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i was simply wondering if everyone has any kind of idea how much the is to have a time belt replaced at a dealer reason i damaged my hand recently and also cant execute it myself..i understand its gonna be more expensive, however just if any of you have actually an idea...thanks

Me personal I helped my father change out my time belt on the 420a and also it looked favor a task that would cost around $600-$1000 in ~ a shop
I called a neighborhood dealership and I think it was about 550 simply for timing belt and labor alone. The does not include other things.

This is my arrangement for my future time bet replacement:Balance shaft Belt $22.31 JNZ TuningBalance tower Tensioner pulley $29.00 too much PSITiming Belt $58.40 JNZ TuningTiming Belt Idler sheave $27.60 JNZ TuningTiming Belt Tensioner pulley $23.78 JNZ TuningHydrolic timing Belt Tensioner $58.29 JNZ TuningWater Pump $106.13 JNZ TuningThermostat $18.75 JNZ TuningTotal: $344.26 i was likewise quoted $250.00 because that labor.
My 97 GST finally hit 60k top top the clock... Time for maintenance. I"m having my T-belt readjusted on Monday. Mine mechanic quoted me $450 because that the time kit w/install, yet I"m having my water pump replaced also (recommended) i beg your pardon is another $190.
A dsm shop close to me charges I think 300 because that the time belt job. Clear the dealership is walking to cost a lot much more than the though. I would rather have actually it done at a dsm shop or a location that is acquainted with castle a little. Also much cheaper than a stealership!
A dsm shop close to me charges I believe 300 because that the time belt job. Clearly the dealership is going to cost a lot more than that though. I would certainly rather have actually it done at a dsm shop or a place that is acquainted with them a little. Additionally much cheaper than a stealership!
I think ns paid $400 because that labor and $600 for parts to include all belts, 3 pulleys, tensioner, 5 oil seals and also harmonic balancer.

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I think it price me $800 or for this reason (CDN) for the parts when I walk mine. Yet I don"t choose to do things twice so i replaced every little thing that to be timing belt related (& a pair things the weren"t
). I also replaced all the gaskets ~ above the timing belt covers, so that should offer you an idea

Any other suggestions to include to my perform in short article 4? Anything the should likewise be changed or noþeles that would certainly be good to change while every little thing is off?
The dealership will generally cost twin or a bit an ext than a local shop under your block. A bigger surname automotive place, typically that has actually a couple of chains nationwide is prob a 1/4 an ext than the local small time mechanic.Just call the dealership, they will tell you right up how much they will rip you turn off for, and also even suggest other ways they deserve to rip you turn off by an altering your transfer case fluid on your FWD.

^^agreed, ns actually job-related at a dealership, so they will just rip me turn off for $35 one hour for job (damn) and also ill just order the components too...thanks for the help
call the dealership, castle usually have specials to run when company is slowi recently gained quoted for $400 which has timing belt and also labor. Great idea to obtain all belts changed which they will certainly not fee extra because that labor. Can get close come $475...I dont know about you but id prefer to have actually peace the mind once it comes to timing and also go directly to the dealer
Get the parts and also do that yourself and save yourself a lot of money. Its not that tough to do, just take your time and make sure you carry out it right.