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Okay, today is Friday, June 25, 2010, precisely 14 days due to the fact that I take it the miller Analogies check on Friday, June 11, 2010. My test outcomes are:Scaled score = 506. Range of scaled scores (they perform not provide raw scores, which would be complete # correct the end of 100) runs from 200 come 600, v a mean of 400, and also a typical deviation that 25 points. So, i scored a tiny past 4 typical deviations.

I AM not A HAPPY CAMPER! Although mine score put me in the peak 1% of people who have actually taken this, for all intents and purposes, linguistic IQ test, mine score does NOT increase to the “Karavitis Standard”!

Although I might easily apply for entrance into any kind of of the high-IQ cultures with this score, I execute not feel the it represents what ns am capable of. NO FUCKING WAY!

I intended on re-taking this exam by the end of this year.


(1) here is a screenshot that the score results:

(2) one MAT score the 506 converts to one IQ the 168.

(3) because that those of you who space wondering, the MAT is a much better predictor that graduate college success 보다 EITHER the GRE test OR one’s undergraduate GPA. I have actually a connect to a Powerpoint presentation that was made where the researcher discusses this.

THIS connect IS currently DEAD! CLICK THE following LINK!

EDIT: connect is dead. I downloaded a copy that this when it was still up on the Web.

Here is one more link that mirrors the reliability and validity that the MAT test:


Click to access MAT_Reliability-Validity_FNL.pdf

(4) Here’s a link (this connect is currently DEAD) to supposed conversion from raw score come scaled score.

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EDIT: attach is dead. Check out the switch from life score to scaled score here:


Miller analogies test – switch of raw score come scaled score


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