The best thing about 1991 Topps soccer cards is that you didn’t need to work too hard to know them.

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I mean, these things might as well have been called “1991 Topps Baseball Cards – Extra allude Edition,” because the design was practically identical. Girlfriend know, modulo a baseball logo design here and also an “ALL PRO” designation there.

If you preferred the 1991 Topps baseball design, you were in luck.

If not, well, at least there to be plenty the 1991 soccer to walk around.

And this most an useful of the 1991 Topps football cards hold enough Hall of reputation firepower to satisfy just around any gridiron taste.

(Prices culled from recent eBay sales of PSA 10 cards.)


1991 Topps Joe Montana (#73)

By the moment this card was issued, Montana had actually only one begin with the 49ers front of that … even if nobody knew it.

A preseason elbow injury knocked him out all of 1991 and until the second fifty percent of the final regular-season video game in 1992.

Joe suited up again the NFC Championship game, yet he was the third-stringer behind Steve Young and Steve Bono.

Never mental that, though, because Montana was and is a soccer god and also lines up here at $15 in PSA 10.

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1991 Topps Jerry Rice (#81)

Didn’t it seems to be ~ to matter much to Rice that was under center, due to the fact that the NFL’s greatest receiver just kept grabbing balls and also making everyone about him look at good.

Rice hold just about every receiving document there is, won Super Bowls through both Montana and Young, and was about as straightforward of a hall of Fame choice as there has ever been.

Jerry’s 1991 Topps map pushes $10 in perfect graded condition.

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1991 Topps Emmitt blacksmith Rookie map (#360)

Is smith the greatest running ago of all time?

The record publication says yes, seeing as how Emmitt owns many of the career rushing marks that mean anything, and he’s 2nd to just Rice in total yards indigenous scrimmage.

Those three Super key wins with the Cowboys nothing hurt anything either, and Smith’s RC selling for about $25 in PSA 10.

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1991 Topps Barry Sanders (#415)

If girlfriend don’t favor Smith as the best RB ever, then how about Barry Sanders?

These two guys passed the rushing location trophy earlier and forth for years before Barry retired all of sudden at period 30 in 1998.

Lions fans space still reeling from the decision, and also the “what-if” element keeps Sanders strong in the hobby.

This early-career map sells for approximately 20 bucks in PSA 10.

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1991 Topps man Elway (#125)

Elway was just trudging follow me at this suggest in his job after three Super key blowouts in his an initial seven seasons.

He was still throwing for big yards and also tossing around as countless touchdowns together interceptions, but his story had been told — good talent, couldn’t victory the large game.

But climate … the did, in 1997. And again in 1998.

And, yep, a more powerful defense and also guys choose Shannon Sharpe and Terrell Davis made the wins possible, but the Broncos wouldn’t have actually been Super key champs without Number 7.

Today, this Elway map from his “lost years” sells for about $5.

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1991 Topps troy Aikman (#371)

Is there any position in sports much more glamorous 보다 quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?

I mean, sure, lengthy reliever for the Orioles is quite heady, however … other than that?

Aikman play the role to the hilt, too, winning three titles in the 1990s and also punching his map to Canton.

For that, his 1991 Topps is a $5 card in PSA 10.

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1991 Topps Thurman cutting board (#52)

Thomas was among the premier backs the the 1990s and also he helped Buffalo lb their method to four consecutive supervisor Bowls.

Of course, they shed them all and also became one of the most tired parts that the NFL … can’t somebody as well as the Bills success the AFC? Please?

Thing is, those groups were pretty great, and also so was Thomas.

Today, his 1991 Topps map is great enough to offer for $5 in PSA 10 condition.

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1991 Topps Warren Moon (#233)

It take it Moon a good long while to land in the NFL, yet he made the jump at 28 in 1984 after numerous superstar seasons in the CFL.

And in the NFL? Well, Moon to be a superstar there, too, becoming one that the many prolific passers the all-time.

Moon’s 1991 Topps map is a $5 buy these days (PSA 10).

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1991 Topps Lawrence Taylor (#16)

Best linebacker the all-time?

Taylor needs to be high on the list, with guys like ray Lewis, prick Butkus, and also Jack Lambert.

And Taylor definitely helped do the sack a thing … like, a real thing.

Five bucks for his 1991 Topps map in perfect slabbed condition is the reward for supremacy here.

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1991 Topps Ottis Anderson (#20)

Anderson ran for 1600 yards together a rookie because that the Cardinals in 1979, climate reeled off four more 1000-yard periods in the following five.

Then … well, the didn’t peak 500 indigenous 1985 through 1988 and also bottomed out with six — six — yards on 2 carries in 1987 v the Giants.

But together the Giants ramped increase in the late 1980s, Anderson found his groove again and also anchored the ground video game to assist the G-Men become contenders.

Anderson topped 1000 yards in 1989 and then, as the Giants driven toward a Super key victory, he choose up 784 yards and 11 touchdowns in 1990.

Oh, he additionally won Super key MVP honors for great measure.

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This card that reflects Anderson during that championship season sell for about $5 in PSA 10 condition.

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