. Air day : 8th-Jan-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 8 - Mr. Pickles-In-Law

Derby days a girl and suddenly realizes the she is related to Mr. Pickles. Air date : 15th-Jan-2013Read More

Season 3 episode 9 - Mr. Sci-Fi

Adam is hired together a scientific research advisor for a sci-fi movie being shot in Finnegan. Air day : 22nd-Jan-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 10 - Mr. Tutor

Adam tutors Ivy in exchange for tickets to a music festival. Air day : 29th-Jan-2013Read More

Season 3 episode 11 - Mr. Society

Adam is identified to sign up with Finnegan"s an enig club. Air date : 5th-Feb-2013Read More

Season 3 episode 12 - Mr. Love

Echo gets sick top top Valentine"s Day, so Adam shrinks under to struggle the cold. Air date : 14th-Feb-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 13 - Mr. Sasquawk

After freeing a Sasquawk, a giant chicken monster, Adam is carry away by the beast who loves him. Air day : 19th-Feb-2013Read More

Season 3 episode 14 - Mr. Slumber Party

Ivy invites Echo to a slumber party in ~ the Young house; Adam need to now stop Echo from finding out a shrine that exposes his true feelings for her. Air day : 26th-Feb-2013Read More

Season 3 episode 15 - Mr. Double Date

When Echo decides she and Adam should set each other up on a twin date, Adam must try to find a day who Echo won"t autumn for. Air day : 26th-Feb-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 16 - Mr. Love Letter

A college student takes credit transaction for creating Adam"s love letter to Echo and Adam must prove that the student is lying prior to Echo falls for the wrong guy. Air day : 5th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 17 - Mr. Student in the first year

While acquisition Ivy ~ above a tourism of great Northern University, Adam and also his old professor call Ivy around Adam"s an initial day top top campus. Air date : 5th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 18 - Mr. An initial Impression part One

In order to make a much better first impression top top Echo, Adam provides a time maker to travel earlier to his very very first day together a scientific research teacher. Air date : 12th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 19 - Mr. First Impression part Two

In stimulate to make a far better first impression ~ above his like Echo, Adam uses a time machine to travel back to the previous to fulfill her because that the an initial time everywhere again. After return to the present he realizes his setup has backfired and he needs to time travel ago again to repair his connection with Echo. However, the moment travel accidents multiply and also spiral out of control and also soon Adam’s meddling in the past has actually him scrambling to store from being permanently grounding there.Eventually by the end Adam decides to not adjust the past and goes earlier to the present. There Echo speak Adam that she likes him and they start dating. They then kiss. They decide to store it a mystery from anyone else. Air date : 12th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 20 - Mr. Very first Impression part Three

Adam supplies a time an equipment to go earlier in time therefore he deserve to make a much better first impression on Echo. Air day : 12th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 21 - Mr. Memory

When Derby practically gives away the mystery that Adam and Echo are dating, Adam plots to erase Derby"s memory. However, Adam it s okay Preston Pickles to advertise and also use Derby come volunteer the Memory-Erase an equipment but he supplies Echo and erases her memory that she is in love through Adam! Air day : 19th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 22 - Mr. Kidd

Mr. Kidd"s students favor him a lot and think he"s fun also though that does the very same thing Adam does. Adam tries to adjust the Memory-Eraser to do it bring ago Echo"s memory, then Mr. Son finds out yet promises no to call anyone or come get in addition to Echo. Slab and Ivy have to do a publication report ~ above George Orwell"s 1984. They borrow Mr. Tater ice cream of the movie and also when they see it they find out that Adam"s mom and Tater provided to date and they kissed. Ivy states that she never ever knew her father. Adam and Ivy"s hair consistently drops out, which may mean that their dad is Tater. Mr. Kid supplies the reversed Memory-Eraser on Echo and they begin dating. Shortly after he supplies it on everyone and also they forget that Adam ever before existed. In ~ the finish Echo remembers Adam as soon as they kiss. Then he restores everyone’s storage by kissing them, Mr. Kidd gets fired. Air day : 26th-Mar-2013Read More

Season 3 episode 23 - Mr. Court

When Mrs. Straupersson is found dead, Ivy gets put on trial. Air date : 2nd-Apr-2013Read More

Season 3 episode 24 - Mr. Budget plan

Cyclops foods buys Finnegan High after that goes broke and tests brand-new products ~ above the students. Air date : 7th-Nov-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 25 - Mr. Interview

A TV news program comes to interview Adam around being the world"s youngest high college teacher. To ensure the interview go smoothly, Tater has dumped Echo, Derby, and Slab in a fake variation of Finnegan High. Air date : 14th-Nov-2013Read More

Season 3 episode 26 - Mr. Spin-Off

A Hollywood writer comes to Finnegan through the on purpose of making a TV show around Adam. Yet he is distracted by Echo, Derby, and Ivy, who all think they have far better ideas for TV shows, starring themselves. Air day : 21st-Nov-2013Read More

Season 3 episode 27 - Mr. Finale (1)

Dang is called earlier to Vietnam come take over for master Ki together guardian that his village. The gang heads come Vietnam to shot and convince Dang to come back to Finnegan for graduation. While there, Adam discovers an old scroll that points to the mythical fountain of youth, i beg your pardon if found, could make master Ki young again, publication Dang native his duties. Yet to uncover the fountain, Adam must go up against Echo that is do the efforts to keep the sheet monkey habitat. Air date : 28th-Nov-2013Read More

Season 3 illustration 28 - Mr. Finale (2)

While Adam and Derby explore a hidden, underground temple searching for the fountain of youth, Tater helps Echo learn about monkey behavior, and also Ivy helps Slab prepare because that his first ever cover version photo shoot. Every roads result in a confrontation through a local sophisticated hat factory owner, who has been keeping a an enig from the villagers for generations. In the end, Adam it s okay the gang back to Finnegan, simply in time for graduation. Air date : 28th-Nov-2013Read More

Season 3 episodes 28

Season 2 illustration 26

Season 1 illustration 26

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