Who would victory in a showdown, Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees? You might be wonder which of this iconic slasher figures might win in a fight. After ~ all, when there have been lot of of fear movie crossovers, think about Freddy vs. Jason or alien vs. Predator, no of these masked characters have officially to be on the exact same screen.

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It’s a shame because Michael Myers and also Jason both possess inhuman quantities of strength and durability. So, that would definitely be exciting to view them fight it out it the end on the big screen. Still, which fictional character stand the finest chance of win in a real fight?


In this post, okay be trying out this question. I’ll talk about both horror personalities in detail. I’ll answer every your inquiries and breakdown their strengths and weaknesses. This means you can ultimately know which masking killer would come out on top!


Background of Michael Myers and also Jason Voorhees


Michael Myers and also Jason Voorhees have various backgrounds which contribute to their personalities and also fighting ability. I’ll speak a bit about their upbringing and also origin here to provide you part context because that the rest of the article.


Michael Myers is a fictional character from the movie Halloween. Halloween, released in 1978, was one of the an initial slasher movie to come out. It introduced a disturbed boy, Michael Myers, who was born together a psychopath. Native the start, Michael was never ever normal.


He displayed deviant behavior and also ended up death his sister in cold blood. This component of his origin boosts his creepiness factor and also makes him a bit much more intimidating 보다 Jason. Since his actions never ever really had actually a cause or reason. Instead, we only see him together the embodiment of pure evil.


Jason Voorhees, ~ above the other hand, started out together a normal character. This fictional individual, indigenous the movie Friday The 13th, to be born through a medical problem that caused him to obtain bullied. The bullying didn’t revolve him right into a killer, though.


When negligent camp counselors accidentally report him together dead, his mom goes top top a killing spree. That watches his friend acquire murdered together with the counselors. And, as a result of this tragedy, that turns into an well known killer.


Physical Strength


There is no denying that both personalities are powerful. Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees both have actually the strength to overtake any kind of normal human, however who is stronger?


Michael Myers has been able come snap people’s necks through his ceiling hands, and also even like skulls. That has likewise been seen lifting heavy objects and also people. Still, this strength does no compare come Jason, especially after Jason climbed from the dead.


Jason has actually actually ripped people’s limbs off and also has also snatched organs native his victim’s body. In a solitary punch, he also took off someone’s head. The pure strength of this personality is hard to match. So on strength alone, Jason might have the ability to defeat Myers.



Physical Attributes and also Durability


Still, strength is not everything. We have actually to take into consideration other factors like exactly how these personalities fight, their durability, and also what their physical attributes are.


Michael Myers provides a knife as his main weapon. He is six-foot-one and he weighs approximately 205 pounds. He no have countless weaknesses either and also has endured all type of damage. From being operation over to acquiring shot to even being electrocuted. The is a highly resilient character.


Jason is similarly durable, together well. He has survived all kinds of injuries, even worse injuries than Meyers. And, that has also risen indigenous the dead as a zombie. Jason is 7 inches taller 보다 Michael and weighs 70 extra pounds. He additionally uses a machete to kill his victims along with his bare hands.


So, Jason absolutely has the edge end Myers in terms of durability and physicality, yet this doesn’t average that Jason would victory for sure.


Fighting Style


The vault section could make Jason seem prefer the an ext capable fighter. But, we need to remember the Jason is no all that intelligent. His fighting format is non-existent; he basically simply swings approximately wildly through his machete. In addition, Jason is no a born psychopath favor Myers.



He is still prone to fear and also is much an ext clumsy in a fight. The would most likely start attack in a fury without thinking. Michael Myers, however, has an ext skill in regards to killing. And also he has actually no emotions come hinder him.



He is a much more precise and also efficient killer. The watched the present Bonanza to familiarize himself through fighting, that is at sight stealthy, and also he is persistent and meets his purposes until completion. So, Myers could definitely have one edge over Jason, even though that is physically smaller and also a tiny weaker.

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Conclusion: who Would Win?


Putting these 2 characters against each other, Michael Myers would certainly be the clear winner in a fight in between Jason. Jason is much more durable and has higher levels the strength, of course. However, Myers would usage his intelligence, his stealth, and his abilities v a knife to take down Jason. Many likely, he would certainly wait because that a wrong or an opening and slice turn off Jason’s head. Together I stated before, Jason is the form who fights without lot thought.


 But Michael Myers would be able to think clearly and death Jason. Also if it took him a lengthy time, that would find a way to conquer Jason’s pure strength and also durability in the end.